1. Leadership-Driven HR

    ... , assets?people and organizational processes., Leadership-Driven HR provides practical strategies for ... projects that, generate effective strategy, leadership, innovation, and HR, solutions for leaders ...

    author: David S. Weiss

    Textbook $41.26
  2. The Innovation Race

    ... path for the future., The Innovation Race provides concrete strategies to ... support purpose-driven sustainable innovation through deep cultural transformation. A ...

    author: Andrew Grant / Gaia Grant

    Textbook $27.23
  3. Innovation Leaders

    ... team up, to build innovation networks., Innovation leadership is not just an innate ... maps the broad territory of innovation leadership and, contributes new thinking on ...

    author: Jean-Philippe Deschamps

    Textbook $34.25
  4. Fearless Innovation

    ... , Focus on execution of innovation through leadership and strategy , Measure ... the real effects of innovation to showcase ...

    author: Alex Goryachev

    Textbook $34.25
  5. Relentless Innovation: What Works, What Doesn't--And What That Means For Your Business

    ... usual” processes actively reject innovation efforts.Relentless Innovation has everything you need ... most important, create a systemic innovation-as-usual culture that can make the ...

    author: Phillips, Jeffrey

    Textbook $37.10
  6. Global Innovation Science Handbook

    ... , SCIENCE, TOOLS, AND DEPLOYMENT OF INNOVATION"It has never been more important ... for innovation--establishing a framework and creating a culture for innovation Key innovation concepts ...

    author: Gupta, Praveen / Trusko, Brett E.

    Textbook $134.18
  7. Innovation is Everybody's Business

    ... map to becoming irreplaceable, global, innovation guru and bestselling author Robert ... with forty-three, innovation-adept managers and individual contributors,, Innovation Is Everybody's ...

    author: Robert B. Tucker

    Textbook $27.23
  8. E-Innovation

    ... the key areas of e-innovation, from planning for, continuous change ... trend forecasting to e-innovation processes, and distributed innovation, Examples and lessons ...

    author: Bob Cotton

    Textbook $14.77
  9. Agile Innovation

    ... integral element of, innovation, and the best leadership skills and practices that ... plan to enhance collaborative, innovation, from leadership through operations , Integrate key ...

    author: Langdon Morris / Moses Ma / Po Chi Wu

    Textbook $38.92
  10. Fast Innovation: Achieving Superior Differentiation, Speed to Market, and Increased Profitability

    ... strategic and operational dimensions of innovation.Using fresh insights about the true ... levers that senior leadership must engage to create innovation capability across the ...

    author: George, Michael L. / Works, James / Watson-Hemphill, Kimberly / Christensen, Clayton M.

    Textbook $56.52
  11. Advancing Innovation

    ... practices , Defining innovation , Determining important innovation , Innovation processes and channels ... , Innovation interrelationships , ...

    author: Patrick J. Stroh / Robert S. Kaplan

    Textbook $36.58
  12. Breaking Away: How Great Leaders Create Innovation that Drives Sustainable Growth--and Why Others Fail

    ... Advanced Studies in Management“Innovation requires top leadership with courage and passion ... .Pioneers in the field of innovation leadership, Jane Stevenson and Bilal Kaafarani ...

    author: Stevenson, Jane / Kaafarani, Bilal

    Textbook $53.14
  13. Leadership Results

    ... quo , Marry strategic and innovation leadership into a force for real ... a severe lack of effective leadership. Leadership Results provides a practical way ...

    author: Sebastian Salicru

    Textbook $23.34
  14. Boundary Spanning Leadership: Six Practices for Solving Problems, Driving Innovation, and Transforming Organizations

    ... collaboration, drive innovation, transform your organization--with Boundary Spanning Leadership you can ... , multistakeholder organizations, you needBoundary Spanning Leadership.Powered by a decade of global ...

    author: Ernst, Chris / Chrobot-Mason, Donna

    Textbook $53.14
  15. Innovation the NASA Way: Harnessing the Power of Your Organization for Breakthrough Success

    ... for nurturing and fostering innovation are revealed.Innovation the NASA Way takes ... envelope on the agency's leadership and managerial capacity. It describes ...

    author: Pyle, Rod

    Textbook $43.85
  16. Leadership Pure and Simple: How Transformative Leaders Create Winning Organizations

    ... " business strategy ora culture of innovation magically transpire without the right ... business success starts--with Leadership Pure and Simple. Leadership Pure and Simple ...

    author: Wilkins, David / Carolin, Greg

    Textbook $60.74
  17. Open Source Leadership: Reinventing Management When There's No More Business as Usual

    ... delivers the best results, Perception: Leadership is all about specific competencies ... be groomed for promotionReality: Organizational innovation comes from crowd-sourcing, “Only ...

    author: Peshawaria, Rajeev

    Textbook $41.32
  18. Innovation Governance

    ... of, innovation management, organizational learning, innovation, leadership, organizational behavior ... , and individual leadership and, teamwork , , Innovation ...

    author: Jean-Philippe Deschamps / Beebe Nelson

    Textbook $49.05
  19. Thinkers 50: Business Thought Leaders from India: The Best Ideas on Innovation, Management, Strategy, and Leadership

    ... leaders can use to drive innovation in their organization--all from ...

    author: Crainer, Stuart / Dearlove, Des

    Textbook $32.04
  20. From Management to Leadership

    ... Edition of From Management to, Leadership, "As leaders, we want engagement ... , College of, Nursing and Health Innovation, Arizona State University, "Finally, a ...

    author: Jo Manion

    Textbook $108.27
  21. Monetizing Innovation

    ... , executive leadership, or part of the team responsible for innovation and new ... and pray” style of innovation, Monetizing Innovation presents a practical approach that ...

    author: Madhavan Ramanujam / Georg Tacke

    Textbook $35.81
  22. Scaling Leadership

    ... very particular kind of leadership—High-Creative leadership capable of rapidly growing ... so that growth, productivity and innovation increase exponentially. Creative leaders multiply ...

    author: Robert J. Anderson / William A. Adams / Ed Catmull

    Textbook $30.35
  23. The Open Innovation Revolution

    ... closely at:, , , Open innovation?the visionary model that more and ... personal leadership skills you will need to develop as an, innovation leader ...

    author: Stefan Lindegaard / Guy Kawasaki

    Textbook $46.71
  24. Open Services Innovation

    ... University Programs, World-Wide, "Open Innovation pioneer Henry Chesbrough breaks new ... .", , ?CHARLENE LI, author, Open Leadership, and, founder, Altimeter Group; Format ...

    author: Henry Chesbrough

    Textbook $42.82
  25. Make Room for Her: Why Companies Need an Integrated Leadership Model to Achieve Extraordinary Results

    ... equally represented in leadership.In her groundbreaking new book, leadership expert Rebecca Shambaugh ... Innovation"Make room to read Rebecca Shambaugh's new book on Integrated Leadership ...

    author: Shambaugh, Rebecca

    Textbook $43.85
  26. Think Big, Start Small, Move Fast: A Blueprint for Transformation from the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation

    ... sustainable innovation. You get step-by-step advice on building leadership teams ... the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation.In today's fast-moving world ...

    author: LaRusso, Nicholas / Spurrier, Barbara / Farrugia, Gianrico

    Textbook $43.85
  27. Hesselbein on Leadership

    ... book affirms, Hesselbein's specific leadership principles that will give readers ... gems of leadership wisdom, include Hesselbein's thoughts on innovation, change, diversity ...

    author: Frances Hesselbein / Jim Collins

    Textbook $27.23
  28. The Art of Change Leadership

    ... during times of intense technological innovation and fast change, this resource ... , Evolutionary approaches to change leadership that include energy management and ...

    author: Cheryl Cran

    Textbook $30.35
  29. Hacking Leadership

    ... culture of leadership: leadership, purpose, future,, mediocrity, culture, talent, knowledge, innovation, expectation,, ... implement individual, team and organizational, leadership hacks. , Addresses blind spots ...

    author: Mike Myatt

    Textbook $36.58
  30. The Four Lenses of Innovation

    ... to discover groundbreaking opportunities for innovation and growth:, , Challenging Orthodoxies ... —Camille Mirshokrai, Managing Director of Leadership Development, and Partner at Accenture ...

    author: Rowan Gibson

    Textbook $42.82
  31. The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership: Achieving and Sustaining Excellence through Leadership Development

    ... the most critical ingredient—lean leadership. Toyota makes enormous investments in ... for lean leadership than it ever has been.” of innovation and growth ...

    author: Liker, Jeffrey K. / Convis, Gary L.

    Textbook $51.45
  32. Leadership Lessons from the Cherokee Nation: Learn from All I Observe

    ... Solve problems with creativity and innovation Recruit and develop strong leaders ... than a simple how-to leadership guide, Leadership Lessons from the Cherokee ...

    author: Smith, Chad "Corntassel"

    Textbook $41.32
  33. IT Leadership Manual

    ... are faced with an unprecedented leadership and organizational challenge. The entire ... migrate to today's expectations; Innovation, collaboration, influencer, trusted advisor , ...

    author: Alan R. Guibord

    Textbook $61.52
  34. The Big Shift in IT Leadership

    ... into communication, collaboration, relationships, technology, innovation, talent management, and more to ... well-rounded guidance toward principled leadership. Simple, straightforward language explains the ...

    author: Hunter Muller

    Textbook $55.29
  35. The Drama of Leadership

    ... popular myths about leadership, including the one that leadership and vision are ... , at a time when vision, innovation, humanity, and passion are so ...

    author: Patricia Pitcher

    Textbook $70.87
  36. Grow from Within: Mastering Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation

    ... support internal entrepreneurs to achieve innovation-led growth.”, Philip Kotler, S ... with your strategy Leadership requirements fordeveloping new businesses Innovation is critical to ...

    author: Wolcott, Robert / Lippitz, Michael J.

    Textbook $48.92
  37. Managing Research, Development and Innovation

    ... , and Innovation, Third Edition covers the management skills and leadership theories essential ... , Managing Research, Development, and Innovation, Third Edition is the most ...

    author: Ravi Jain / Harry C. Triandis / Cynthia W. Weick

    Textbook $184.64
  38. Coaching for Leadership

    ... of The Other Side of Innovation: Solving the Execution Challenge, , ... Business School, , "Coaching for Leadership explores powerful new ways to ...

    author: Marshall Goldsmith / Laurence S. Lyons / Sarah McArthur

    Textbook $84.90
  39. Mindful Leadership

    ... 're only, partly right. True leadership comes from within, a place ... on-the-job inspiration and innovation., , Details the nine ways ...

    author: Maria Gonzalez

    Textbook $29.57
  40. Change Leadership in Higher Education

    Initiate innovation and get things done with ... author applies positive and creative leadership, principles to the issue of ...

    author: Jeffrey L. Buller

    Textbook $55.29
  41. Uplifting Leadership

    ... out , Forge paths of innovation and improvement that others have ... world-leading educational systems, Uplifting, Leadership provides tools for leaders to ...

    author: Andy Hargreaves / Alan Boyle / Alma Harris

    Textbook $35.81
  42. Leadership Language

    ... , in a way that invites innovation and new outcomes , , ... to make an impact: communication. Leadership Language is your personal guide ...

    author: Chris Westfall

    Textbook $30.35
  43. Thinkers 50: Future Thinkers: New Thinking on Leadership, Strategy and Innovation for the 21st Century

    ... IE Business School), Liz Mellon (Leadership Consultant), Dan Heath (Senior Fellow ...

    author: Crainer, Stuart / Dearlove, Des

    Textbook $32.04
  44. Innovation Nation

    ... This sets the stage for Innovation Nation, a new book, designed ... fostering such leadership and emerge as the world's, Innovation Nation.; Format ...

    author: Leonard Brody / Wendy Cukier / Ken Grant / Matt Holland / Catherine Middleton / Denise Shortt

    Textbook $26.45
  45. The Innovation Equation

    ... Kusy, coauthor of Fast Forward Leadership , , , , , ... an environment that fosters, creativity, innovation, and risk taking. Based on ...

    author: Jacqueline Byrd / Paul Lockwood Brown

    Textbook $61.52
  46. Jeff Immelt and the New GE Way: Innovation, Transformation and Winning in the 21st Century

    ... the world leader in technological innovation.Written with the full cooperation of ... . Just as Welch embodied corporate leadership for the closing decades of ...

    author: Magee, David

    Textbook $56.52
  47. Perfect Phrases for Leadership Development: Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases for Guiding Employees to Reach the Next Level

    ... are empowered, companies excel in innovation and are able to respond ... empowering others to take on leadership responsibilities regardless of their specific ...

    author: Runion, Meryl / Mack, Wendy

    Textbook $19.37
  48. Future Forward: Leadership Lessons from Patrick McGovern, the Visionary Who Circled the Globe and Built a Technology Media Empire

    ... Powerful lessons in forward-thinking leadership from the global business pioneer ... engagement, entrepreneurial commitment, and radical innovation. These are the lessons of ...

    author: Rifkin, Glenn

    Textbook $38.79
  49. The Leadership Habit

    ... the way you lead, The Leadership Habit provides the framework for ... team, execute on vision, foster innovation, and more. Learn how to ...

    author: Tammy R. Berberick / Peter Lindsay / Katie Fritchen

    Textbook $34.25
  50. Everything Connects: How to Transform and Lead in the Age of Creativity, Innovation, and Sustainability

    , , Leadership. Creativity. Innovation., When you put it all ... , leaders must spark creativity, drive innovation, and ensure sustainability. What are ...

    author: Hoque, Faisal / Baer, Drake

    Textbook $46.39
  51. The Embodiment of Leadership

    ... . Kets de Vries, Distinguished Clinical, Professor of Leadership and Organiza-tional Change ... 'Avaucourt Chaired Professor of Leadership Development,, INSEAD, "Leadership is a social construction ...

    author: Lois Ruskai Melina / Gloria J. Burgess / Lena Lid-Falkman / Antonio Marturano

    Textbook $53.73
  52. The Power of Management Innovation: 24 Keys for Accelerating Profitability and Growth

    ... of management andmanagement capital. Combining leadership passionfor creating growth and profitability ... 21stcentury.The Power of Management Innovation is a clearroadmap for delivering ...

    author: Feigenbaum, Armand V. / Feigenbaum, Donald S.

    Textbook $43.85
  53. The Mountain Within: Leadership Lessons and Inspiration for Your Climb to the Top

    ... , “This book is about leadership, because we need a new ... can overcome challenges and exhibit innovation, creativity, and courage to tackle ...

    author: Von Stiegel, Herta

    Textbook $37.10
  54. Reflections on Leadership and Career Development

    ... , City Mortgage Bank, "Through the clinical lens which Manfred Kets de ... an academic entrepreneur,, psychoanalyst, consultant, leadership coach, and professor-to, produce ...

    author: Manfred F. R. Kets de Vries

    Textbook $45.94
  55. Innovation in a Reinvented World

    ... , , Innovation in a Reinvented World helps executives and, leadership teams ... in designing, building, and sustaining, innovation?even through the post-recession playing ...

    author: Dee McCrorey

    Textbook $61.52
  56. Clinical Psychology

    ... illustrates clinical psychology's richness and historicalsignificance, as well as its leadership ... in the scientificdevelopment of methods and techniques for clinical assessment ...

    author: Arthur Freeman / Stephanie H. Felgoise / Denise D. Davis

    Textbook $151.91
  57. The Creator Mindset: 92 Tools to Unlock the Secrets to Innovation, Growth, and Sustainability

    ... 't a “nice to have” leadership trait. It's the key ...

    author: Bashan, Nir

    Textbook $42.17
  58. The Little Book of Leadership

    ... Book of Leadership combines, classic style with the latest innovations to challenges ... , The Little, Book of Leadership takes leadership into the real world of ...

    author: Jeffrey Gitomer / Dr. Paul Hersey

    Textbook $27.23
  59. Performance Leadership: The Next Practices to Motivate Your People, Align Stakeholders, and Lead Your Industry

    ... outside an organization.In Performance Leadership, Buytendijk takes a breakthrough approach ... business innovations. In this ever-changing new business environment, Performance Leadership is ...

    author: Buytendijk, Frank

    Textbook $51.45
  60. Clinical Cytopathology, Third Edition

    ... pathology imagesThe Third Edition of Clinical Cytopathology: Fundamental Principles and Practice ... updated to incorporate the latest innovations, guidelines, and references. Eight new ...

    author: Ramzy, Ibrahim / Mody, Dina R. / Laucirica, Rodolfo

    Textbook $438.12
  61. Innovation Project Management

    ... and metrics for successfully managing innovation projects, Conventional project management methods ... are oftentimes insufficient for managing innovation projects. Innovation is lost under the ...

    author: Harold Kerzner

    Textbook $121.52
  62. Handbook of Clinical Psychology, 2 Volume Set (Volume 1 Adults; Volume 2 Children and Adolescents)

    ... latest information and innovations in clinical psychology. Handbook of Clinical Psychology is an ... reference providing comprehensive coverage of clinical psychological practice from assessment through ...

    author: Michel Hersen / Alan M. Gross

    Textbook $624.90
  63. What Customers Want: Using Outcome-Driven Innovation to Create Breakthrough Products and Services

    ... practices that result in breakthrough innovations"Ulwick's outcome-driven programs bring discipline ... customer inputs that make predictable innovation possible Recognize opportunities for disruption ...

    author: Ulwick, Anthony

    Textbook $39.63
  64. Handbook of Clinical Psychology, Volume 1

    Handbook of Clinical Psychology, Volume 1: Adults provides ... clinical psychological practice for adults from assessment through treatment, including the innovations ...

    author: Michel Hersen / Alan M. Gross

    Textbook $324.90
  65. Youth Leadership

    ... three major stages of, adolescent leadership development. It outlines practical, tactics ... , for developing leadership skills through experiences at home ...

    author: Josephine A. van Linden / Carl I. Fertman

    Textbook $51.39
  66. Unrelenting Innovation

    ... -on guide for fostering relentless innovation within your company, Gerard Tellis ... to alternate theories for fostering innovation., , Offers a groundbreaking take ...

    author: Gerard J. Tellis

    Textbook $42.82
  67. Ten Types of Innovation

    ... ?the Ten Types of, Innovation?that provided insight into innovation. The Ten, Types ... diagnose, patterns of innovation within industries, to identify innovation, opportunities, and to ...

    author: Larry Keeley / Helen Walters / Ryan Pikkel / Brian Quinn

    Textbook $36.58
  68. Made in Canada Leadership

    ... approach to individual and, collective leadership development to build our country ... to succeed, quality, leadership is required. However, leadership development is not, a ...

    author: Amal Henein / Francoise Morissette

    Textbook $28.01
  69. Open Innovation

    ... development method can push innovation forward., Open Innovation assumes that companies can ... relevant increasingly means ramping up innovation processes. PDMA Essentials provides the ...

    author: Abbie Griffin / Charles H. Noble / Serdar S. Durmusoglu

    Textbook $76.32
  70. The Art of Strategic Leadership

    ... a business. Strategic leadership is what modern leadership is all about. Organizations ... -out approach to understanding strategic leadership. The narrative follows the journey ...

    author: Steven J. Stowell / Stephanie S. Mead

    Textbook $34.25
  71. Robert's Rules of Innovation

    ... profitable, growth, through innovation, In this timely guide, innovation expert and former ... achieve growth through innovation., Robert's Rules of Innovation? simply,, intelligently, and ...

    author: Robert F. Brands / Martin J. Kleinman

    Textbook $47.49
  72. Women and Educational Leadership

    ... developing and honing, these exemplary leadership practices. , Women and Educational ... characterize women's approaches to leadership differ from, traditional approaches?whether ...

    author: Margaret Grogan / Charol Shakeshaft

    Textbook $35.81
  73. Reflections on Leadership

    ... modern empowerment movement in, business leadership, Greenleaf described true leaders as ... on the, nature of leadership., "Servant-leadership deals with the reality of ...

    author: Larry C. Spears

    Textbook $77.10
  74. The Leadership Contract

    ... employees feeling confident in senior leadership, the problem is evident: disappointing ... up a contract for leadership accountability. The Leadership Contract provides a proven ...

    author: Vince Molinaro

    Textbook $30.35
  75. Jugaad Innovation

    ... , projects and highly-structured innovation processes. Jugaad, Innovation argues the West must ... Western companies can adopt jugaad innovation to succeed, in our hypercompetitive ...

    author: Navi Radjou / Jaideep Prabhu / Simone Ahuja / Kevin Roberts

    Textbook $34.25
  76. The Trainer's Handbook of Leadership Development

    ... tools and techniques for developing leadership, competencies and characteristics. Drawing on ... !"—Kevin Eikenberry, author, Remarkable Leadership:, Unleashing Your Leadership Potential One Skill at ...

    author: Karen Lawson

    Textbook $89.57
  77. Learning Leadership

    ... . Emerging leaders, as well as leadership developers, internal and external coaches ... others, and practice deliberately. Learning Leadership challenges readers to do the ...

    author: James M. Kouzes / Barry Z. Posner

    Textbook $30.35
  78. Critical Perspectives on Gender and Student Leadership

    ... , particularly their gender, influence their leadership practices and development? Using Kimberlé ... series New Directions for Student Leadership explores leadership concepts and pedagogical topics ...

    author: Daniel Tillapaugh / Paige Haber-Curran

    Textbook $35.81
  79. Drucker on Leadership

    ... wisdom on the topic of leadership?the central element of, management?are ... articles. Drucker?s, teachings about leadership have saved many corporations from ...

    author: William A. Cohen

    Textbook $38.14
  80. Strategic Innovation

    ... across an enterprise., Instead of innovation for innovation's sake, the authors offer ... -focused company that strategically embeds innovation, throughout the organization. Filled with ...

    author: Nancy Tennant Snyder / Deborah L. Duarte

    Textbook $70.87
  81. The Digital Innovation Playbook

    ... unprecedented, business success through digital innovation excellence , In this breakthrough ... book, world-renowned innovation strategist, Nicholas J. Webb uncovers ...

    author: Nicholas J. Webb

    Textbook $66.19
  82. Innovation is a State of Mind

    A modern framework for practical innovation?from individual ideas to an innovative ... underestimate the impact of continuous innovation. Innovation is a State of Mind ...

    author: James O'Loghlin

    Textbook $23.34
  83. The Innovation Formula

    ... for improving your company's innovation culture, and provides illustrative examples ... your organisation into one where innovation survives and thrives.; Format: Textbook ...

    author: Dr. Amantha Imber

    Textbook $23.34
  84. Developing Culturally Relevant Leadership Learning

    ... and enactment of leadership.To this end, culturally relevant leadership development programs equip ... series New Directions for Student Leadership explores leadership concepts and pedagogical topics ...

    author: Kathy L. Guthrie / Tamara Bertrand Jones / Laura Osteen

    Textbook $35.81
  85. Leverage Leadership 2.0

    ... real drivers of great school leadership, Leverage Leadership 2.0 answers the ... around the world implement Leverage Leadership ideas, their collective stories have ...

    author: Paul Bambrick-Santoyo / Doug Lemov

    Textbook $45.16
  86. Mastering Leadership

    ... Breakthrough research that connects increased leadership effectiveness with enhanced business performance ... self-assessment of your leadership, using the Leadership Circle Profile, visibly outlining ...

    author: Robert J. Anderson / William A. Adams

    Textbook $36.58
  87. The Handbook for Student Leadership Development

    ... administrator responsible for coordinating student leadership programming should have this book ... hesitation the Handbook for Student Leadership Development to student affairs professionals ...

    author: Susan R. Komives / John P. Dugan / Julie E. Owen / Craig Slack / Wendy Wagner / National Clearinghouse of Leadership Programs (NCLP)

    Textbook $67.75
  88. Leadership for a Better World

    ... a approaches to socially responsible leadership. From individual, group, and community ... environments that create positive leadership development outcomes. Leadership for a Better World ...

    author: Susan R. Komives / Wendy Wagner / NCLP (National Clearinghouse for Leadership Programs)

    Textbook $55.29
  89. Leadership For Dummies

    ... ?s ever been in a leadership position knows, eliciting, cooperation from ... compromising your, principles , Understanding leadership as an ongoing process and ...

    author: Marshall Loeb / Stephen Kindel

    Textbook $24.12
  90. Handbook of Clinical Psychology, Volume 2

    ... coverage of the fundamentals of clinical psychological practice for the young ... assessment through treatment, including the innovations of the past decade in ...

    author: Michel Hersen / Alan M. Gross

    Textbook $324.90
  91. Innovation Engine

    ... ideas,, references, links, and resources, Innovation Engine meets, that need., , ... level implementation guidance on executing, innovation, something companies are struggling with ...

    author: Jatin DeSai

    Textbook $55.29
  92. The Leadership Journey

    ... about 'good' versus 'great' leadership. Successful leadership at any level is about ... accessible points and discussions, The Leadership Journey is perfect traveling companion ...

    author: Gary Burnison / Ken Blanchard

    Textbook $34.25
  93. Closing the Innovation Gap: Reigniting the Spark of Creativity in a Global Economy

    ... together to create sustainable innovation. Closing the Innovation Gap covers: America's ... business benefits from a thriving “Innovation Ecosystem” Examples from both established ...

    author: Estrin, Judy

    Textbook $51.45
  94. Appreciative Leadership: Focus on What Works to Drive Winning Performance and Build a Thriving Organization

    ... , Advance Praise for Appreciative Leadership:"A must-read for leaders at ... this courageous leadership book. Appreciative Leadership touches the heart of leadership--the kind people ...

    author: Whitney, Diana / Trosten-Bloom, Amanda / Rader, Kae

    Textbook $48.07
  95. Service Innovation: How to Go from Customer Needs to Breakthrough Services

    ... , Advance praise for Service Innovation:"To the CEOs of all service ... clear model to guide service innovation--Bettencourt instructs on the finer points ...

    author: Bettencourt, Lance

    Textbook $51.45
  96. LEADERSHIP: Essential Selections on Power, Authority, and Influence

    ... School, Former Presidential AdviserBolster your leadership literacy—and improve your performance ... a leader or manager.Leadership, says author, leadership expert, and Harvard Professor ...

    author: Kellerman, Barbara

    Textbook $60.74
  97. Leadership in Asia: Challenges, Opportunities, and Strategies From Top Global Leaders

    ... ASIABestselling author of Results-Based Leadership In Leadership in Asia, BusinessWeek's ... frontlines of human capital and leadership development, Leadership in Asia shows you ...

    author: Ulrich, Dave

    Textbook $53.14
  98. The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs: Insanely Different Principles for Breakthrough Success

    ... A "THINK DIFFERENT" APPROACH TO INNOVATION--Based on the Seven Guiding Principles ... true creativity--and real innovation--in any workplace.THE INNOVATION SECRETS OF STEVE ...

    author: Gallo, Carmine

    Textbook $37.10
  99. The Social Innovation Imperative: Create Winning Products, Services, and Programs that Solve Society's Most Pressing Challenges

    ... .”, —Joe Grieshop, President, Chief Innovation Executive, netTrekker, Founding Partner, Knovation ... an orphan innovationIn The Social Innovation Imperative, Bates combines everything she ...

    author: Bates, Sandra M.

    Textbook $37.10
  100. The Twelve Absolutes of Leadership

    ... with The Twelve Absolutes of Leadership.Praise for The Twelve Absolutes of ... authenticity that underscore all effective leadership.”, —Carlos Slim, entrepreneur, Investor ...

    author: Burnison, Gary

    Textbook $53.14