1. Healthcare Systems Engineering

    ... contexts , , Healthcare systems engineering overlaps with industrial engineering, operations research, and ... roles in revamping health care systems. Healthcare Systems Engineering is a complete and ...

    author: Paul M. Griffin / Harriet B. Nembhard / Christopher J. DeFlitch / Nathaniel D. Bastian / Hyojung Kang / David A. Munoz

    Textbook $159.70
  2. Essentials of Project and Systems Engineering Management

    ... to architectures , The systems engineer and software engineering , The acquisition of ... project management and systems, engineering, this book helps both engineers and project managers ...

    author: Howard Eisner

    Textbook $216.58
  3. Integrating Program Management and Systems Engineering

    ... effective tools , , Complex engineering systems are prone to budget slips ... product. Integrating Program Management with Systems Engineering provides a practical route to ...

    author: Eric Rebentisch / Larry Prusak

    Textbook $126.19
  4. Sustainable Transportation Systems Engineering

    ... entitlements included with the product., Engineer and implement sustainable transportation solutionsFeaturing ... events PRAISE FOR SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS ENGINEERING:"This book addresses one of the ...

    author: Vanek, Francis / Angenent, Largus / Banks, James H. / Daziano, Ricardo A. / Turnquist, Mark A.

    Textbook $160.35
  5. Optical Systems Engineering

    ... optical system design and developmentOptical Systems Engineering emphasizes first-order, system ... -optical, and infrared systems.Optical Systems Engineering covers: Systems engineering Geometrical optics Aberrations and ...

    author: Kasunic, Keith

    Textbook $148.53
  6. Introduction to Humans in Engineered Systems

    ... interactive demonstrations, and exercises, Engineering accomplishments can be as ... with complex engineered systems—human, engineering., Introduction to Humans in Engineered Systems provides, historical ...

    author: Roger Remington / Charles L. Folk / Deborah A. Boehm-Davis

    Textbook $184.64
  7. Intelligent Fault Diagnosis and Prognosis for Engineering Systems

    ... Fault Diagnosis and Prognosis for Engineering, Systems gives a complete presentation of ... Fault Diagnosis and Prognosis for Engineering Systems, offers material in a holistic ...

    author: George Vachtsevanos / Frank L. Lewis / Michael Roemer / Andrew Hess / Biqing Wu

    Textbook $229.83
  8. Business Systems Engineering

    ... technique--which he calls"business systems engineering"--to promote continuous improvement.More importantly ... organization., , * Introduces business systems engineering, a dynamic new approachto rethinking ...

    author: Gregory H. Watson

    Textbook $58.40
  9. Introduction to Civil Engineering Systems

    ... , design, and maintenance of civil engineering systems. Addressing recent concerns about the ...

    author: Samuel Labi

    Textbook $190.87
  10. Production Systems Engineering: Cost and Performance Optimization

    ... any-volume manufacturing environments. Production Systems Engineering presents a unique methodology that ... World class versus mostly manual systems Determining allowable investment Simultaneous improvement ...

    author: Gustavson, Richard E.

    Textbook $192.43
  11. Design and Operation of Civil and Environmental Engineering Systems

    ... encountered by civil and environmental engineers. In this groundbreaking text/reference ... spectrum of environmental and civil engineering specialties, addressing problems encountered in ...

    author: Charles ReVelle / Arthur E. McGarity

    Textbook $257.10
  12. Modeling and Simulation in Biomedical Engineering: Applications in Cardiorespiratory Physiology

    ... , human physiology, pharmacology, control systems, and systems engineering, combined with a conversational writing ... is written by a professional engineer who is unique in that ...

    author: van Meurs, Willem L.

    Textbook $167.94
  13. System Engineering Management

    ... -by-step guide to total systems management, Systems Engineering Management, Fifth Edition is ... . The challenges faced by system engineers are candidly addressed, with full ...

    author: Benjamin S. Blanchard / John E. Blyler

    Textbook $197.88
  14. Biomedical Engineering & Design Handbook, Volumes I and II

    ... the basics of biomedical engineering, including biomedical systems analysis, biomechanics of the ... Institutions Healthcare Facilities Planning Healthcare Systems Engineering Enclosed Habitat Life Support , ...

    author: Kutz, Myer

    Textbook $471.04
  15. Introduction to Service Engineering

    ... globally interconnected service enterprises, service engineers are finding new opportunities to ... the application of methods of systems engineering to services , Service design ...

    author: Gavriel Salvendy / Waldemar Karwowski

    Textbook $204.12
  16. Systems Analysis for Sustainable Engineering: Theory and Applications

    ... a detailed overview of sustainable systems engineering, the book covers mathematical theories ... resources management and energy systems engineering Land resources management and agricultural ...

    author: Chang, Ni-Bin

    Textbook $201.71
  17. Service Systems Management and Engineering

    ... on how to apply scientific, engineering, and business management principles effectively ... Focused training on becoming a systems engineer, a critically needed position that ...

    author: Ching M. Chang

    Textbook $184.64
  18. Biomedical Engineering and Design Handbook, Volume 2

    ... design, surgery, rehabilitation engineering, prosthetics design, and clinical engineering. Filled with more ... Institutions Healthcare Facilities Planning Healthcare Systems Engineering Enclosed Habitat Life Support , ...

    author: Kutz, Myer

    Textbook $257.47
  19. Probabilistic Reliability Engineering

    With the growing complexity of engineered systems, reliability hasincreased in importance throughout ... andtechniques for incorporating reliability into engineering designsand testing procedures. Divided into ...

    author: Boris Gnedenko / Igor A. Ushakov

    Textbook $229.83
  20. Engineering Applications of Dynamics

    ... of dynamics in the, engineering of mechanical systems., , , , Topics ... * Simulation examples of real engineering systems, , * Applications to vehicle ...

    author: Dean C. Karnopp / Donald L. Margolis

    Textbook $184.64
  21. Engineering Analysis of Smart Material Systems

    ... of engineering systems. It will also be a reference text for practicing engineers ... for both instructors and practicing engineers.; Format: Textbook; Type: New

    author: Donald J. Leo

    Textbook $216.58
  22. Fluid Power Engineering

    ... a comprehensive approach to hydraulic systems engineering with a solid grounding in ... valves, Apply fluid systems techniques to pneumatic power systems , , ; ...

    author: Rabie, M Galal

    Textbook $245.61
  23. HVAC Controls and Systems

    ... , , This book presents engineers with solutions to the problems ... unit systems, terminal systems and units, primary systems, heat pump cycles, distribution systems, supervisory systems ...

    author: Levenhagen, John I. / Spethmann, Donald H.

    Textbook $113.92
  24. Stormwater Collection Systems Design Handbook

    ... important components of stormwater collection systems.FEATURES INCLUDE:, *Design procedures and ... and off-line detention systems, infiltration systems, subsurface detention systems, pump facilities, and ...

    author: Mays, Larry W.

    Textbook $238.01
  25. Water Resource Systems Management Tools

    ... systemsManagement tools include decision support systems, optimisation methods, optimal control ... irrigation systems, regional water supply systems, river-reservoir systems, groundwater systems, water supply systems., , ...

    author: Mays, Larry W.

    Textbook $312.34
  26. Experimentation, Validation, and Uncertainty Analysis for Engineers

    ... of real engineering systems., Experimentation, Validation, and Uncertainty Analysis for Engineers, Fourth Edition ... researchers, engineers, and graduate and senior undergraduate students in engineering and science ...

    author: Hugh W. Coleman / W. Glenn Steele

    Textbook $165.94
  27. Energy-Efficient Building Systems

    ... Handling and Distribution Systems • Lighting Systems • Building Electrical Systems • Building Automation Systems • Building Envelope ...

    author: Jayamaha, Lal

    Textbook $134.18
  28. Supportability Engineering Handbook

    ... to Design Durable and Maintainable Systems Engineers in both the commercial and ... through System Architecting, System Engineering, Design Engineering, and Integration Engineering • Reliability, Maintainability, and ...

    author: Jones, James V.

    Textbook $173.01
  29. HVAC Systems Design Handbook, Fifth Edition

    ... , commercial, and industrial HVAC systems.HVAC Systems Design Handbook, Fifth Edition, features ... through operation, Technical report writing, Engineering fundamentals-fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, heat ...

    author: Haines, Roger W. / Myers, Michael E.

    Textbook $196.65
  30. Practical Reverse Engineering

    ... . Hackers are able to reverse engineer, systems and exploit what they find ... hood of reverse engineering, for security analysts, security engineers, and system programmers ...

    author: Bruce Dang / Alexandre Gazet / Elias Bachaalany / Sébastien Josse

    Textbook $61.52
  31. Handbook of Transportation Engineering Volume I & Volume II, Second Edition

    ... Pavement testing and evaluation Bridge engineering Tunnel engineering Pedestrians Bicycle transportation Spectrum ... Air traffic control systems design Ship design Pipeline engineering Traffic safety Transportation ...

    author: Kutz, Myer

    Textbook $449.89
  32. Security Engineering

    ... to engineer dependable systems with this newly updated classic , In Security Engineering ... : A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems, Third Edition ...

    author: Ross Anderson

    Textbook $85.68
  33. Fundamentals of Communications Systems

    ... Communications Systems features: A modern approach to communications theory, reflecting current engineering ... Inside This On-Target Communications Engineering Tool• Mathematical Foundations • Analog Communications ...

    author: Fitz, Michael P.

    Textbook $166.26
  34. Handbook of Transportation Engineering Volume II, 2e

    ... Pavement testing and evaluation Bridge engineering Tunnel engineering Pedestrians Bicycle transportation Spectrum ... Air traffic control systems design Ship design Pipeline engineering Traffic safety Transportation ...

    author: Kutz, Myer

    Textbook $293.77
  35. Handbook of Transportation Engineering Volume I, 2e

    ... two-volume Handbook of Transportation Engineering, Second Edition offers practical, comprehensive ... transport networks Transportation systems modeling and evaluation Software systems and simulation for ...

    author: Kutz, Myer

    Textbook $293.77
  36. Mechanical Engineers' Handbook

    ... One of the Mechanical Engineer's Handbook, Materials and Engineering Mechanics gives you ... processing, data acquisition and display systems, and much more., Volume Three ...

    author: Myer Kutz

    Textbook $857.88
  37. Power Quality in Electrical Systems

    ... Quality in Electrical Systems equips you with the latest engineering techniques for ... book is a practice-oriented engineering tutorial for solving key electric ...

    author: Kusko, Alexander / Thompson, Marc T.

    Textbook $196.65
  38. Precision Engineering

    ... Mechanical, Electronic, and Optical ProductsPrecision Engineering gives expert guidance on the ... microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) Inside This Cutting-Edge Guide to Precision Engineering Methods ...

    author: Venkatesh, V. C. / Izman, Sudin

    Textbook $157.81
  39. Biomedical Engineering and Design Handbook, Volume 1

    ... coverage of the entire biomedical engineering field, including fundamental concepts, design ... the basics of biomedical engineering, including biomedical systems analysis, biomechanics of the ...

    author: Kutz, Myer

    Textbook $223.70
  40. Mechatronics in Medicine A Biomedical Engineering Approach

    ... systemsMechatronics in Medicine: A Biomedical Engineering Approach describes novel solutions for ... processing and controlling mechatronics systems Artificial intelligence, expert systems, artificial neural networks ...

    author: Najarian, Siamak / Dargahi, Javad / Darbemamieh, Goldis / Hajizadeh Farkoush, Siamak

    Textbook $183.98
  41. The SBE Broadcast Engineering Handbook: A Hands-on Guide to Station Design and Maintenance

    ... SBE Broadcast Engineering Handbook thoroughly explains radio and television transmission systems, DTV ... design and maintenance. SBE Broadcast Engineering Handbook covers:· Regulatory Requirements and ...

    author: Whitaker, Jerry C. / Society of Broadcast Engineers

    Textbook $301.37
  42. Standard Handbook of Broadcast Engineering

    ... , , , This comprehensive engineering handbook provides basic principles, key ... , and maintenance of broadcast transmission systems. Explicating the underlying technologies of ...

    author: Whitaker, Jerry C.

    Textbook $313.18
  43. Modern Optical Engineering, 4th Ed.

    ... cutting-edge information on optical engineering theory, design, and practice, including ... photometry • Basic optical devices • Optical systems • Ray tracing • Third-order aberration ...

    author: Smith, Warren J.

    Textbook $162.88
  44. Signals & Systems Demystified

    ... a genius IQ. Signals and Systems Demystified offers an effective, illuminating ... to learn this essential electrical engineering subject. First, you'll learn ...

    author: McMahon, David

    Textbook $37.10
  45. Modern Geothermal HVAC Engineering and Control Applications

    ... Geothermal HVAC: Engineering and Control Applications explains how to engineer and specify ... Variations and improvements to hydronic systems Control systems Load sharing and energy ...

    author: Egg, Jay / Cunniff, Greg / Orio, Carl

    Textbook $183.98
  46. Reverse Engineering: Mechanisms, Structures, Systems & Materials

    ... an engineer who began teaching after years in industry, Reverse Engineering reviews ... and production engineering Reverse engineering of materials and substances Reverse engineering of broken ...

    author: Messler, Robert W.

    Textbook $134.18
  47. Mechanical Engineers' Handbook, Volume 3

    ... and management in mechanical, engineering , Mechanical Engineers' Handbook, Fourth Edition provides ... , intelligent control of, material handling systems, and much more., , Presents ...

    author: Myer Kutz

    Textbook $248.53
  48. Site Engineering for Landscape Architects

    ... and, sizing storm water management systems. Integrating design with, construction and ... a handy, professional reference, Site Engineering for Landscape, Architects, Sixth Edition ...

    author: Steven Strom / Kurt Nathan / Jake Woland

    Textbook $126.19
  49. Sewer Management Systems

    ... equipment, today'sautomated sewer management systems allow designers, managers,operators, and ... thisimportant engineering specialty, Sewer Management Systems is thecomplete reference to designing systems that ...

    author: Thomas J. Day

    Textbook $196.32
  50. Two-Phase Flow in Complex Systems

    ... Mile Island accident, internationally renowned engineer Salomon Levy has achieved an ... in his engineering career. In Two-Phase Flow in Complex Systems, Dr ...

    author: Salomon Levy

    Textbook $197.88
  51. Biofuels Engineering Process Technology

    ... illustrations, Biofuels Engineering Process Technology fully explains the concepts, systems, and technology ... Inside This Cutting-Edge Biofuels Engineering Guide• Introduction • Fuels from Fermentations ...

    author: Drapcho, Caye M. / Nhuan, Nghiem Phu / Walker, Terry H.

    Textbook $194.12
  52. Sensors and Control Systems in Manufacturing, Second Edition

    ... , control manufacturing, develop precision manufacturing systems, and generate and control motion ... control Sensors in flexible manufacturing systems Communications--indexing, transmission, and signal ...

    author: Soloman, Sabrie

    Textbook $206.78
  53. Schaum's Outline of Engineering Mechanics: Statics

    ... Introduction to Mechanics; Statics; Mechanical Engineering; Engineer-in-Training Review.Features: Hundreds of solved ... Coplanar Force Systems, Noncoplanar Force Systems, Equilibrium of Coplanar Force Systems, Equilibrium of ...

    author: Nelson, E. W. / Best, Charles L. / McLean, William G. / Potter, Merle C.

    Textbook $37.94
  54. Transients in Electrical Systems: Analysis, Recognition, and Mitigation

    ... comprehensive resource.Transients in Electrical Systems covers: Transients in lumped circuits ... Control systems Lightning strokes, shielding, and backflashovers ...

    author: Das, J.C.

    Textbook $293.77
  55. Electrical Power Systems Quality, Third Edition

    ... and easily readable for utility engineers, industrial engineers, technicians, and equipment designers ... Electronics Engineers (IEEE) standards Maintaining power quality in distributed generation systems Common ...

    author: Dugan, Roger C. / McGranaghan, Mark F. / Santoso, Surya / Beaty, H. Wayne

    Textbook $169.63
  56. Plant Equipment & Maintenance Engineering Handbook

    ... relevant to engineers and project managers. Plant Equipment and Maintenance Engineering Handbook ... and circulating water systems * Controls * Conveyor systems * Cooling towers ...

    author: Richardson, Duncan

    Textbook $189.89
  57. Antenna Engineering Handbook

    ... antennas used in modern communication systems, mobile and personal wireless technologies ... , terahertz, and wearable electronics. Antenna Engineering Handbook, Fifth Edition, is bolstered ...

    author: Volakis, John

    Textbook $242.23
  58. Engineering Trustworthy Systems: Get Cybersecurity Design Right the First Time

    ... address the entire attack space. Engineering Trustworthy Systems: Get Cybersecurity Design Right ... discipline forward by adopting timeless engineering principles, including: , , , ...

    author: Saydjari, O. Sami

    Textbook $91.13
  59. Computer Systems: An Embedded Approach

    ... sizes, , , This comprehensive engineering textbook lays out foundational computer ... and connectivity., , , Computer Systems: An Embedded Approach begins by ...

    author: McLoughlin, Ian

    Textbook $125.74
  60. Energy Efficiency and Management for Engineers

    ... management practices with confidenceThis comprehensive engineering textbook helps students master the ... , • Cogeneration, • Boilers and steam systems, • Heat recovery systems, • Thermal insulation, • Heating and ...

    author: Kanoglu, Mehmet / Cengel, Yunus A.

    Textbook $166.26
  61. Solar Engineering of Thermal Processes, Photovoltaics and Wind, 5th Edition

    ... for using two key engineering software applications, Engineering Equation Solver (EES) and ... , and photos of solar energy systems today, • Includes updated simulation problems ...

    author: John A. Duffie / William A. Beckman / Nathan Blair

    Textbook $196.32
  62. Hydraulic Control Systems

    ... , filters); hybrid transmissions; multi-circuit systems; and digital hydraulics., Chapters in ... of hydraulic control systems that will serve all practicing engineers in the ...

    author: Noah D. Manring / Roger C. Fales

    Textbook $151.91
  63. Engineering Weather Data

    ... resource for engineers and project managers, Michael Kjelgaard's Engineering Weather Data ... , *Ventilation Heating and Cooling, *Humidification Systems, * Bin Data, *Degree Day ...

    author: Kjelgaard, Michael J.

    Textbook $117.30
  64. Design of Controlled Release Drug Delivery Systems

    ... text offers pharmaceutical scientists and engineers working in the field, state ... Diffusion Controlled Systems * Dissolution Controlled Systems * Osmotic Controlled Systems * Biodegradable ...

    author: Li, Xiaoling

    Textbook $208.46
  65. VHDL:Modular Design and Synthesis of Cores and Systems, Third Edition

    ... Level Components, and Complex Digital Systems Considered and industry classis, VHDL ... and Synthesis of Cores and Systems features: An entire toolkit for ...

    author: Navabi, Zainalabedin

    Textbook $150.22
  66. Electrical Safety of Low-Voltage Systems

    ... safetyElectrical Safety of Low-Voltage Systems offers you a comprehensive safety ... characteristics of low-voltage electrical systems.Fully explaining the grounding and ...

    author: Mitolo, Massimo

    Textbook $140.93
  67. Silicon-on-Sapphire Circuits and Systems

    ... , Silicon-on-Sapphire Circuits and Systems covers the latest analog and ... assemble SOI/SOS circuits and systems, work with an insulated substrate ...

    author: Culurciello, Eugenio

    Textbook $211.84
  68. Software & Systems Requirements Engineering: In Practice

    ... ., Proven Software & Systems Requirements Engineering Techniques"Requirements engineering is a discipline used ... . The authors are experienced requirements engineers, and this book is a ...

    author: Berenbach, Brian / Paulish, Daniel J. / Kazmeier, Juergen / Rudorfer, Arnold

    Textbook $112.23
  69. Embedded Systems Hardware for Software Engineers

    ... GUIDE TO HARDWARE FUNDAMENTALSEmbedded Systems Hardware for Software Engineers describes the electrical ... that are used in embedded systems, their functions, and how they ...

    author: Lipiansky, Ed

    Textbook $173.01
  70. Transport Phenomena in Biomedical Engineering: Artificial organ Design and Development, and Tissue Engineering

    ... , and mass to human anatomical systems. This authoritative resource presents solutions ... organ design and human tissue engineering.Coverage includes: Fundamentals of fluid mechanics ...

    author: Sharma, Kal Renganathan

    Textbook $250.67
  71. Wastewater Collection Systems Management MOP 7, Sixth Edition

    ... , engineering, human resource, and communications aspects of a wastewater collection systems project ... . Wastewater Collection Systems Management, Sixth Edition ...

    author: Water Environment Federation

    Textbook $148.53
  72. Energy Systems Design and Operation: A Unified Method

    ... , and then reliably conduct its engineering and evaluation in those terms ... , design, and operation of energy systems Meet requirements for computing with ...

    author: Tostevin, G. Mark

    Textbook $125.74
  73. Power Integrity for Nanoscale Integrated Systems

    ... . Power Integrity for Nanoscale Integrated Systems describes how these problems can ...

    author: Hashimoto, Masanori / Nair, Raj

    Textbook $183.98
  74. Robots and Robotics: Principles, Systems, and Industrial Applications

    ... controllers.Robots and Robotics: Principles, Systems and Industrial Applications covers:• Robot ... , programming languages, and microprocessors, • Drive systems, pumps, motors, and sensors, • Control ...

    author: Miller, Rex / Miller, Mark R.

    Textbook $122.36
  75. Transportation Engineering: A Practical Approach to Highway Design, Traffic Analysis, and Systems Operation

    ... of transportation systems planning, design, operation, and maintenance. Transportation Engineering: A Practical ... Approach to Highway Design, Traffic Analysis, and Systems Operations ...

    author: Kuhn, Beverly T.

    Textbook $213.53
  76. Reinventing Water and Wastewater Systems

    ... experts,, Reinventing Water and Wastewater Systems presents practical, solutions for making ... environmental engineers, as well as, government administrators overseeing infrastructure and water, systems ...

    author: Paul Seidenstat / David Haarmeyer / Simon Hakim

    Textbook $183.86
  77. Genetic Algorithms and Engineering Design

    ... and students working in industrial engineering,management science, operations research, computer science ... and their application to manufacturing systems.Incorporating original material on the ...

    author: Mitsuo Gen / Runwei Cheng

    Textbook $248.53
  78. Global Engineering and Construction

    ... for operations-level engineers,, constructors, and students, Global Engineering and Construction is ... , information on cultural issues, legal systems, bid estimates,, scheduling, business practices ...

    author: J. K. Yates

    Textbook $159.70
  79. Statistical Reliability Engineering

    ... individual units of systems. Now Statistical Reliability Engineering affords engineers a unique opportunity ... Reliability Engineering is an important professional resource for reliability and design engineers ...

    author: Boris Gnedenko / Igor V. Pavlov / Igor A. Ushakov / Sumantra Chakravarty

    Textbook $210.35
  80. Infrastructure Systems

    ... infrastructural systems -powerful new tools for both informed students and practicing engineers ... ., , Well-written and easy to follow, Infrastructure Systems presents ...

    author: Demeter G. Fertis

    Textbook $239.18
  81. Vibration Problems in Engineering

    ... and infinite-degree-of-freedom systems and numerical methods dominate the ... approach to nonlinear systems. A new chapter on the ...

    author: W. Weaver Jr. / S. P. Timoshenko / D. H. Young

    Textbook $299.96
  82. Social Engineering

    ... decisions are exploited., Networks and systems can be hacked, but they ... used by social engineers , Learn how social engineering factors into some ...

    author: Christopher Hadnagy

    Textbook $42.82
  83. Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics

    ... in energy storage, distributed energy systems, entropy minimization, and industrial applications ... Work problems directly applicable to engineering fields , Integrate thermodynamics concepts ...

    author: Adrian Bejan

    Textbook $204.12
  84. Taguchi's Quality Engineering Handbook

    ... andservice industries, Taguchi's Quality Engineering Handbookprovides accessible material on such ... method"), , * Mahalanobis-Taguchi Systems (MTS), , * and more ...

    author: Genichi Taguchi / Subir Chowdhury / Yuin Wu

    Textbook $268.01
  85. Structural Dynamics of Electronic and Photonic Systems

    ... -depth discussion from a mechanical, engineer's viewpoint will be conducted to ... methods will be developed, for engineering practice.; Format: Textbook; Type: New

    author: Ephraim Suhir / T. X. Yu / David S. Steinberg

    Textbook $242.30
  86. Standard Handbook of Powerplant Engineering

    ... handling, pollution control, plant electrical systems, and instrumentation and control. New ... , diagrams, and photographs, it offers engineers and technicians the information needed ...

    author: Elliott, Thomas C. / Chen, Kao / Swanekamp, Robert

    Textbook $235.48
  87. Earth Retention Systems Handbook

    ... on Earth Retention Systems for the entire construction and engineering community, , ... excavation shoring and earth retention systems used to construct permanent facilities ...

    author: Macnab, Alan

    Textbook $162.04
  88. Water Supply Systems Security

    ... ., , , A must for engineers, professors, and water utility managers ... , operating, maintaining, and rehabilitating water systems to ensure state-of-the ...

    author: Mays, Larry W.

    Textbook $255.78
  89. Construction Safety Engineering Principles (McGraw-Hill Construction Series)

    ... Safety Engineering Principles: Designing & Managing Safer Job Sites equips architects, engineers ... behind mobile equipment, utilize control systems that cannot be unintentionally activated ...

    author: MacCollum, David V.

    Textbook $173.01
  90. The UMTS Air-Interface in RF Engineering

    ... included with the product., Everything Engineers Need to Design, Build, and ... renowned expert on wireless systems, this essential engineering tool takes you through ...

    author: Su, Shing-Fong

    Textbook $173.01
  91. Piping Systems Manual

    ... . Piping Systems Manual is a hands-on design and engineering resource that ... presented in the book. Piping Systems Manual covers: ASME B31 piping ...

    author: Silowash, Brian

    Textbook $148.53
  92. Alternative Sewer Systems FD-12, 2e

    ... advantages and disadvantages of alternative systems. It provides the interfacing requirements ... covers: Pressure Sewer Systems Vacuum Sewer Systems Effluent Sewer Systems, including Septic Tank ...

    author: Water Environment Federation

    Textbook $148.53
  93. Facility Piping Systems Handbook

    ... compressed gas systems, Vacuum air systems, Animal facility piping systems, Life safety systems, Nonpotable ... and drinking water systems, Swimming pools ...

    author: Frankel, Michael L.

    Textbook $231.26
  94. Vibration of Continuous Systems

    ... the field, Vibrations of Continuous Systems expalins the vibrational behavior of ... aerospace, mechanical, civil, and biomedical engineering, are highlighted. The book includes ...

    author: Leissa, Arthur W. / Qatu, Mohamad S.

    Textbook $221.13
  95. Facilities Site Piping Systems Handbook

    ... , and institutional site facility systems.Facilities Site Piping Systems Handbook covers: Water ... Sanitary gravity flow Pump discharge systems Underground piping design Freezing prevention ...

    author: Frankel, Michael L.

    Textbook $221.13
  96. Sustainable Thermal Storage Systems Planning Design and Operations

    ... THERMAL STORAGE SYSTEMSSustainable Thermal Storage Systems: Planning, Design, and Operations offers ... storage systems Sensible thermal storage systems Latent thermal storage systems Heating storage systems Thermal ...

    author: Hyman, Lucas

    Textbook $157.81
  97. Manufacturing Engineering Handbook, Second Edition

    ... manufacturing, and operations research. Manufacturing Engineering Handbook, Second Edition covers:· Cloud ... , Robotics, and Machine Vision· Microelectromechanical Systems and Nano-manufacturing· Laser Technology ...

    author: Geng, Hwaiyu

    Textbook $227.04
  98. Marks' Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers, 12th Edition

    ... , Marks' Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers, Twelfth Edition, offers instant access ... sections including Applied Mechanics, Engineering Ethics, Digital Control Systems, Sensor and Actuators ...

    author: Sadegh, Ali M. / Worek, William M.

    Textbook $242.23
  99. Structural Engineering SE All-in-One Exam Guide: Breadth and Depth

    ... comprehensive test preparation resource. Structural Engineering SE All-in-One Exam ... the test, such as building systems, structural analysis, seismic and wind ...

    author: Adams, Dave K.

    Textbook $196.65
  100. Energy-Efficient Industrial Systems: Evaluation and Implementation

    ... regulations, Energy-Efficient Industrial Systems: Evaluation and Implementation clearly ... Systems · Fan Systems · Boilers and Steam Systems · Process Cooling Systems · Compressed Air Systems · Heat Recovery Systems ...

    author: Jayamaha, Lal

    Textbook $181.45