1. How to Read a Financial Report

    ... guide to reading and understanding financial reports, Financial reports are used to ... obligations, understanding profits & financial stability, and financial statement ratios & analysis ...

    author: John A. Tracy / Tage C. Tracy

    Textbook $28.01
  2. Rattiner's Secrets of Financial Planning

    ... -stars' of the financial planning and advisory profession, Financial planning involves everything ... resource for CFPs, CPAs, financial advisors, financial planners, and high-level corporate ...

    author: Jeffrey H. Rattiner

    Textbook $73.21
  3. Professional Financial Computing Using Excel and VBA

    ... and, practical modeling tool-kit. Financial engineering professionals, who purchase this ... professionals or, students dealing with financial engineering, financial risk, management, computational finance ...

    author: Donny C. F. Lai / Humphrey K. K. Tung / Michael C. S. Wong / Stephen Ng

    Textbook $116.06
  4. Corporate Financial Strategy and Decision Making to Increase Shareholder Value

    ... , growing their businesses. In Corporate Financial Strategy and, Decision Making, Harold ... value. He, covers corporate financial planning, financial strategies,, alternative sources of funds ...

    author: Harold Bierman Jr.

    Textbook $90.35
  5. How to Read a Financial Report

    ... guide to reading and understanding financial reports, Financial reports provide vital information ... to include the latest information financial reporting standards and regulatory changes ...

    author: John A. Tracy / Tage C. Tracy

    Textbook $28.01
  6. Financial Engineering

    ... ., Divided into five comprehensive parts, Financial Engineering begins with an informative ... book., This practical guide puts financial engineering in perspective, and will ...

    author: Tanya S. Beder / Cara M. Marshall

    Textbook $116.06
  7. Financial Services Anti-Fraud Risk and Control Workbook

    ... executive, auditor, accountant, senior, financial executive, financial services operations manager, loan, officer ... detection tools and techniques for financial, services companies, auditors, and investigators ...

    author: Peter Goldmann

    Textbook $79.44
  8. Financial Services Firms

    ... federal regulatory reforms, and federal financial issues, Financial Institutions, Valuations, Mergers and ... -the-minute coverage found in Financial Institutions,, Valuations, Mergers and Acquisitions ...

    author: Zabihollah Rezaee

    Textbook $153.47
  9. Oracle Hyperion Financial Management Tips And Techniques

    ... product., Master Oracle Hyperion Financial ManagementConsolidate financial data and maintain a scalable ... Data Integrator and Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management Design, update ...

    author: Fugere, Peter

    Textbook $104.63
  10. Financial Forensics Body of Knowledge

    ... Money.", It defines Forensic Operators: "?financial, forensics-capable personnel? possess unique ... litigation specialists., It defines foundational financial forensics/forensic accounting, methodologies: FAIM ...

    author: Darrell D. Dorrell / Gregory A. Gadawski

    Textbook $116.06
  11. Financial Risk Management For Dummies

    ... on successfully managing and controlling financial risk within your company. Through ... and hedge bets., Financial risk management uses financial instruments to manage exposure ...

    author: Aaron Brown

    Textbook $28.01
  12. Marketplace Lending, Financial Analysis, and the Future of Credit

    ... services. Provided and supported by financial institutions and entrepreneurs, the information ... innovation in the financial industry, and consider the financial technology innovation landscape ...

    author: Ioannis Akkizidis / Manuel Stagars

    Textbook $98.92
  13. Financial Risk Management

    ... the challenges of managing financial risk. Now, in, Financial Risk Management, author ... historical background on financial, innovation, liquidity, leverage, and financial crises that is ...

    author: Allan M. Malz

    Textbook $116.06
  14. Pricing Financial Instruments

    ... capabilities, of the methodology- Pricing Financial Instruments explores areas, that include ... options and, credit derivatives. Both financial analysts and academic, asset-pricing ...

    author: Domingo Tavella / Curt Randall

    Textbook $159.70
  15. Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations

    ... and guidance for effective nonprofit financial management, Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations ... serve their organization's interests. Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations provides ...

    author: John Zietlow / Jo Ann Hankin / Alan Seidner / Tim O'Brien

    Textbook $153.47
  16. Encyclopedia of Financial Models

    ... mathematical and statistical tools for financial modeling, The need for serious ... .com/book/10.1002/9781118182635, Financial models have become increasingly commonplace ...

    author: Frank J. Fabozzi

    Textbook $1489.05
  17. The Comprehensive Guide on How to Read a Financial Report

    ... to reading and understanding financial, reports , Financial reports provide vital information ... to include the latest information financial reporting, standards and regulatory changes ...

    author: John A. Tracy / Tage C. Tracy

    Textbook $49.05
  18. How to Read Nonprofit Financial Statements

    ... , while offering numerous examples of financial statements reflecting both the old ... new section on general financial analysis, outlining what financial statement readers should ...

    author: Andrew S. Lang / William D. Eisig / Lee Klumpp / Tammy Ricciardella

    Textbook $55.29
  19. Financial Stability

    ... , can anticipate and avoid future financial disruptions. This unique, discussion of ... strategy, that steers away from financial disorder and toward maximum, stability ...

    author: Frederick L. Feldkamp / R. Christopher Whalen

    Textbook $91.91
  20. Understanding Systemic Risk in Global Financial Markets

    ... risks posed by systemically important financial institutions are surveyed., , A ... regulations that identify systemically important financial institutions , The tools to ...

    author: Aron Gottesman / Michael Leibrock

    Textbook $91.91
  21. Financial Derivatives

    ... of your underlying, business activities., Financial Derivatives introduces you to the ... knowledge on futures, options,, swaps, financial engineering, and structured products., , ...

    author: Robert W. Kolb / James A. Overdahl

    Textbook $116.06
  22. Reading the Financial Pages For Dummies

    ... investment returns. , Reading the Financial Pages For Dummies includes:, The ... , Delving Deeper Into the Financial Pages, , Sharpening Your Understanding ...

    author: Michael Wilson

    Textbook $28.01
  23. Financial Management and Accounting Fundamentals for Construction

    TECHNOLOGY/ENGINEERING/CIVIL , SUCCESSFUL FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT IN THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY ... fundamentals, project-related financial matters, and company level financial issues—three factors ...

    author: Daniel W. Halpin / Bolivar A. Senior

    Textbook $146.45
  24. Financial Analysis and Modeling Using Excel and VBA

    ... theory and practice of financial analysis and modeling, Financial Analysis and Modeling ... a comprehensive approach to analyzing financial problems and developing simple to ...

    author: Chandan Sengupta

    Textbook $183.86
  25. How to Become a Successful Financial Consultant

    ... Ainsworth is an extremely successful financial planningprofessional with more than 30 ... market your services andpromote different financial instruments, and much more. He ...

    author: Jim H. Ainsworth

    Textbook $67.75
  26. New Financial Instruments

    ... arena, Julian Walmsley's New Financial Instruments has been thoroughly revised ... coverage of all the new financial instruments available to market practitioners ...

    author: Julian Walmsley

    Textbook $116.06
  27. Financial Independence (Getting to Point X)

    ... you get on track to financial freedom., Saving, budgeting, managing debt ... tax code , Learn which financial strategies have become obsolete, and ...

    author: John J. Vento

    Textbook $49.05
  28. Financial Markets, Banking, and Monetary Policy

    ... monetary policy and the overall financial system. Financial Markets, Banking, and Monetary ... methods for conducting monetary and financial stability policies., Filled with illustrative ...

    author: Thomas D. Simpson

    Textbook $116.06
  29. Creating Strategic Value through Financial Technology

    ... Strategic Value through Financial Technology explores the growing Financial Technology (FinTech) industry ... how FinTech companies and traditional financial institutions can enhance profitability and ...

    author: Jay D. Wilson Jr.

    Textbook $79.44
  30. The History of Financial Planning

    ... history of the, financial planning profession, The financial services field has been ... , the world of financial planning. The History of Financial, Planning is the ...

    author: E. Denby Brandon Jr. / H. Oliver Welch / Marvin W. Tuttle Jr.

    Textbook $79.44
  31. Financial Expert Witness Communication

    ... face litigation, reporting and testimony., Financial Expert Witness Communication covers all ... areas, of financial litigation including accounting, financial forensics,, forensic technology ...

    author: Bradley J. Preber

    Textbook $116.06
  32. Financial Modeling in Excel For Dummies

    ... 's guide to financial modeling using Microsoft Excel, Financial Modeling in Excel ... readily become the most popular financial modeling software. This book shows ...

    author: Danielle Stein Fairhurst

    Textbook $36.58
  33. International Financial Statement Analysis Workbook

    ... techniques of international financial statement analysis, , International Financial Statement Analysis Workbook ... in the real world, International Financial Statement Analysis Workbook, Fourth Edition ...

    author: Thomas R. Robinson

    Textbook $61.52
  34. Financial Contagion

    ... he compiles the history of financial contagion,, highlights the latest research ... , done to stabilize the global financial system , Includes contributed chapters ...

    author: Robert W. Kolb

    Textbook $116.06
  35. Analysis of Financial Statements

    ... guide to understanding and interpreting, financial statements. Written to reflect current ... and risks., Throughout Analysis of Financial Statements, Third, Edition, the authors ...

    author: Pamela Peterson Drake / Frank J. Fabozzi

    Textbook $116.06
  36. Financial Statement Fraud

    ... detection guidance, for these schemes. Financial Statement Fraud: Strategies for, Detection ... , , Straightforward and insightful, Financial Statement Fraud, provides comprehensive coverage ...

    author: Gerard M. Zack

    Textbook $104.38
  37. Streetsmart Financial Basics for Nonprofit Managers

    ... entity , Customizable resources?including financial worksheets, forms, and Excel templates ... , Practical and informative, Streetsmart Financial Basics for Nonprofit Managers is ...

    author: Thomas A. McLaughlin

    Textbook $61.52
  38. International Financial Statement Analysis

    ... more accurate international financial, valuation , International Financial Statement Analysis provides ... the statements of multinational corporations., Financial statement analysis gives investment professionals ...

    author: Thomas R. Robinson / Elaine Henry / Wendy L. Pirie / Michael A. Broihahn / Anthony T. Cope

    Textbook $122.30
  39. Communication Essentials for Financial Planners

    ... Human Element of Financial Planning, Communication Essentials for Financial Planners tackles the ... certification process. Communication Essentials for Financial Planners provides gold-standard guidance ...

    author: John E. Grable / Joseph W. Goetz

    Textbook $61.52
  40. Reading Financial Reports For Dummies

    ... ) was previously published as Reading Financial Reports For Dummies, 3rd Edition ... ., , Discover how to decipher financial reports, Especially relevant in today ...

    author: Lita Epstein

    Textbook $30.35
  41. Knockout Networking for Financial Advisors and Other Sales Producers

    ... attitude. , Knockout Networking for Financial Advisors covers everything you need ... (and boxer!) focused on helping financial advisors, brokers, agents, reps, wholesalers ...

    author: Michael Goldberg

    Textbook $35.81
  42. Dictionary of Financial Risk Management

    ... classic reference tool designed for financial analysts and managers. Anyone involved ... : probability and statistics, tax and financial accounting, and law. The vocabulary ...

    author: Gary L. Gastineau / Mark P. Kritzman

    Textbook $70.87
  43. Financial Statement Analysis

    ... Marks, Chairman, Oaktree Capital, Management, "Financial Statement Analysis is a unique ... urges resolute skepticism when inspecting, financial statements. Its great value, though ...

    author: Martin S. Fridson / Fernando Alvarez

    Textbook $104.38
  44. International Financial Statement Analysis

    ... risk, characteristics , , International Financial Statement Analysis provides the, latest ... clarity and expert, advice., International Financial Statement Analysis Workbook helps, busy ...

    author: Thomas R. Robinson

    Textbook $177.62
  45. Leveraging Your Financial Intelligence

    ... , health, and happiness., Leveraging Your Financial Intelligence will teach you a ... who have leveraged their financial intelligence to build financial security, promote fitness ...

    author: Douglas Lennick / Roy Geer / Ryan Goulart

    Textbook $36.58
  46. Certificate in Accounting for Islamic Financial Institutions

    ... , understanding and analysing financial statements of Islamic financial institutions, analysing and classifying ... reported in the Islamic financial statements , Financial accountability and Shari'ah ...

    author: AICPA

    Textbook $268.79
  47. The Financial Numbers Game

    ... college professors and real-world financial mercenaries. These guys know their ... /must-have reference for serious financial statement analysis." --Bob Acker, Editor ...

    author: Charles W. Mulford / Eugene E. Comiskey

    Textbook $43.60
  48. Mathematics of the Financial Markets

    Mathematics of the Financial Markets, , Financial Instruments and Derivatives Modeling, Valuation ... methods. Mathematics of the Financial Markets: Financial Instruments and Derivatives Modeling, Valuation ...

    author: Alain Ruttiens

    Textbook $98.92
  49. Financial Statement Fraud

    ... deter, detect, and prevent financial, statement fraud, Financial statement fraud (FSF) continues ... major, challenge for organizations worldwide. Financial Statement, Fraud: Prevention and Detection ...

    author: Zabihollah Rezaee / Richard Riley

    Textbook $91.91
  50. Infiltrated: How to Stop the Insiders and Activists Who Are Exploiting the Financial Crisis to Control Our Lives and Our Fortunes

    ... shocking truth about: The latest financial regulations—what every consumer and ... deregulation and greed caused the financial crisis. Richards demonstrates that altruistic ...

    author: Richards, Jay W.

    Textbook $37.10
  51. Financial Origami

    ... , metaphor for the Wall Street financial engineering model, which, ultimately proved ... cause of the 2008 financial, crisis., In Financial Origami, Brendan Moynihan describes ...

    author: Brendan Moynihan

    Textbook $34.25
  52. The Basics of Financial Econometrics

    ... growing field of financial econometrics, As finance and financial products have become ... quantitative finance. The techniques of financial econometrics facilitate the development and ...

    author: Frank J. Fabozzi / Sergio M. Focardi / Svetlozar T. Rachev / Bala G. Arshanapalli / Markus Hoechstoetter

    Textbook $165.16
  53. Essential Strategies for Financial Services Compliance

    ... highly successful Essential Strategies for, Financial Services Compliance has been updated ... edition of Essential, Strategies for Financial Services Compliance will help, eliminate ...

    author: Annie Mills / Peter Haines

    Textbook $66.19
  54. Foundations of Financial Risk

    ... understanding of the issues surrounding financial risk and regulation, Foundations of ... structures for risk management in financial institutions and the regulatory requirements ...

    author: GARP (Global Association of Risk Professionals) / Richard Apostolik / Christopher Donohue

    Textbook $116.06
  55. Quantitative Financial Risk Management

    ... modern economy depends on financial markets. Yet financial markets continue to grow ... more important. , , Quantitative Financial Risk Management introduces students and ...

    author: Michael B. Miller

    Textbook $104.38
  56. Financial Analysis

    ... ?George R. MacEachern President, Grosvenor Financial Services, , "Steve Bragg has ... , controller, presenting not only traditional financial analysis, information, but also various ...

    author: Steven M. Bragg

    Textbook $159.70
  57. Managing Global Financial and Foreign Exchange Rate Risk

    ... , mitigating these risks., Managing Global Financial and Foreign Exchange Rate Risk ... Futures and Options, Research,Applied Financial Economics, Applied, Economics, International Economics ...

    author: Ghassem A. Homaifar

    Textbook $98.14
  58. Nonprofit Financial Management

    ... Covers the full range of financial-management topics, including, accounting, internal controls ... , auditing, evaluating financial, condition, budgeting, cash management and ...

    author: Charles K. Coe

    Textbook $73.21
  59. UK GAAP Financial Statement Disclosures Manual

    ... GAAP-compliant disclosures, UK GAAP Financial Statement Disclosures Manual is the ... guide for all aspects of financial statement disclosure preparation., , Get ...

    author: Steven Collings

    Textbook $73.99
  60. The Valuation of Financial Companies

    ... structure and peculiarities of financial institutions?, reporting and financial statements; and 3 ... elements make the, valuation of financial institutions different from the valuation ...

    author: Mario Massari / Gianfranco Gianfrate / Laura Zanetti

    Textbook $102.82
  61. Unified Financial Analysis

    ... for better and, more efficient financial control cannot be overstated. The ... an expensive regulatory, chaos., Unified Financial Analysis will be of value ...

    author: Willi Brammertz / Ioannis Akkizidis / Wolfgang Breymann / Rami Entin / Marco Rustmann

    Textbook $94.25
  62. The Social Media Handbook for Financial Advisors

    ... opportunities these platforms present for financial, advisors are huge, but most ... expert communication advice from top financial advisor, coach Matthew Halloran , ...

    author: Matthew Halloran / Crystal Thies / Bill Cates

    Textbook $73.21
  63. Life in the Financial Markets

    ... comprehensive analysis of the, financial markets and the financial services industry. Written ... and comprehensive analysis of the financial, services industry , Includes information ...

    author: Daniel Lacalle

    Textbook $49.05
  64. Your Financial Action Plan

    ... ., , , , Today, financial knowledge means financial power, and in Your ... introduced to the important, personal financial issues that affect your life ...

    author: G. Cotter Cunningham

    Textbook $38.92
  65. Financial Modelling

    ... quantitative techniques, the application to financial problems and programming using Matlab ... allocation, providing practitioners with complete financial modelling workflow, from model choice ...

    author: Joerg Kienitz / Daniel Wetterau

    Textbook $123.08
  66. The Mathematics of Financial Models

    ... build the quantitative methods used., Financial analysts, investment professionals, risk-management ... and information, The Mathematics of Financial, Models, , Provides practical methodologies ...

    author: Kannoo Ravindran

    Textbook $116.06
  67. Guide to Financial Reporting and Analysis

    ... terminology employed by reporting companies, financial statements and related disclosures have ... throughout relevant findings from the financial reporting and analysis research literature ...

    author: Eugene E. Comiskey / Charles W. Mulford

    Textbook $147.23
  68. An Arbitrage Guide to Financial Markets

    ... analysis, makes an introduction to financial, markets intimidating to most, this ... using the entire range of, financial instruments available today.", , ?Varun ...

    author: Robert Dubil

    Textbook $123.08
  69. The Business Owner's Guide to Reading and Understanding Financial Statements

    ... Guide to, Reading and Understanding Financial Statements will introduce, managers and ... difference between internal and, external financial statements and explain how they ...

    author: Lita Epstein

    Textbook $24.12
  70. How To Really Ruin Your Financial Life and Portfolio

    ... and Portfolio, bestselling, author, economist, financial commentator, and media personality Ben ... Written by acclaimed author economist, financial commentator,, and media personality Ben ...

    author: Ben Stein

    Textbook $23.34
  71. Success as a Financial Advisor For Dummies

    ... a current or would-be financial advisor can maximize their professional ... for any wannabe or experienced financial advisor.; Format: Textbook; Type: New

    author: Ivan M. Illan

    Textbook $33.47
  72. Not-for-Profit Financial Reporting

    ... recognition, grants and contracts, and financial reporting, this book offers guidance ... not-for-profit accounting and financial reporting different?, Key topics include ...

    author: Bruce W. Chase

    Textbook $107.49
  73. Financial Markets and Trading

    ... firm understanding of how modern, financial markets work and what professional ... , strategies., , Details the modern financial markets for equities, foreign, exchange ...

    author: Anatoly B. Schmidt

    Textbook $116.06
  74. Process Improvement for Effective Budgeting and Financial Reporting

    ... for, Effective Budgeting and Financial Reporting provides financial, managers with a compelling ... . CFOs,, controllers, budget managers, and financial analysts will, significantly benefit from ...

    author: Nils H. Rasmussen / Christopher J. Eichorn / Corey S. Barak / Toby Prince

    Textbook $171.39
  75. Financial Modeling Using C++

    ... creating both simple and, advanced financial models using C++. Author and ... programming, the C++ language, and, financial modeling from the ground up ...

    author: Chandan Sengupta

    Textbook $153.47
  76. Fundamentals of Financial Instruments

    ... , logically, presented , Fundamentals of Financial Instruments deals with the, global ... a single, volume, Fundamentals of Financial Instruments is a compact, yet ...

    author: Sunil Parameswaran

    Textbook $110.61
  77. Financial Risk Manager Handbook

    ... questions from recent FRM exams., Financial Risk Manager Handbook, Sixth Edition ... core, body of knowledge for financial risk managers., , Offers valuable ...

    author: Philippe Jorion / GARP (Global Association of Risk Professionals)

    Textbook $214.25
  78. Financial Reporting under IFRS

    ... contained in all types of financial statements,, through examples, activities, questions ... ) and Operating Segments (IFRS 8)., Financial Reporting under IFRS is ideally ...

    author: Wolfgang Dick / Franck Missonier-Piera

    Textbook $70.09
  79. Analysis of Financial Statements

    ... intelligently understand, analyze, and interpret, financial statements you must look for ... approach to understanding financial statements, from, sources of financial information and the ...

    author: Pamela P. Peterson / Frank J. Fabozzi

    Textbook $84.12
  80. How To Really Ruin Your Financial Life and Portfolio

    ... and Portfolio, bestselling, author, economist, financial commentator, and media personality Ben ... Written by acclaimed author economist, financial commentator,, and media personality Ben ...

    author: Ben Stein

    Textbook $30.35
  81. Financial Accounting For Dummies

    ... accountability, transparency, and, controls in financial reporting., With easy-to-understand ... , analyze, and evaluate actual, corporate financial statements., , Covers traditional introductory ...

    author: Maire Loughran

    Textbook $30.35
  82. From Here to Financial Happiness

    ... 's college or that next financial emergency , Change your perspective ... is your personal roadmap to financial freedom.; Format: Textbook; Type: New

    author: Jonathan Clements

    Textbook $36.58
  83. A Guide to Financial Regulation for Fintech Entrepreneurs

    ... of and principle behind modern financial services regulation , Explains how ... , The first part introduces financial services regulation, its purpose, how ...

    author: Stefan Loesch

    Textbook $49.05
  84. Principles of Financial Modelling

    ... -world guide to financial modelling, Principles of Financial Modelling - Model Design ... and clear presentation, Principles of Financial Modelling is the premier guide ...

    author: Matthew Rees

    Textbook $98.92
  85. The Ultimate Financial Plan

    ... a one-stop, comprehensive, personal, financial planning book exploring the intersection ... money and, life. The Ultimate Financial Plan examines the connection, between ...

    author: Jim Stovall / Tim Maurer

    Textbook $34.25
  86. Risk Management and Financial Institutions

    ... explains all aspects of financial risk and financial institution regulation, helping you ... risk affects different types of financial institutions, • Learn the different types ...

    author: John C. Hull

    Textbook $153.47
  87. Asian Financial Statement Analysis

    ... Thomas R., Robinson discuss international financial reporting standards,, including characteristics particular ... Asian, market, Asian Financial Statement Analysis: Detecting Financial, Irregularities is uniquely ...

    author: ChinHwee Tan / Thomas R. Robinson / Howard Schilit

    Textbook $128.53
  88. Reaching Key Financial Reporting Decisions

    ... agreeing the contents of the financial, statements and overseeing the activities ... , required to discuss and negotiate financial reporting and auditing, issues, a ...

    author: Stella Fearnley / Vivien Beattie / Tony Hines

    Textbook $73.99
  89. Getting Started as a Financial Planner

    ... , Jeffrey H. Rattiner, a, practicing financial planner and educator, provides a ... needs, before building a comprehensive financial plan., , , , Getting ...

    author: Jeffrey H. Rattiner

    Textbook $49.05
  90. Fundamentals of Health Care Financial Management

    ... of, Fundamentals of Health Care Financial Management, consultant, and educator Steven ... fundamental theories and relationships guiding, financial decisions in health care organization ...

    author: Steven Berger

    Textbook $133.99
  91. Financial Planning Competency Handbook

    ... exam success and career excellence, Financial Planning Competency Handbook, Second Edition ... no matter where you practice. Financial Planning Competency Handbook, Second Edition ...

    author: CFP Board

    Textbook $194.77
  92. Financial Accounting DeMYSTiFieD

    ... tutorial devoid of confusing jargon.Financial Accounting DeMYSTiFieD presents allthe concepts ... 'll get details on basic financial accounting concepts, valuing inventories, accounting ...

    author: Berry, Leonard Eugene

    Textbook $33.72
  93. Financial Fitness Forever: 5 Steps to More Money, Less Risk, and More Peace of Mind

    ... take personal responsibility for our financial futures by creating a comprehensive ... , principal, The Buckingham Family of Financial Services, and author, The Quest ...

    author: Merriman, Paul / Buck, Richard

    Textbook $53.14
  94. Mastering Money: How to Beat Debt, Build Wealth, and Be Prepared for any Financial Crisis

    ... —in essence, leaving our personal financial decisions up to banks, bureaucrats ... through thick and thin, • Avoid financial disaster—from bad credit deals ...

    author: Champ, Norm

    Textbook $42.17
  95. Mathematics and Statistics for Financial Risk Management

    ... templates., Mathematics and Statistics for Financial Risk Management, is an indispensable ... reference for today?s financial risk, professional.; Format: Textbook; Type ...

    author: Michael B. Miller

    Textbook $128.53
  96. Corruption and Fraud in Financial Markets

    ... , , Corruption and Fraud in Financial Markets identifies potential issues surrounding ... limit order book. More generally, financial market misconduct and fraud affects ...

    author: Carol Alexander / Douglas Cumming

    Textbook $106.71
  97. Financial Planning & Analysis and Performance Management

    Critical insights for savvy financial analysts , Financial Planning & Analysis and Performance ... , analysis, and performance management, to financial communication, metrics, and benchmarking, these ...

    author: Jack Alexander

    Textbook $85.68
  98. Restoring Financial Stability

    ... -bound copies to Washington. Restoring Financial, Stability is the culmination of ... bold, yet principled approaches-including financial, policy alternatives and specific courses ...

    author: Viral V. Acharya / Matthew P. Richardson / New York University Stern School of Business

    Textbook $61.52
  99. Small Business Financial Management Kit For Dummies

    ... business successfully! , Small Business Financial Management Kit For, Dummies explains ... business survival and a, financial glossary, Small Business Financial Management Kit, For ...

    author: Tage C. Tracy / John A. Tracy

    Textbook $30.35
  100. China's Banking and Financial Markets

    ... status of China's financial services industry and financial, markets. For the ... of the Chinese, banking and financial markets to international audiences. From ...

    author: Li Yang / Robert Lawrence Kuhn

    Textbook $159.70