1. More Rapid Math: Tricks and Tips

    ... the popular Rapid Math Tricks andTips, Professor Ed Julius shows you how ... Fascinating mathematical curiosities and parlor tricks, such asthe Amazing, , , ...

    author: Edward H. Julius

    Textbook $25.68
  2. Tintinalli's Emergency Medicine: A Comprehensive Study Guide, 9th edition

    ... in, and teaching emergency medicine. The Ninth Edition provides the depth and ... , • Contemporary, concise discussion of ED identification and treatment of opioid ...

    author: Tintinalli, Judith E. / Ma, O. John / Yealy, Donald / Meckler, Garth D. / Stapczynski, J. Stephan / Cline, David M. / Thomas, Stephen H.

    Textbook $290.39
  3. Sanders' Structural Fetal Abnormalities, Third Edition

    ... -fetal medicine, genetics, sonography, neonatology, pediatric cardiology, and pediatric surgery. This edition has ...

    author: Hogge, W. Allen / Wilkins, Isabelle / Hill, Lyndon M. / Cohlan, Barbara

    Textbook $172.21
  4. The Cambridge History of Medicine

    ... connects disease, doctors, primary care, surgery, the rise of hospitals, drug ... , and Islamic and East Asian medicine. Authoritative and accessible, The Cambridge ...

    author: Roy Porter

    Textbook $34.61
  5. The Cambridge History of Medicine

    ... connects disease, doctors, primary care, surgery, the rise of hospitals, drug ... , and Islamic and East Asian medicine. Authoritative and accessible, The Cambridge ...

    author: Roy Porter

    Textbook $90.05
  6. Integrative Medicine: Principles for Practice

    ... conventional therapies and complementary/alternative medicine (CAM).McGraw-Hill now introduces ... .Current, comprehensive, and authoritative, INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE provides you with the knowledge ...

    author: Kligler, Benjamin / Lee, Roberta Anne

    Textbook $152.80
  7. Schwartz's Principles of Surgery ABSITE and Board Review, 10/e

    ... text: Schwartz's Principles of Surgery, Tenth Edition "It will be particularly ... classic Schwartz's Principles of Surgery, Tenth Edition. This powerful review gives ...

    author: Brunicardi, F. Charles / Andersen, Dana K. / Billiar, Timothy R. / Dunn, David L. / Hunter, John G. / Matthews, Jeffrey B. / Pollock, Raphael E.

    Textbook $135.91
  8. SCHWARTZ'S PRINCIPLES OF SURGERY 2-volume set 11th edition

    ... two volume presentation, the Eleventh Edition has been completely updated and ... enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS), ambulatory/outpatient surgery, evidence for surgery practice, skills ...

    author: Brunicardi, F. Charles / Andersen, Dana K. / Billiar, Timothy R. / Dunn, David L. / Hunter, John G. / Kao, Lillian / Matthews, Jeffrey B. / Pollock, Raphael E.

    Textbook $301.37
  9. Adult Chest Surgery, 2nd edition

    ... general thoracic surgery.Like its award-winning predecessor, the second edition of Adult ... Chest Surgery focuses on providing concise ...

    author: Sugarbaker, David J. / Bueno, Raphael / Colson, Yolanda / Jaklitsch, Michael / Krasna, Mark J. / Mentzer, Steven

    Textbook $371.43
  10. Hadzic's Textbook of Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Management, Second Edition

    ... other perioperative applications. The second edition features some of the most ... world-wide reference text, this edition also includes anatomical landmark-based ...

    author: Hadzic, Admir

    Textbook $371.43
  11. CURRENT Diagnosis and Treatment Emergency Medicine, Eighth Edition

    ... , this new edition of CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment Emergency Medicine strikes the ... drugs commonly used in the ED , , , ; Format ...

    author: Stone, C. Keith / Humphries, Roger L.

    Textbook $124.94
  12. Trauma, Eighth Edition

    ... 's leading resource on trauma surgery― with an expanded full-color ... of cases in trauma/critical surgery care they will face in ...

    author: Moore, Ernest E. / Feliciano, David V. / Mattox, Kenneth L.

    Textbook $363.83
  13. Improvised Medicine: Providing Care in Extreme Environments, 2nd edition

    ... enduring, Improvised Medicine: Providing Care in Extreme Environments, Second Edition, is the ... diagnosis, internal medicine, otolaryngology, pediatrics and malnutrition, orthopedics, psychiatry, and surgery, · Covers ...

    author: Iserson, Kenneth V.

    Textbook $147.73
  14. Surgery Review Illustrated 2/e

    ... . Now presented in full color, Surgery Review Illustrated delivers more than ... the single-best review for surgery examinations and board:· NEW full ...

    author: McElroy, Lisa / Webb, Travis

    Textbook $147.73
  15. Facial Flaps Surgery

    ... video of 35 proceduresFacial Flap Surgery delivers ready-to-use insights ... through every procedure.Facial Flap Surgery begins with an incisive review ...

    author: Goldman, Glenn / Dzubow, Leonard / Yelverton, Christopher

    Textbook $400.13
  16. Tintinalli's Emergency Medicine Manual, Eighth Edition

    ... content of Tintinalli's Emergency Medicine, Eighth Edition - the world's ... presentation, Tintinalli's Emergency Medicine Manual, Eighth Edition is enhanced by contributors ...

    author: Cydulka, Rita K. / Cline, David M. / Ma, O. John / Fitch, Michael T. / Joing, Scott A. / Wang, Vincent J.

    Textbook $102.14
  17. Critical Care Emergency Medicine, Second Edition

    ... rapidly developing fieldCritical Care Emergency Medicine has become the standard reference ... critical care.Critical Care Emergency Medicine teaches emergency physicians everything they ...

    author: Farcy, David A. / Chiu, William C. / Marshall, John P. / Osborn, Tiffany M.

    Textbook $200.06
  18. Anesthesiology, Third Edition

    ... anesthesia practice, including pain medicine and critical care medicine. Presented in full ... of anesthetic techniques, Anesthesiology, Third Edition presents an accessible compilation of ...

    author: Longnecker, David E. / Newman, Mark F. / Zapol, Warren M. / Sandberg, Warren / Mackey, Sean

    Textbook $407.73
  19. Reichman's Emergency Medicine Procedures, 3rd Edition

    ... , Reichman's Emergency Medicine Procedures, Third Edition is written to provide ... expand your understanding of emergency medicine procedures, and most importantly, your ...

    author: Reichman, Eric F.

    Textbook $388.31
  20. Neonatology 7th Edition

    ... for NCU students." -- Family Medicine review of an earlier editionA ...

    author: Gomella, Tricia Lacy / Cunningham, M. Douglas / Eyal, Fabien

    Textbook $71.75
  21. Critical Care Ultrasonography, 2nd edition

    ... -making processes." -- Critical Care Medicine reviewing previous editionCritical Care Ultrasonography ... of therapeutic areas, from emergency medicine to the inpatient ward and ...

    author: Levitov, Alexander / Mayo, Paul H. / Slonim, Anthony D.

    Textbook $260.84
  22. Goldfrank's Toxicologic Emergencies, Eleventh Edition

    ... in special populations. The Eleventh Edition of Goldfrank's Toxicologic Emergencies ... differential diagnosis. New to this Edition: , • Additional cases and “Special ...

    author: Nelson, Lewis S. / Hoffman, Robert S. / Howland, Mary Ann / Lewin, Neal A. / Goldfrank, Lewis R. / Smith, Silas W

    Textbook $422.09
  23. Pocket Atlas of Emergency Ultrasound, Second Edition

    ... line drawings, Emergency Ultrasound, Second Edition is specifically designed to be ...

    author: Reardon, Robert F. / Ma, O. John / Rowland-Fisher, Andrea

    Textbook $124.09
  24. Pediatric Practice Sports Medicine

    ... the foreword)Pediatric Practice: Sports Medicine explains the practical aspects of ... nurse practitioners, Pediatric Practice: Sports Medicine is the handiest and most ...

    author: Patel, Dilip R. / Greydanus, Donald E. / Baker, Robert J.

    Textbook $130.84
  25. Extraordinary Cases in Emergency Medicine

    ... year career practicing academic emergency medicine in an urban teaching institution ... an amazing collection of emergency medicine cases along with accompanying photographs ...

    author: Brunette, Douglas D.

    Textbook $111.43
  26. Ophthalmic Surgery

    ... of Ophthalmology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (from ... surgeries, glaucoma surgeries, phacoemulsification, bimanual microphacoemulsification, small incision cataract surgery, and pediatric cataract surgery ...

    author: Saxena, Sandeep

    Textbook $236.37
  27. Johns Hopkins Textbook of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Second Edition

    ... , CONGENITAL CARDIAC, AND GENERAL THORACIC SURGERY--COMPLETELY UPDATED AND REVISED IN FULL ... Hopkins Manual of Cardiothoracic Surgery but the second edition has been renamed ...

    author: Yuh, David Daiho / Vricella, Luca A. / Yang, Stephen / Doty, John R.

    Textbook $352.01
  28. Cardiac Surgery in the Adult Fifth Edition

    ... surgeons In Cardiac Surgery in the Adult, Fifth Edition, the world's ... and Mechanical Circulatory SupportThe Fifth Edition has been updated throughout, and ...

    author: Cohn, Lawrence H. / Adams, David H.

    Textbook $452.47
  29. Operative Pediatric Surgery

    ... Title for 2017!Operative Pediatric Surgery, Second Edition is a comprehensive, well ... are also included.Operative Pediatric Surgery, Second Edition is divided into 11 ...

    author: Ziegler, Moritz / Azizkhan, Richard G. / von Allmen, Daniel / Weber, Thomas R.

    Textbook $509.87
  30. General Surgery ABSITE and Board Review: Pearls of Wisdom, Fourth Edition

    ... the American Board of Surgery In-Training ExamGeneral Surgery ABSITE and Board ... the wrong answer. The fourth edition includes more most/least likely ...

    author: Blecha, Matthew J.

    Textbook $123.25
  31. Williams Gynecology, Third Edition

    ... , and menopause; female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery; and gynecologic oncology. The ... Reconstruction, and Surgeries for Gynecologic Malignancies.Williams Gynecology, Third Edition is beautifully ...

    author: Hoffman, Barbara L. / Schorge, John O. / Bradshaw, Karen D. / Halvorson, Lisa M. / Schaffer, Joseph I. / Corton, Marlene M.

    Textbook $290.39
  32. Sugarbaker's Adult Chest Surgery, 3rd edition

    ... of general thoracic surgery. The focus of this third edition is on ... is constantly changing. The previous edition highlighted minimally invasive, endoscopic, and ...

    author: Sugarbaker, David J. / Bueno, Raphael / Burt, Bryan M. / Groth, Shawn S. / Loor, Gabriel / Wolf, Andrea S.

    Textbook $575.71
  33. Weight Loss Surgery For Dummies

    ... of weight-loss surgeries. Weight Loss, Surgery For Dummies, 2nd edition is the ... is considering gastric bypass surgery,, Weight Loss Surgery For Dummies gives you ...

    author: Marina S. Kurian / Barbara Thompson / Brian K. Davidson / Al Roker

    Textbook $28.01
  34. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Board Review: Pearls of Wisdom, Third Edition

    ... preparing for plastic and reconstructive surgery in-training and board exams ... .Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Board Review: Pearls of Wisdom ...

    author: Lin, Samuel J. / Hijjawi, John B.

    Textbook $195.00
  35. CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment Orthopedics, Sixth Edition

    ... Diagnosis & Treatment Orthopedics, Sixth Edition, emphasizes the major diagnostic features ... surgical and emergency medicine residents, orthopedic surgery fellows, internal medicine and family practitioners ...

    author: Skinner, Harry

    Textbook $138.44
  36. CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment Otolaryngology--Head and Neck Surgery, Fourth Edition

    ... Aids; and Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery, •Consistent presentation includes General Considerations ... basic science, facial plastic surgery, head and neck surgery, laryngology, rhinology, pediatric ...

    author: Lalwani, Anil

    Textbook $227.09
  37. Mastering the Techniques of IOL Power Calculations, Second Edition

    ... normal cornea to after refractive surgery, in Phaco/Microphaco, on irregular ... astigmatism, and in pediatric cataract surgery. , , ; Format: Textbook ...

    author: Garg, Ashok / Lin, JT / Latkany, Robert / Bovet, Jerome / Haigis, Wolfgang

    Textbook $151.10
  38. Fitzpatrick's Color Atlas, 8th Ed

    ... Synopsis of Clinical Dermatology, Eighth Edition combines laser-precise color images ... than 40% new to this edition, • A color-coded 4-part ...

    author: Wolff, Klaus / Johnson, Richard Allen / Saavedra, Arturo P. / Roh, Ellen K.

    Textbook $142.66
  39. CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment in Orthopedics, Fifth Edition

    ... illustrations Includes sports medicine, pediatric orthopedic surgery, rehabilitation, and geriatric medicine Valuable to ... students, residents and house officers of orthopedic surgery ...

    author: Skinner, Harry

    Textbook $113.96
  40. Urology Board Review Pearls of Wisdom, Fourth Edition

    ... such as robotics and laparoscopic surgery, advances in cancer chemotherapy, medical ... , and complications related to new medicines (such as Topamax) High-quality ...

    author: Leslie, Stephen W.

    Textbook $111.43
  41. Cosmetic Surgery For Dummies

    ... also:, , Discover the latest surgery techniques and medications , Understand ... , Web sites for cosmetic surgery information, Cosmetic Surgery For, Dummies is a ...

    author: R. Merrel Olesen / Marie B.V. Olesen

    Textbook $27.23
  42. Careers in Medicine, 3rd ed.

    ... for a thriving career in medicine!Careers in medicine are tremendously rewarding; they ... you finance it?Careers in Medicine has the answers. Here, you ...

    author: Sacks, Terence J.

    Textbook $32.04
  43. Cosmetic Surgery

    ... -surgical procedures in aesthetic plastic surgery. Each chapter includes patient selection ... surgeons COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE OF:, Facial surgeries including facelift, brow lift, blepharoplasty ...

    author: Grant, Robert T. / Chen, Constance M.

    Textbook $144.35
  44. Obesity Surgery: Principles and Practice

    ... the general principles of obesity surgery--one that provides a vital theoretical ... Analysis of Laparoscopic versus Open Surgery, and Surgery in the “Super Obese ...

    author: Pitombo, Cid / Jones, Kenneth / Higa, Kelvin / Pareja, Jose Carlos

    Textbook $297.99
  45. Acute Care Surgery: A Guide for General Surgeons

    ... to evaluate, stabilize, and perform surgeries for multiple emergent scenarios. Written ... three specialties within acute care surgery--emergency surgery, surgical critical care, and trauma ...

    author: Gracias, Vicente H. / McKenney, Mark G. / Reilly, Patrick M. / Velmahos, George

    Textbook $179.81
  46. Maingot's Abdominal Operations. 13th edition

    ... 's Core Title for 2019! Edition after edition, Maingot's Abdominal Operations ... quality metrics, ERAS, and robotic surgery; and an increased number of ...

    author: Zinner, Michael J. / Ashley, Stanley W. / Hines, O. Joe

    Textbook $410.26
  47. General Surgery Examination and Board Review

    ... review for the General Surgery boards and ABSITEGeneral Surgery Examination and Board ... the content invaluable during their surgery rotation, • More than 700 questions ...

    author: Lim, Robert B. / Jones, Daniel B.

    Textbook $135.91
  48. Simon's Emergency Orthopedics, 8th edition

    ... injuries and disorders in the ED, , A Doody's Core ...

    author: Sherman, Scott C.

    Textbook $326.69
  49. The Invention of Surgery

    ... twentieth century., The Invention of Surgery explains this dramatic progress and ... conception of surgery has changed alongside our evolving ideas of medicine, technology ...

    author: David Schneider

    Textbook $35.81
  50. Trauma Manual, Fourth Edition

    ... text, Moore's Trauma, Fourth Edition., , * Condensed from and ... up-to-date, pocketable trauma surgery guide you can find, , ...

    author: Moore, Ernest E. / Mattox, Kenneth L. / Feliciano, David V.

    Textbook $103.83
  51. First Exposure to General Surgery

    ... specialty, FIRST EXPOSURE TO GENERAL SURGERY CLERKSHIP is the book they ... your rotationFIRST EXPOSURE: To GENERAL SURGERY enhances your rotation with:A ...

    author: Jacobs, Danny O.

    Textbook $59.94
  52. Fetology: Diagnosis and Management of the Fetal Patient, Second Edition

    ... perinatal field and this new edition confirms its place as the ... boundaries of obstetrics, pediatrics, and surgery to help you effectively diagnose ...

    author: Bianchi, Diana W. / Crombleholme, Timothy M. / D'Alton, Mary E. / Malone, Fergal

    Textbook $357.92
  53. Family Medicine Board Review: Pearls of Wisdom, Fourth Edition

    ... Psychosocial, and Preventative Medicine and Biostatistics Completely updated ... ;Surgery: General and Trauma.OphthalmologyEar, Nose, ThroatOrthopedicsSports MedicinePediatricsGeriatricsPsychologyImagingPreventative Medicine ...

    author: Waickus, Cynthia M. / Schwer, William A. / Plantz, Scott H.

    Textbook $124.94
  54. McGraw-Hill Manual Endocrine Surgery

    ... and management of the endocrine surgery patientA Doody's Core Title ... of Medicine, Mayo Clinic (from the foreword)McGraw-Hill Manual Endocrine Surgery ...

    author: Morita, Shane Y. / Dackiw, Alan P. B. / Zeiger, Martha A.

    Textbook $154.48
  55. Smith and Tanagho's General Urology, Eighteenth Edition

    ... Tanagho's General Urology, 18th edition offers a complete overview of ... -rays NEW chapter on robotic surgery in urology Extensively updated chapters ...

    author: McAninch, Jack W. / Lue, Tom F.

    Textbook $107.21
  56. Pediatric Surgery: Diagnosis and Management

    ... invasive procedures, lasers, robotic surgery, molecular genetics, stem cell ... ,Trauma,Thoracic Surgery,Gastrointestinal Surgery,Neurosurgery,Vascular Disorders,Head and Neck Surgery,Pediatric Surgical Specialties, ...

    author: Gupta, Devendra K. / Sharma, Shilpa / Azizkhan, Richard G.

    Textbook $452.47
  57. Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery

    ... practical review, Female Pelvic Medicine& Reconstructive Surgery is the most comprehensive single ... surgical procedures.Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery is logically divided into ...

    author: Rogers, Rebecca G. / Sung, Vivian / Iglesia, Cheryl B. / Thakar, Ranee

    Textbook $233.83
  58. Acute Care Surgery: Imaging Essentials for Rapid Diagnosis

    ... , and MRI findings.Acute Care Surgery: Imaging Essentials for Rapid Diagnosis ... Soft Tissue Trauma Acute Care Surgery: Imaging Essentials for Rapid Diagnosis ...

    author: Butler, Kathryn L. / Harisinghani, Mukesh

    Textbook $174.74
  59. Vaughan & Asbury's General Ophthalmology, 19th Edition

    ... , clinicians in other fields of medicine and surgery, as well as those ... Asbury's General Ophthalmology, Nineteenth Edition belongs on your desk. , ...

    author: Riordan-Eva, Paul / Augsburger, James J.

    Textbook $142.66
  60. Orthopaedic Surgery Examination and Board Review

    ... with 1200+ board-style questionsOrthopaedic Surgery Examination and Board Review is ... specialty areas of the orthopaedic surgery board exams, Detailed explanations for ...

    author: Sethi, Manish K.

    Textbook $128.31
  61. Williams Gynecology, Third Edition, Study Guide

    ... content of Williams Gynecology, Third Edition, this authoritative study guide is ... endocrinology and infertility, female pelvic medicine, reconstructive surgery, and gynecologic oncology Claudia ...

    author: Werner, Claudia L. / Richardson, Debra L. / Chang, Stephanie Y. / Griffith, William F. / Hamid, Cherine / Rahn, David D. / Moschos, Elysia / Hoffman, Barbara L.

    Textbook $141.82
  62. Cunningham and Gilstrap's Operative Obstetrics, Third Edition

    ... today's practiceSince its first edition, Operative Obstetrics has provided clinicians ... , The Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine, and The Centers for Disease ...

    author: Yeomans, Edward R. / Hoffman, Barbara L. / Gilstrap, Larry C. / Cunningham, F. Gary

    Textbook $428.83
  63. Understanding Patient Safety, Third Edition

    ... of Internal Medicine (on a previous edition)Understanding Patient Safety, Third Edition is the ... , including those related to medications, surgery, diagnosis, infections, and nursing care ...

    author: Wachter, Robert / Gupta, Kiran

    Textbook $83.57
  64. Life Without Ed

    , , The 10th Anniversary Edition of the book that has ... healthier, happier life without Ed.This 10th anniversary edition features a new afterword ...

    author: Schaefer, Jenni

    Textbook $28.66
  65. Concise Manual of Cosmetic Dermatologic Surgery

    ... product., All the cosmetic dermatologic surgery techniques you need--and nothing ... 't!Successfully performing cosmetic dermatologic surgery starts with mastering techniques… and ...

    author: Sadick, Neil / Moy, Ron / Lawrence, Naomi / Hirsch, Ranella

    Textbook $238.05
  66. Skin Flaps in Facial Surgery

    ... anyone performing facial surgery. Written by leading facial surgery experts, the book ... deepens your understanding of facial surgery involving flaps A skill-building ...

    author: Buchen, Daniel

    Textbook $238.05
  67. CURRENT Procedures Surgery

    ... 's Review Service CURRENT Procedures Surgery is a unique combination atlas ... the full spectrum of general surgery in an ultra-convenient, at ...

    author: Minter, Rebecca / Doherty, Gerard M.

    Textbook $191.62
  68. Plastic Surgery: Clinical Problem Solving

    ... problems in plastic and reconstructive surgery with this unique case-based ... multitude of readers in plastic surgery, including students, residents, and recently ...

    author: Taub, Peter J. / Koch, R. Michael

    Textbook $142.66
  69. McGraw-Hill Manual Colorectal Surgery

    ... -of-care guide to colorectal surgery--complete with ICD-9 codes A ... Review ServiceMcGraw-Hill Manual Colorectal Surgery provides the information you need ...

    author: Kaiser, Andreas M.

    Textbook $105.52
  70. Aesthetic Head and Neck Surgery

    ... HEAD AND NECK SURGERY TECHNIQUESAesthetic Head and Neck Surgery is an unmatched ... possible, Aesthetic Head and Neck Surgery features an easy-to-apply ...

    author: Lin, Samuel J. / Mustoe, Thomas A.

    Textbook $327.53
  71. Lamellar Corneal Surgery

    ... the product., The definitive corneal surgery reference! From its valuable review ... and surgical procedures, Lamellar Corneal Surgery is the most authoritative and ...

    author: John, Thomas

    Textbook $295.45
  72. Laparoscopic Surgery Atlas

    ... atlas for the ultimate laparoscopic surgery reference!Practical, comprehensive, and state ... on technical aspects of laparoscopic surgery, including a section on video ...

    author: Palanivelu, C.

    Textbook $443.18
  73. State-of-the-Art Vaginal Surgery

    ... gynecological surgical residents (and general surgery residents) covers virtually all aspects ... of vaginal surgery, ranging from surgical anatomy and ...

    author: Goel, Neerja

    Textbook $240.58
  74. Anaesthesia in Laparoscopic Surgery

    ... issues pertaining to anesthesia. Laparoscopic surgery is performed in all types ... healthcare professionals involved in laparoscopic surgery., , ; Format: Textbook; Type ...

    author: Sood, Jayashree / Jain, Anil Kumar

    Textbook $195.00
  75. Principles And Practice of Mechanical Ventilation, Third Edition

    ... of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine - has enlisted more than ... contributors in critical care, pulmonary medicine, anesthesiology, surgery, basic science, provide a ...

    author: Tobin, Martin J.

    Textbook $370.58
  76. Dermatologic Surgery

    ... , encyclopedic text dedicated to cutaneous surgery and reconstruction - valuable to ... procedural guidance.Dermatologic Surgery is the first skin surgery text to fully ...

    author: Kantor, Jonathan

    Textbook $387.47
  77. Master the American Board of Surgery Certifying Exam

    ... taking the American Board of Surgery certifying exam, Master the American ... Board of Surgery Certifying Exam provides content critical ...

    author: Shah, Samir K. / Shah, Mihir M.

    Textbook $121.56
  78. KJ Lee's Essential Otolaryngology, 12th edition

    ... Otolaryngology: Head and Neck Surgery, Twelfth Edition delivers the latest information on ... guide to otolaryngology. The Twelfth Edition has been thoroughly updated to ...

    author: Chan, Yvonne / Goddard, John C.

    Textbook $215.26
  79. Cosmetic Dermatology: Principles and Practice, Second Edition

    ... patients.”—Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery, reviewing the first editionCosmetic Dermatology ...

    author: Baumann, Leslie S.

    Textbook $241.43
  80. Atlas of Cataract Surgery

    ... teaches the techniques of cataract surgery! This lavishly-illustrated text presents ... aspects of present day cataract surgery with photographic and diagrammatic illustrations ...

    author: Reddy, K Ravi Kumar / Satyavani, P.

    Textbook $195.00
  81. Pocket Journal Club: Essential Articles in General Surgery

    ... Club: Essential Articles in General Surgery is a complete primer on ... by subspecialty fields within general surgery, • Each article summary is accompanied ...

    author: Mazer, Laura M. / Lagisetty, Kiran / Butler, Kathryn L.

    Textbook $99.61
  82. The Cambridge Illustrated History of Surgery

    ... introduction to the development of surgery through the ages. It illustrates ... , The Cambridge Illustrated History of Surgery is the only serious choice ...

    author: Harold Ellis

    Textbook $96.11
  83. Urogynecology and Female Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery: Just the Facts

    ... format, Urogynecology and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery provides easy-to-study, easy ... of Urogynecology and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery. , , ; Format: Textbook ...

    author: Siddighi, Sam / Hardesty, Jeff

    Textbook $144.35
  84. Textbook of Practical Laparoscopic Surgery

    ... art and science of laparoscopic surgery!This book explains the art and ... science of minimal access surgery, providing both an overall view ...

    author: Mishra, RK

    Textbook $261.69
  85. McGraw-Hill Concise Pocket Medical Dictionary, Second Edition

    ... photographs and diagrams.The second edition has been thoroughly revised with ... sizeCovers all major specialties, including surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology, pharmaceutical ...

    author: Panda, U N.

    Textbook $34.61
  86. Radical and Reconstructive Gynecologic Cancer Surgery

    ... !, Radical and Reconstructive Gynecologic Cancer Surgery is the first text to ... .Radical and Reconstructive Gynecologic Cancer Surgery is divided into three main ...

    author: Bristow, Robert E. / Chi, Dennis

    Textbook $335.13
  87. The Weight-Loss Surgery Connection

    ... combined 300 pounds after their surgeries in 2003. Melissa went from ... experiences of other weight-loss surgery patients with the latest medical ...

    author: deBin-Parish, Melissa

    Textbook $26.98
  88. Refractive Surgery

    ... strategies and techniques in refractive surgery.Features:, Numerous full-color photographs, drawings ...

    author: Goes, Frank Joseph / Bovet, Jerome / Pajic, Bojan / Wang, Yan / Nassaralla, Belquiz A.

    Textbook $98.77
  89. Adobe Photoshop CS6 Top 100 Simplified Tips and Tricks

    ... -by-step guide to new tricks and techniques. Filled with beyond ... easy to learn, and this edition delves into all the capabilities ...

    author: Lynette Kent

    Textbook $30.35
  90. Laparoscopic Surgery for Gynecologic Oncology

    ... respected names in minimally invasive surgery in gynecologic oncology Back-to ...

    author: Covens, Allan L. / Kupets, Rachel

    Textbook $264.23
  91. Oculoplasty and Reconstructive Surgery

    ... -to-date coverage of oculoplastic surgery.With its comprehensive coverage of ophthalmic ...

    author: Mortensen, Jes / El Touhky, Essam / Dhaliwal, Ranjit S.

    Textbook $98.77
  92. Surgery of the Injured Hand: Towards Functional Restoration

    ... text covers every aspect of surgery on the injured hand with ...

    author: Venkataswami, R

    Textbook $301.37
  93. Emergency Medicine Decision Making: Critical Issues in Chaotic Environments

    ... ., , , Evidence-Based Emergency Medicine, a highly readable primer, will ... superior diagnosis and management of ED patients. The avoidance of medical ...

    author: Weingart, Scott / Wyer, Peter

    Textbook $89.48
  94. Modern Optical Engineering, 4th Ed.

    ... and lens advances. The Fourth Edition now contains cutting-edge information ... detailed illustrations New to this edition: new coverage of ray tracing ...

    author: Smith, Warren J.

    Textbook $162.88
  95. Clinical Emergency Medicine

    ... likely to encounter in the ED!A clear, concise guide for clinicians ... emergency physicians and emergency medicine educators, Clinical Emergency Medicine distills the entire ...

    author: Sherman, Scott C. / Weber, Joseph W. / Schindlbeck, Michael / Patwari, Rahul

    Textbook $98.77
  96. The Mom Inventors Handbook, How to Turn Your Great Idea into the Next Big Thing, Revised and Expanded 2nd Ed

    ... into marketable products, this new edition of The Mom Inventors Handbook ... original publication in 2005. This edition covers everything novice entrepreneurs need ...

    author: Monosoff, Tamara

    Textbook $33.72
  97. The Complete Rigger's Apprentice: Tools and Techniques for Modern and Traditional Rigging, Second Edition

    ... rigging. In this revised second edition, master rigger Brion Toss expands ... the latest tools, techniques, and tricks of the trade. Features include ...

    author: Toss, Brion

    Textbook $68.33
  98. Weight Loss Surgery Cookbook For Dummies

    ... ., In Weight Loss Surgery Cookbook For Dummies, 2nd Edition you'll find ... those pounds coming off post-surgery., , Successfully navigate a post ...

    author: Brian K. Davidson / Sarah Krieger

    Textbook $28.01
  99. Powerboater's Guide to Electrical Systems, Second Edition

    ... advice and guidance from author Ed Sherman, who wrote and teaches ... marine accessories, equipment, and electronics “Ed Sherman's nationally recognized expertise ...

    author: Sherman, Edwin R.

    Textbook $37.10