1. Social Determinants of Health Among African-American Men

    ... the concept of social determinants, of health to the health of African- American ... issues relating to social, determinants of health and also offers viable strategies ...

    author: Henrie M. Treadwell / Clare Xanthos / Kisha B. Holden

    Textbook $108.27
  2. To Improve Health and Health Care, Volume V

    ... its mission of improving the health and health care of all, Americans ... , inform the public, To Improve Health and Health Care, the fifth, volume ...

    author: Stephen L. Isaacs / James R. Knickman

    Textbook $40.48
  3. To Improve Health and Health Care, Volume XVI

    ... , focusing on the pressing, health and health care issues facing the country ... well-being. To, Improve Health and Health Care describes the latest outcomes ...

    author: Stephen L. Isaacs / David C. Colby / Risa Lavizzo-Mourey

    Textbook $40.48
  4. To Improve Health and Health Care

    ... its mission of improving the health and health care of all Americans ... inform the public, To Improve Health and Health Care, the ninth volume ...

    author: Stephen L. Isaacs / James R. Knickman / Risa Lavizzo-Mourey

    Textbook $40.48
  5. Health and Health Care 2010

    ... technologies, consumerism, public health services, mental health, child health, health of the elderly, chronic ... care, and health behaviors, and ...

    author: Institute for the Future

    Textbook $44.38
  6. To Improve Health and Health Care

    ... its mission of improving the health and health care of all Americans ... inform the public, To Improve Health and Health Care: The Robert Wood ...

    author: Stephen L. Isaacs / James R. Knickman

    Textbook $38.92
  7. To Improve Health and Health Care 2001

    ... , inform the public, To Improve Health and Health Care 2001, the, fourth ... activities and how, it tackles health and health care issues. Written by ...

    author: Stephen L. Isaacs / James R. Knickman

    Textbook $38.92
  8. Methods for Community-Based Participatory Research for Health

    ... and improve the, health and well-being of the communities ... determinants of, health, health inequities, health promotion, community, interventions, disease management, health services, and, environmental health ...

    author: Barbara A. Israel / Eugenia Eng / Amy J. Schulz / Edith A. Parker

    Textbook $102.04
  9. Cultural Competence in Health Education and Health Promotion

    ... of ethnic and cultural factors for community health practice. Edited and written ... working with diverse groups, social determinants of health, spirituality, theoretical models for ...

    author: Miguel A. P¿rez / Raffy R. Luquis

    Textbook $102.04
  10. Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace

    ... the mental health and wellbeing of their employees. Mental Health & Wellbeing in the ... range of issues surrounding mental health and wellbeing in work environments - ...

    author: Gill Hasson / Donna Butler

    Textbook $21.00
  11. Foundations for Global Health Practice

    ... include chapters on mental health, agriculture and nutrition, water and sanitation, and ... for engagement in health care and beyond , Explore individual values and ...

    author: Lori DiPrete Brown

    Textbook $114.51
  12. Fitness For Dummies

    ... your body to enhance overall fitness and health. With, the help of ... fitness professionals Suzanne Schlosberg and Liz, ...

    author: Suzanne Schlosberg / Liz Neporent

    Textbook $27.23
  13. Health Communication

    ... takes into account key social determinants of health as well as the ... communication , Strategic partnerships in health communication , Policy communication and ...

    author: Renata Schiavo

    Textbook $114.51
  14. Health Issues in the Black Community

    ... of any forward thinking national health policy. Health Issues in the Black ... address and change the social determinants of health, reduce disparities, and create ...

    author: Ronald L. Braithwaite / Sandra E. Taylor / Henrie M. Treadwell

    Textbook $114.51
  15. Reinventing Public Health

    ... social, economic, and ecological determinants of health into innovative programs and policies ... to improve the health of populations.; Format: Textbook; Type ...

    author: Lu Ann Aday

    Textbook $95.81
  16. Understanding Global Health, 2E

    ... complete introductory review of global health--updated to reflect the latest issues ... , Biostatistics, and Surveillance Nutrition Primary Care in Global Health Tuberculosis and HIV ...

    author: Markle, William H. / Fisher, Melanie A. / Smego, Ray A.

    Textbook $96.23
  17. Health Behavior

    ... . Offering perspective applicable at the, individual, interpersonal, group, and community levels ... Learn how e-health and social media factor into health, communication , Explore ...

    author: Karen Glanz / Barbara K. Rimer / K. Viswanath

    Textbook $114.51
  18. Introduction to Health Promotion

    ... , and current wellness topics like, nutrition, physical activity, and emotional well ... for students in health promotion, health education, and, public health fields, Introduction to ...

    author: Anastasia M. Snelling

    Textbook $114.51
  19. Workplace Health Promotion Programs

    ... reduced, productivity. Improving well-being through effective workplace, health promotion programs can reduce ... create a, culture of health and well-being to support and promote employee ...

    author: Carl I. Fertman

    Textbook $108.27
  20. Minority Populations and Health

    ... to address race, disparities in health-related outcomes. This book covers U ... race and ethnicity in health, research, social factors contributing to mortality, longevity ...

    author: Thomas A. LaVeist

    Textbook $108.27
  21. Transforming Public Health Practice

    ... change, in public health practice, key success factors for public health, programs, dealing ... , understanding and managing population health., Transforming Public Health Practice covers core leadership ...

    author: Bernard J. Healey / Cheryll D. Lesneski

    Textbook $114.51
  22. Handbook of Health Social Work

    ... performed by social workers in health-care settings , Ethical issues and ... arenas , Understanding of community factors in health social work , , ...

    author: Sarah Gehlert / Teri Browne

    Textbook $85.71
  23. Introduction to Occupational Health in Public Health Practice

    ... efforts recognize that health choices and outcomes of, individuals and communities are ... and, leverage efforts for the individual, family, workplace, and broader, community ...

    author: Bernard J. Healey / Kenneth T. Walker

    Textbook $114.51
  24. Asian American Communities and Health

    ... textbook examines Asian American health from a public health perspective. It provides ... . By examining the contextual factors that impact health, the book seeks to ...

    author: Chau Trinh-Shevrin / Nadia Shilpi Islam / Mariano Jose Rey

    Textbook $114.51
  25. Health Promotion in Practice

    ... ?eating well, physical activity,, sexual health, oral health, smoking cessation, substance safety ... development?as well as, critical factors shaping the present and the ...

    author: Sherri Sheinfeld Gorin / Joan Arnold

    Textbook $95.81
  26. Health Care in the United States

    ... health care, its resource requirements, costs, quality, and, contributions to both individual ... and social well-being. By, combining basic concepts in population health ...

    author: Howard P Greenwald

    Textbook $114.51
  27. Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Health

    ... for the classroom or the individual learner, the material is presented ... careers in public health, medicine, biomedical research, health economics, health policy, and more ...

    author: Peter Muennig / Mark Bounthavong

    Textbook $120.74
  28. Critical Issues in Global Health

    ... important health issues facing our world's populations. The volume's individual ... contributors represent a wide range of prestigious health organizations ...

    author: C. Everett Koop / Clarence E. Pearson / M. Roy Schwarz / Jimmy Carter

    Textbook $95.81
  29. Latina Health in the United States

    ... ; mental health issues; adolescent health; and rural and, migrant occupational health. Latina Health in ... a unique guide to the health and well-being of the, women in ...

    author: Marilyn Aguirre-Molina / Carlos W. Molina

    Textbook $108.27
  30. Transforming Health Care Leadership

    ... patients, learn from individual patients to improve population health, and reduce per ... organization need positive solutions. Transforming Health Care Leadership provides healthcare leaders ...

    author: Michael Maccoby / Clifford L. Norman / C. Jane Norman / Richard Margolies

    Textbook $70.09
  31. Environmental Health

    ... Learn how environmental issues affect health and well-being closer to home , ... Discover how different fields incorporate environmental health ...

    author: Howard Frumkin

    Textbook $140.22
  32. Error Reduction in Health Care

    ... noted leaders in health safety, Error, Reduction in Health Care provides information ... , including performance measures and human, factors., This expanded edition covers contemporary ...

    author: Patrice L. Spath

    Textbook $114.51
  33. Fisher Investments on Health Care

    ... series is designed to provide, individual investors, students, and aspiring investment ... this, guide is specifically on Health, Care, the basic investment methodology ...

    author: Fisher Investments / Michael Kelly / Andrew S. Teufel

    Textbook $61.52
  34. Urban Health and Society

    ... in improving the lives and health of individuals and families in urban ... , Department of Health Behavior and Health Education, School of Public Health, University of ...

    author: Nicholas Freudenberg / Susan Klitzman / Susan Saegert

    Textbook $95.81
  35. The 21st Century Health Care Leader

    ... 's most influential, and successful health care professionals whose valuable insight ... , competition,, and inefficiency. In addition, health care professionals will learn, how ...

    author: Roderick W. Gilkey / The Center for Healthcare Leadership, Emory University School of Medicine

    Textbook $102.04
  36. Handbook for the New Health Care Manager

    ... , the Handbook for the New Health Care Manager, Second Edition offers ... myriad challenges of today's health care marketplace. This thoroughly revised ...

    author: Donald N. Lombardi

    Textbook $102.04
  37. Managerial Epidemiology for Health Care Organizations

    ... services and management of health care organizations. As health administration becomes evidence ... also addresses the need of health organizations? to demonstrate emergency preparedness ...

    author: Peter J. Fos / David J. Fine / Brian W. Amy / Miguel A. Zúniga

    Textbook $110.61
  38. Gender, Race, Class and Health

    ... these dimensions intersect to influence health and health care in the United ... students and professionals in public health, sociology, anthropology, and women?s ...

    author: Amy J. Schulz / Leith Mullings

    Textbook $88.79
  39. Women and Leadership in Health Care

    ... , surround the gAnder disparity in health care leadership. This book, answers ... questions concerning how gAnder affects health, care leadership. It reveals how ...

    author: Catherine Robinson-Walker

    Textbook $73.21
  40. Public Health Genomics

    ... such key public health issues as environmental health, ethnic health disparities, health policy and ... , maternal and child health, clinical preventive medicine, health behavior, health economics, and communicable ...

    author: Claudia N. Mikail

    Textbook $108.27
  41. Dictionary of Public Health Promotion and Education

    ... , the, Dictionary of Public Health Education and Health Promotion,, Second Edition, includes ... , such as epidemiology, health administration, biostatistics,, environmental health, and behavioral sciences , ...

    author: Naomi Modeste / Teri Tamayose / Helen Hopp Marshak

    Textbook $63.86
  42. Changing the U.S. Health Care System

    ... the setting and implementation of health policy, and includes extensive coverage ... , disease management, mental health, women's health, children's health, and care for ...

    author: Gerald F. Kominski

    Textbook $120.74
  43. Race, Ethnicity, and Health

    ... segregation;, environmental health; occupational health; health disparities in, integrated communities; Latino health; Asian populations ...

    author: Thomas A. LaVeist / Lydia A. Isaac

    Textbook $114.51
  44. Community-Based Participatory Research for Health

    ... Community-Based Participatory Research for Health: Advancing Health and Social Equity provides ... and CEnR to help public health professionals, students, and practitioners from ...

    author: Nina Wallerstein / Bonnie Duran / John G. Oetzel / Meredith Minkler

    Textbook $108.27
  45. Building Capacities to Evaluate Health Inequities: Some Lessons Learned from Evaluation Experiments in China, India and Chile

    The World Health Organization defines health inequities as differences in health outcomes that are ... evaluations can play in addressing health inequities. A key focus is ...

    author: Sanjeev Sridharan / Kun Zhao / April Nakaima

    Textbook $35.81
  46. Health Promotion Programs

    ... on the practical aspects of health promotion, Health Promotion Programs combines theory ... to support a robust health promotion program. Health Promotion Programs is the ...

    author: Carl I. Fertman / Diane D. Allensworth / Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE)

    Textbook $114.51
  47. Mental Health Professionals in Medical Settings

    ... setting. The authors, trained in health psychology, psychiatry, family medicine, and ... , operational, and financial perspectives of health care. Part II provides information ...

    author: Richard J. Bischoff / Richard L. Heinrich / Jo Ellen Patterson / C.J. Peek / Joseph Scherger

    Textbook $49.05
  48. Ethics in Health Services and Policy

    ... analyzes the ethical issues of health, and health care in global perspective ... , treatment, physician-assisted suicide, reproductive health issues,, research with human subjects ...

    author: Dean M. Harris

    Textbook $114.51
  49. Emerging Theories in Health Promotion Practice and Research

    ... interplay among, contemporary public health concerns, sound public health practice,, and the ... Social Work and, Medicine; Director, Health Communication Research Laboratory,, Washington University ...

    author: Ralph J. DiClemente / Richard A. Crosby / Michelle C. Kegler

    Textbook $114.51
  50. Managerial Epidemiology for Health Care Organizations

    ... students and practitioners in health management and health services for over sixteen ... health services, including health administration, nursing, and allied health, then Managerial Epidemiology for Health ...

    author: Peter J. Fos / David J. Fine / Miguel A. Zúniga

    Textbook $120.74
  51. Advancing Health Literacy

    ... bridges the gap between health education, health promotion, and health communication. Step by ... the history of health literacy, theoretical foundations of health and language literacy ...

    author: Christina Zarcadoolas / Andrew Pleasant / David S. Greer

    Textbook $88.79
  52. Financial Management of Health Care Organizations

    ... Edition of Financial Management of Health Care Organizations, offers an introduction ... and techniques of health care financial management, including health care accounting and ...

    author: William N. Zelman / Michael J. McCue / Noah D. Glick / Marci S. Thomas

    Textbook $165.94
  53. Expanding the Role of Philanthropy in Health Care

    ... critical source of funding for health care organizations around the world ... details the current health care environment to assist health care development professionals ...

    author: William C. McGinly / Kathy Renzetti

    Textbook $35.81
  54. Community-Based Health Organizations

    ... , these institutions provide a viable health delivery alternative to traditional, mainstream ... the development of community-based health care organizations and offers guidance ...

    author: Marcia Bayne Smith / Yvonne Graham / Sally Guttmacher

    Textbook $88.79
  55. The Health Care Industry

    ... , nursing, homes, home health agencies, health systems and public health, agencies , Clarifies ... the characteristics and training of health, professionals including physicians, nurses, dentists ...

    author: Dennis D. Pointer / Stephen J. Williams

    Textbook $82.56
  56. Public Health Policy

    ... audiences to further, a public health policy intervention. In addition, Public ... ., Written by a highly experienced health policy researcher and, teacher, the ...

    author: Dhrubajyoti Bhattacharya

    Textbook $120.74
  57. Measurement in Health Behavior

    ... faculty, students, researchers, and public health professionals the information they need ... and program development, Measurement in Health Behavior provides realistic examples from ...

    author: Colleen Konicki DiIorio

    Textbook $102.04
  58. Health Program Management

    ... plan, implement, and evaluate health, programs , Health Program Management: From Development ... , implementation, and, evaluation of health programs., Health Program Management: From Development Through ...

    author: Beaufort B. Longest Jr.

    Textbook $114.51
  59. Immigrant Women's Health

    ... knowledge, attitudes, healthbeliefs, health care practices, and health care seeking behavior ofimmigrant ... , cost-effective careto migrant women. Health care planners, policy makers, andadministrators ...

    author: Elizabeth J. Kramer / Susan L. Ivey / Yu-Wen Ying

    Textbook $107.49
  60. Philosophical Foundations of Health Education

    ... of the professional practice of health education in school, community, work ... and to provide other health science and health-related majors, who need to ...

    author: Jill M. Black / Steven R. Furney / Helen M. Graf / Ann E. Nolte

    Textbook $95.81
  61. Renegotiating Health Care

    ... deliver, receive, administer, and oversee health care. It defines negotiation techniques ... for students and professionals in health services management, clinicians,, leaders, policy ...

    author: Leonard J. Marcus / Barry C. Dorn / Eric J. McNulty

    Textbook $102.04
  62. Introducing Global Health: Practice, Policy, and Solutions

    ... , activities and exercises, Introducing Global Health both, teaches fundamentals of global ... public health and cultivates a, policy perspective ...

    author: Peter Muennig / Celina Su

    Textbook $114.51
  63. Managing Diversity in Health Care

    ... reading formanagers, physicians, nurses, allied health caregivers, and supportstaff, in order ... become mandatory for health care professionals.However, most health care professionals have ...

    author: Lee Gardenswartz / Anita Rowe

    Textbook $85.68
  64. Financial Management of Health Care Organizations

    ... Edition of Financial Management of Health Care Organizations offers an introduction ... system and evolving reimbursement methodologies; health care accounting and financial statements ...

    author: William N. Zelman / Michael J. McCue / Noah D. Glick / Marci Thomas

    Textbook $159.70
  65. The Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations

    ... to effective strategic management of health care organizations., Strategic Management of ... provides essential guidance for leading health care organizations through strategic management ...

    author: Peter M. Ginter / W. Jack Duncan / Linda E. Swayne

    Textbook $98.92
  66. Comprehensive Handbook of Clinical Health Psychology

    ... of experts from across all health-related disciplines, Comprehensive Handbook of Clinical ... prevalent in the field of health psychology today.; Format: Textbook; Type ...

    author: Bret A Boyer / M. Indira Paharia

    Textbook $210.35
  67. Concepts in Male Health

    ... end of each chapter address, health-specific content included in the chapter ... in health education, public health, community health, nursing, gender studies, and other health sciences ...

    author: James E. Leone

    Textbook $102.04
  68. Public Health Law Research

    ... central means for advancing public, health., Editors Alexander C. Wagenaar and ... , of scientific evaluations into public health laws and highlight the, impact ...

    author: Alexander C. Wagenaar / Scott C. Burris

    Textbook $114.51
  69. World Health Systems

    ... -one companion for health personnel, World Health Systems details different health systems, including ... their related health insurance and ...

    author: Xiaoming Sun

    Textbook $104.38
  70. Health Issues in the Latino Community

    ... most critical health issues that affect Latino's health and health care within ... , and public policy to improve health care of all Latino citizens ...

    author: Marilyn Aguirre-Molina / Carlos W. Molina / Ruth Enid Zambrana

    Textbook $108.27
  71. Women's Health Psychology

    Praise for Women's Health Psychology, "Women's Health Psychology provides an important ... a valuable reference for health and mental health providers,, researchers, and those ...

    author: Mary V. Spiers / Pamela A. Geller / Jacqueline D. Kloss

    Textbook $114.51
  72. Grading Health Care

    ... In today's competitive marketplace, health care providers,, corporate purchasers, and ... , This valuable resource provides health care practitioners,, administrators, and policymakers ...

    author: Pamela P. Hanes / Merwyn R. Greenlick

    Textbook $79.44
  73. Winning in the Women's Health Care Marketplace

    ... for deciding how America's health care dollars are spent. If ... and practices for creating a health program that will capture the ...

    author: Genie James

    Textbook $95.81
  74. Human Disease and Health Promotion

    ... patient education, Human Disease and Health Promotion offers a comprehensive introduction ... and practice., , Apply current health literacy theories and participatory patient ...

    author: Leslie Beale

    Textbook $102.04
  75. Handbook of Health Social Work

    ... operations of social workers in health care including the conceptual underpinnings ... and the intersections between health and mental health. The authors also examine ...

    author: Sarah Gehlert / Teri Browne

    Textbook $122.30
  76. The Handbook of Employee Benefits: Health and Group Benefits 7/E

    ... edition focuses on health and group benefits: Health Benefits: health-care reform's impact ... access quality care, consumer-driven health-care plan designs along with dental ...

    author: Rosenbloom, Jerry S.

    Textbook $199.18
  77. Safety Health and Security in Wastewater Systems, Sixth Edition, MOP 1

    ... includes: Introduction to health and safety Safety and health programs Identifying and ... treatment plant operation Safety and health in wastewater treatment plant maintenance ...

    author: Water Environment Federation

    Textbook $148.53
  78. The Innovator's Prescription: A Disruptive Solution for Health Care

    ... THE BOOK THAT'S REVOLUTIONIZING HEALTH CARE IN AMERICAA groundbreaking prescription ... who cares about improving the health and health care of all.”, ...

    author: Christensen, Clayton M. / Grossman, Jerome H. / Hwang, Jason

    Textbook $32.88
  79. Visualizing Health and Healthcare Data

    ... interpret it. Health providers, payers, public health departments, researchers, and health information technology ... experienced data analysts in any health-related organization.; Format: Textbook; Type: New

    author: Katherine Rowell

    Textbook $49.05
  80. Streamlining Health Care Operations

    ... methodologies, indicators, and ideas that health care organizations can use to ... business operations chain-Streamlining Health Care Operations shows health care leaders how ...

    author: Audie G. Lewis

    Textbook $63.86
  81. Clinical Nutrition For Dummies

    ... on clinical nutrition for school, work, or your, own health , From ... with properly communicating health information , , Clinical Nutrition For Dummies is ...

    author: Michael J. Rovito

    Textbook $25.68
  82. Urban Health

    ... , climate change are having important health consequences on wealthy, nations and ... in cities are important determinants of population, health. In this important new ...

    author: David Vlahov / Jo Ivey Boufford / Clarence E. Pearson / Laurie Norris

    Textbook $102.04
  83. Color Atlas and Synopsis of Womens Cardiovascular Health

    ... women. There are important risk factors for cardiovascular disease in women ... related to women's cardiovascular health.With contributions from more than a ...

    author: Gulati, Martha

    Textbook $172.21
  84. Introduction to Global Health Promotion

    ... individual to the global level. , , The world's biggest health ... conditions, and disease epidemics and individual, social, institutional, and governmental barriers ...

    author: Rick S. Zimmerman / Ralph J. DiClemente / Jon K. Andrus / Everold N. Hosein

    Textbook $114.51
  85. Launching and Leading Change Initiatives in Health Care Organizations

    ... and Leading Change Initiatives in Health Care, Organizations: Managing Successful Projects ... and Leading Change Initiatives in Health Care, Organizations gives leaders and ...

    author: David A. Shore

    Textbook $57.62
  86. The Built Environment and Public Health

    ... , water quality, food security,, health disparities, mental health, social capital, and, environmental ... , , , Mental health, stressors, and health care environments , , ...

    author: Russell P. Lopez

    Textbook $102.04
  87. Marketing for the Mental Health Professional

    ... to building a successful mental health, practice, There is real opportunity ... overall, success within the mental health profession. Marketing for the, Mental ...

    author: David P. Diana

    Textbook $42.04
  88. Value Based Health Care

    ... . Dlugacz, Value-Based Health Care?, Value-Based Health Care?concisely explains the ... that ensure, the health of patients and health care organizations alike., Praise ...

    author: Yosef D. Dlugacz

    Textbook $108.27
  89. The Strategic Application of Information Technology in Health Care Organizations

    ... Application of Information, Technology in Health Care Organizations offers a peerless ... , strategies necessary to support public health., "Health information technology sometimes masquerades as ...

    author: John P. Glaser / Claudia Salzberg

    Textbook $120.74
  90. Transdisciplinary Public Health

    ... from leading experts, Transdisciplinary, Public Health offers an understanding of interactions ... , biological, behavioral, social, and public health sciences; shared, disciplinary frameworks in ...

    author: Debra Haire-Joshu / Timothy D. McBride

    Textbook $114.51
  91. E-Health Care Information Systems

    ... range of disciplines including medicine, health sciences, engineering, business information systems ... support systems, and e-health intelligence. E-Health Care Information Systems also ...

    author: Joseph Tan

    Textbook $120.74
  92. Connected for Health

    ... implemented the largest nongovernmental, electronic health record in the world, serving ... Advance praise for Connected for Health, "Health care transformation requires leadership and ...

    author: Louise L. Liang / Donald M. Berwick

    Textbook $61.52
  93. Rural Populations and Health

    ... myriad issues in rural health and rural health care services, as well ... States., Rural Populations and Health examines vital health issues such as:, , ...

    author: Richard A. Crosby / Monica L. Wendel / Robin C. Vanderpool / Baretta R. Casey

    Textbook $120.74
  94. Resumes for the Health Care Professional

    ... care, and other developments, the, health care profession today is the ... and descriptions of key health care professions,, including health assessment and treating ...

    author: Kim Marino

    Textbook $35.81
  95. The Portable Lawyer for Mental Health Professionals

    ... handle confidentiality issues surrounding, electronic health records and cloud computing, distance ... quick-reference, resource that mental health professionals, graduate students,, attorneys, and ...

    author: Thomas L. Hartsell Jr. / Barton E. Bernstein

    Textbook $88.79
  96. Introduction to Health Care Services: Foundations and Challenges

    ... and details the interaction of, health, environments, organizations, populations, and the ... ,, quality, and access. Introduction to Health Care Services:, Foundations and Challenges ...

    author: Bernard J. Healey / Tina Marie Evans

    Textbook $114.51
  97. Advances in Health Care Organization Theory

    ... , 2nd Edition,, introduces students in health administration to the fields of ... , application to the management of health care organizations. The, book explores ...

    author: Stephen S. Mick / Patrick D. Shay

    Textbook $108.27
  98. The Mental Health Desk Reference

    ... to effective, and responsible mental health practice. It provides authoritative,, concise ... , every field in mental health. The Mental Health Desk Reference is, the ...

    author: Elizabeth Reynolds Welfel / R. Elliott Ingersoll

    Textbook $102.04
  99. Statistics for Health Care Management and Administration

    ... guide for students of health services, Statistics for Health Care Management and ... statistical methods is essential for health services professionals and researchers, who ...

    author: John F. Kros / David A. Rosenthal

    Textbook $140.22
  100. Introduction to Community and Public Health

    ... , social and behavioral, sciences, environmental health, and healthy policy and management ... , methods, and theories in health education and health, promotion. Introduction to Community ...

    author: Manoj Sharma / Paul W. Branscum / Ashutosh Atri

    Textbook $146.45