1. Investigative Computer Forensics

    ... the computer forensic investigation process, Investigative Computer Forensics zeroes in on ... , Computer forensic fundamentals , Investigative fundamentals , Objectives and challenges ...

    author: Erik Laykin

    Textbook $104.38
  2. Investigative Accounting in Divorce

    ... grounding in every aspect of investigative, accounting services in divorce proceedings ... support, and post-divorce, services. Investigative Accounting in Divorce, Second Edition ...

    author: Kalman A. Barson

    Textbook $216.58
  3. Clinical Interviewing

    ... essential guide to conducting initial interviews, suicide assessment, mental status examinations ... authors discussing and demonstrating crucial interviewing techniques , Online instructor's ...

    author: John Sommers-Flanagan / Rita Sommers-Flanagan

    Textbook $152.69
  4. Essentials of Interviewing

    ... planning. In addition to basic interviewing techniques, professionals must also possess ... skills in designing interviews to satisfy the requirements of ...

    author: Donald E. Wiger / Debra K. Huntley

    Textbook $62.30
  5. Interviewing For Assessment

    ... and school counselors on assessment interviewing, Assessment Interviewing is a collaborative, strengths ... -by-step guidelines for structuring interviews for different purposes, communicating respect ...

    author: Michael Hass

    Textbook $63.86
  6. Interviewing and Selecting High Performers

    ... needsand long-term strategic goals. Interviewing and Selecting HighPerformers provides you ... in the employment decision. Inaddition, Interviewing and Selecting High Performers offers ...

    author: Richard H. Beatty

    Textbook $42.82
  7. Strategic Interviewing

    ... a set of behaviorally based interviewing strategies. Written by the faculty ... courses--its seven-step "Strategic Interviewing Approach" helps interviewers define the ...

    author: Richaurd Camp / Mary Vielhaber / Jack L. Simonetti

    Textbook $46.71
  8. Crazy Good Interviewing

    ... with texting during the interview? Securing a job interview is a golden ... a job offer. Crazy Good Interviewing shows readers that crazy-good ...

    author: John B. Molidor / Barbara Parus

    Textbook $24.12
  9. Clinical Interviewing Skills DVD

    ... strategies for conducting effective clinical, interviews, With video segments featuring real ... Sommers-Flanagan, explore the following interviewing skills and techniques:, , Attending ...

    author: John Sommers-Flanagan / Rita Sommers-Flanagan

    Textbook $72.43
  10. Java Programming Interviews Exposed

    ... Java programmer concerned about interviewing, Java, Programming Interviews Exposed is a great ... an interrogation. With Java, Programming Interviews Exposed, skilled Java coders can ...

    author: Noel Markham

    Textbook $49.05
  11. Smith's Patient Centered Interviewing: An Evidence-Based Method, Fourth Edition

    ... setting, Smith's Patient-Centered Interviewing, Fourth Edition presents a step ... topic, Smith's Patient-Centered Interviewing, Fourth Edition applies the proven ...

    author: Fortin, Auguste H. / Dwamena, Francesca C. / Frankel, Richard M. / Lepisto, Brenda L. / Smith, Robert C

    Textbook $67.53
  12. Job Interviews For Dummies

    ... , Survive personality tests , Interview across cultures , Evaluate a ... ,, or somewhere in between, Job Interviews For Dummies quickly, gets you ...

    author: Joyce Lain Kennedy

    Textbook $23.34
  13. Successful Job Interviews For Dummies - Australia / NZ

    ... a face-to-face interview. Successful Job Interviews For Dummies, Australian & ... your qualifications for specific positions, interviewing across cultures, and much more ...

    author: Kate Southam / Joyce Lain Kennedy

    Textbook $19.44
  14. How to Interview Like a Top MBA: Job-Winning Strategies From Headhunters, Fortune 100 Recruiters, and Career Counselors

    ... 's leading business schoolsEvery job interview is a one-shot opportunity ... you should know about an interviewing company, its industry, the position ...

    author: Leanne, Shel

    Textbook $37.94
  15. Power Interviews

    ... recruiters --to equip youwith the interviewing skills you need to land ... on positioning yourself during an interview --how to conveyyour added value ...

    author: Neil M. Yeager / Lee Hough

    Textbook $21.78
  16. Perfect Phrases for Perfect Hiring: Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases for Interviewing and Hiring the Best Employees Every Time

    ... and reference checking, to final interviews and orientation. Using the book ... strong working relationship after the interview Packed with the exact phrase ...

    author: Davila, Lori / King, Margot

    Textbook $24.44
  17. Instant Interviews

    ... making it happen yourself., Instant Interviews includes 101 easy, proven techniques ... unlimited career success through unlimited interviews in any economy.; Format: Textbook ...

    author: Jeffrey G. Allen

    Textbook $21.00
  18. Answering Tough Interview Questions For Dummies - UK

    ... professionally and productively under stressful interview conditions., With this handy guide ... mid-level professional, Answering Tough Interview Questions For Dummies prepares you ...

    author: Rob Yeung

    Textbook $21.00
  19. Ace the IT Interview

    ... practical guide for developing winning interviewing skills has been fully updated ... , including telephone and video-conference interviews Ask intelligent, relevant questions Ace ...

    author: Moreira, Paula

    Textbook $38.79
  20. Great Answers, Great Questions For Your Job Interview, 2nd Edition

    ... critical skills for networking, video interviewing, and researching companiesGreat Answers, Great ... , researching a company before the interview, and following up afterwards on ...

    author: Block, Jay A. / Betrus, Michael

    Textbook $21.91
  21. Naked at the Interview

    ... job search survival, career vocabulary, interviewing, how to study for and ...

    author: Burton Jay Nadler

    Textbook $30.35
  22. Study Guide for Technical Analysis Explained Fifth Edition

    ... 's TECHNICAL ANALYSIS classicTechnical Analysis Explained is the definitive guide for ... , Study Guide for Technical Analysis Explained, Fifth Edition, features: Charts and ...

    author: Pring, Martin J.

    Textbook $75.93
  23. The House and Senate Explained

    ... of Representatives and the Senate, explaining what the mace and hopper ... our government operates. She also explains how business is done: what ...

    author: Ellen Greenberg

    Textbook $17.10
  24. Investment Psychology Explained

    ... , , In Investment Psychology Explained Martin J. Pring, one of ... , , Reading Investment Psychology Explained will give you a renewed ...

    author: Martin J. Pring

    Textbook $61.52
  25. IPSAS Explained

    ... IPSAS and their application, IPSAS Explained provides a concise summary of ... IPSASB issues an IPSAS. IPSAS Explained condenses and clarifies each IPSAS ...

    author: Thomas Müller-Marqués Berger

    Textbook $82.56
  26. Symbian OS Explained

    This book explains the key features of Symbian ... framework , , Symbian OS Explained can be read cover-to ...

    author: Jo Stichbury

    Textbook $49.05
  27. The Supreme Court Explained

    The Supreme Court Explained is the only book to ...

    author: Ellen Greenberg

    Textbook $23.34
  28. Equity and Index Options Explained

    ... quickly drain capital. This book explains equity, options from absolute basics ... precision. , , Equity Options Explained is a practical guide to ...

    author: W. A. Beagles

    Textbook $73.99
  29. Chess Openings for Black, Explained

    Chess Openings for Black, Explained gives you a complete repertoire ...

    author: Lev Alburt / Roman Dzindzhichhashvili / Eugene Perelshteyn

    Textbook $42.82
  30. International Accounting Standards Explained

    International Accouting Standards Explained is an introduction to IASC ...

    author: International Accounting Standards Committee

    Textbook $123.08
  31. Genius Explained

    In Genius Explained Michael J. A. Howe addresses ...

    author: Michael J. A. Howe

    Textbook $32.01
  32. Musical Emotions Explained

    ... ground-breaking research, Musical Emotions Explained takes a close look at ... examples from everyday life, and explains with both clarity and rigour ...

    author: Juslin, Patrik N.

    Textbook $40.23
  33. IT Security Interviews Exposed

    ... to prepare for the job interview , Security is one of ... a resume, dealing with headhunters,, interviewing, making a data stream flow ...

    author: Chris Butler / Russ Rogers / Mason Ferratt / Greg Miles / Ed Fuller / Chris Hurley / Rob Cameron / Brian Kirouac

    Textbook $36.58
  34. Technical Analysis Explained, Fifth Edition: The Successful Investor's Guide to Spotting Investment Trends and Turning Points

    ... -new chapters that analyze and explain secular trends with unique technical ... patience and discipline, Technical Analysis Explained, Fifth Edition, will make you ...

    author: Pring, Martin J.

    Textbook $111.39
  35. Happiness Explained

    ... recent thinking in ethics, Happiness Explained addresses two of the most ...

    author: Anand, Paul

    Textbook $18.15
  36. Stock Market Rules: The 50 Most Widely Held Investment Axioms Explained, Examined, and Exposed, Fourth Edition

    ... the Stock That Splits--After explaining the mechanics of a stock ...

    author: Sheimo, Michael

    Textbook $37.10
  37. Programming Interviews For Dummies

    ... a good programmer. Programming Interviews For Dummies explains the skills and knowledge ... you need to ace the programming interview., Interviews ...

    author: John Sonmez / Eric Butow

    Textbook $30.35
  38. The Complete Q&A Job Interview Book

    ... 's leading authority on the interview process, shows you how, getting ... , Jeff develops your own, personalized interview script to prepare you in ...

    author: Jeffrey G. Allen

    Textbook $21.78
  39. Programming Interviews Exposed

    ... ideal first choice for technical interview preparation. Updated to reflect changing ... same background. Programming Interviews Exposed teaches you the interview skills you need ...

    author: John Mongan / Noah Suojanen Kindler / Eric Giguère

    Textbook $36.58
  40. Ace the Programming Interview

    ... and recommendations for, handling the interview process , Features 160 actual ... the earlier Wiley, bestseller Programming Interviews Exposed, helps you, approach the ...

    author: Edward Guiness

    Textbook $36.58
  41. Best Answers to the 201 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions, Second Edition

    ... you hired--from the bestselling interview guide, now completely updated!In ... the 201 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions - the essential job ...

    author: DeLuca, Matthew J. / DeLuca, Nanette F.

    Textbook $24.44
  42. The Technical Interview Guide to Investment Banking

    ... 's guide to the interview, The Complete, Technical Interview Guide to Investment ... recruiting race. The Complete, Technical Interview Guide to Investment Banking is ...

    author: Paul Pignataro

    Textbook $104.38
  43. The Psychiatric Interview

    ... range of clinicians, The Psychiatric Interview will also be of assistance ... and security officers. The Psychiatric Interview is a unique book. It ...

    author: Harry Stack Sullivan

    Textbook $30.35
  44. Designing and Conducting Your First Interview Project

    Designing and Conducting Your First Interview Project, Using a clear, easily ... and proceeds through hypothesis development,, interview data collection, data entry using ...

    author: Bruce K. Friesen

    Textbook $63.86
  45. The Interview Kit

    ... be tongue-tied again. The Interview Kit offers five proven strategies ... and benefits after the successful interview. This new and updated edition ...

    author: Richard H. Beatty

    Textbook $40.48
  46. The Five-Minute Interview

    ... Edition of The Five-Minute Interview, career guru Richard Beatty demonstrates ... added: resumes that win interviews, competency-based interviews, and surviving and winning ...

    author: Richard H. Beatty

    Textbook $42.82
  47. Perfect Phrases for the Perfect Interview: Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases That Succinctly Demonstrate Your Skills, Your Experience and Your Value in Any Interview Situation

    ... Perfect Phrases for the Perfect Interview, job seekers get hundreds of ... that are asked specifically during interviews for management positionsReaders also receive ...

    author: Martin, Carole

    Textbook $19.37
  48. 301 Best Questions to Ask on Your Interview, Second Edition

    ... most crucial part of the interview process. Written with the participation ... to Ace the Brain Teaser Interview. A professional business writer and ...

    author: Kador, John

    Textbook $24.44
  49. Ace The Technical Pilot Interview 2/E

    ... to acing the technical pilot interview!Written by an experienced airline pilot ... region.Ace the Technical Pilot Interview, Second Edition helps you: Review ...

    author: Bristow, Gary V.

    Textbook $45.55
  50. Boost Your Interview IQ 2/E

    ... today's competitive job marketJob interviews aren't discussions; they're ... -building exercises, an in-depth “Interview IQ” test, and other resources ...

    author: Martin, Carole

    Textbook $24.44
  51. What to Say in Every Job Interview: How to Understand What Managers are Really Asking and Give the Answers that Land the Job

    ... ."Decode the hidden meaning behind interview questions and prepare the perfect ... land the jobDuring a job interview, there are no right or ...

    author: Martin, Carole

    Textbook $30.35
  52. Sell Yourself in Any Interview: Use Proven Sales Techniques to Land Your Dream Job

    ... of Sell Yourself in Any Interview, readers will learn how to ... to help them ace any interview. This results-oriented workbook teaches ...

    author: Adler, Oscar

    Textbook $24.44
  53. Explaining Psychological Statistics

    ... for the previous edition of Explaining, Psychological Statistics, "I teach a ... most accurate and true result,, Explaining Psychological Statistics, Fourth Edition offers ...

    author: Barry H. Cohen

    Textbook $204.12
  54. Dr. Math Explains Algebra

    ... hints. Now, with Dr. Math? Explains, Algebra, you'll learn just ...

    author: The Math Forum

    Textbook $18.66
  55. Interviewing and Selecting High Performers

    Assess job performance to predict future success.; Format: Textbook; Type: New

    author: Larry R. Smalley

    Textbook $30.35
  56. The Adult Attachment Interview

    This book focuses upon new methods of analysis for adult attachment texts. The authors' introduce a highly nuanced model—the Dynamic-Maturational Model (DMM)—providing clinicians with a finely-tuned tool for helping ...

    author: Patricia Crittenden

    Textbook $52.17
  57. More Best Answers to the 201 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions

    ; Format: Textbook; Type: New

    author: DeLuca, Matthew J. / DeLuca, Nanette F.

    Textbook $28.66
  58. 24 Hours to the Perfect Interview

    ; Format: Textbook; Type: New

    author: DeLuca, Matthew J. / DeLuca, Nanette F.

    Textbook $28.66
  59. How to Ace the Brainteaser Interview

    ; Format: Textbook; Type: New

    author: Kador, John

    Textbook $26.13
  60. The Manager's Book of Questions: 1001 Great Interview Questions for Hiring the Best Person

    , , How do you find the best candidate for any job? Know what questions to ask.To hire the right talent -- the most vital contribution a manager can make to a company -- it's crucial to learn if a candidate will be a ...

    author: Kador, John

    Textbook $28.66
  61. Core Forensic Accounting Knowledge Certificate and Exam

    ... evidence identification and gathering, discovery, interview techniques, deposition and testimony, reporting ... and proven methodologies for effective investigative interview sessions , Analyze the signs ...

    author: AICPA

    Textbook $697.36
  62. Fundamentals of Forensic Accounting Certificate Program

    ... Evidence , Conducting Effective Interviews , Common Investigative Techniques , Deposition and ... through the use of effective interviewing and investigative techniques , Describe the ...

    author: AICPA

    Textbook $839.96
  63. Mengele

    ... had died., As chief of investigative research at the Justice Department ... worked on the Mengele case, interviewing his victims, visiting the scenes ...

    author: David G. Marwell

    Textbook $36.58
  64. Computer Forensics InfoSec Pro Guide

    ... different sources, follow a sound investigative process, safely store evidence, and ... to the rules of security explained in real-world contexts Your ...

    author: Cowen, David

    Textbook $60.74
  65. Forensic Psychology For Dummies

    ... , how psychology, helps in the investigative process, the ways psychologists work ... police to build, offender profiles, interview suspects or witnesses, and detect ...

    author: David V. Canter / Ian Rankin

    Textbook $26.45
  66. Forensic Procedures for Boundary and Title Investigation

    ... * , , , , Explains the standard operating procedures, common ... an international approach, presenting universal investigative, techniques and methods beyond the ...

    author: Donald A. Wilson

    Textbook $152.69
  67. Investigator and Fraud Fighter Guidebook

    ... , industries. At the same time, investigative resources are dwindling, as markets ... includes Piper's real-life investigative examples to, illustrate important concepts ...

    author: Charles E. Piper

    Textbook $61.52
  68. Into the Bermuda Triangle

    ... NTSB and other investigative agencies as well as interviews with scientists, theorists ... new testimony and reexamines old interviews from eyewitnesses and survivors Explores ...

    author: Quasar, Gian

    Textbook $26.98
  69. The Phantom Killer

    ... decades. Combining archival research and investigative journalism, Pulitzer Prize nominated historian ... of the archival record, personal interviews, and stubborn fact checking come ...

    author: James Presley

    Textbook $34.25
  70. The Killing of Robert F. Kennedy

    ... , conflicting testimony, and missing evidence. Investigative journalist Dan E. Moldea set ... whom had never before been interviewed), scrutinizing testimony and official files ...

    author: Dan E. Moldea

    Textbook $17.10
  71. London Labour and the London Poor

    ... is an extraordinary work of investigative journalism, a work of literature ... sociology. Mayhew conducted hundreds of interviews with London's street traders ...

    author: Mayhew, Henry

    Textbook $14.90
  72. Run to Failure

    ... a decade, Abrahm Lustgarten uses interviews with key executives, former government ... emails to weave a spellbinding investigative narrative of hubris and greed ...

    author: Abrahm Lustgarten

    Textbook $34.25
  73. The Phantom Killer

    ... decades. Combining archival research and investigative journalism, Pulitzer Prize nominated historian ... of the archival record, personal interviews, and stubborn fact checking come ...

    author: James Presley

    Textbook $21.00
  74. Becoming a Construction Manager

    ... the important career choices are, explained by successful construction managers at ... a working builder , Includes interviewing tips and up to date ...

    author: John J. McKeon / Bruce D'Agostino

    Textbook $49.05
  75. A.B.C.'s of Behavioral Forensics

    ... agent who has been with, investigative practices of two of the ... , Includes narrative accounts of interviews with convicted, white-collar criminals ...

    author: Sridhar Ramamoorti / David E. Morrison III / Joseph W. Koletar / Kelly R. Pope

    Textbook $73.21
  76. The PROACT® Root Cause Analysis

    ... a high level, we will explain the difference between a Root ... and tackling, and explain the common steps of any investigative occupation. Those ...

    author: Kenneth C. Latino / Mark A. Latino / Robert J. Latino

    Textbook $88.64
  77. Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation for Non-Experts

    ... , Covers the core accounting, investigative, and legal aspects of, forensic ... to the field , Covers investigative and legal issues along with ...

    author: Stephen Pedneault / Frank Rudewicz / Howard Silverstone / Michael Sheetz

    Textbook $91.91
  78. The Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist Handbook

    ... about each stage in the, investigative process. Readers gain access to ... a comprehensive guide to the investigative, process.; Format: Textbook; Type: New

    author: Martin Tunley / Andrew Whittaker / Jim Gee / Mark Button

    Textbook $73.99
  79. Cybercrime Investigators Handbook

    ... inconsistent security policies and lax investigative procedures is a profitable and ... in the field, information on investigative methodology is scarce. The Cybercrime ...

    author: Graeme Edwards

    Textbook $79.44
  80. The Art of Memory Forensics

    ... improves digital, investigations , Proper investigative steps for detecting stealth malware ... . The Art of Memory Forensics explains the latest, technological innovations in ...

    author: Michael Hale Ligh / Andrew Case / Jamie Levy / AAron Walters

    Textbook $79.44
  81. Psychiatry and Criminal Culpability

    ... and alcohol, counseling, hostage negotiations, investigative hypnosis,, management consultation, and much ... of important, topical issues. He explains the distinctions between the defenses ...

    author: Ralph Slovenko

    Textbook $348.27
  82. The Dog Merchants

    ... ?is the first book to explain the complex and often surprisingly ... and demand. She takes an investigative approach and meets breeders and ...

    author: Kim Kavin

    Textbook $19.44
  83. Fair Value Accounting Fraud

    ... opportunity, for financial statement fraud. Explaining the many complex, applications of ... and develop new auditing and investigative techniques to, enable you to ...

    author: Gerard M. Zack

    Textbook $84.12
  84. The Dog Merchants

    ... is the first book to explain the complex and often surprisingly ... and demand. She takes an investigative approach and meets breeders and ...

    author: Kim Kavin

    Textbook $34.25
  85. Landslides in Practice

    ... , presents state-of-the-art investigative techniques and practical, information on ... ., , To-the-point summaries explain presented techniques without, confusing jargon ...

    author: Derek Cornforth

    Textbook $242.30
  86. Tiger Woman on Wall Street: Winning Business Strategies from Shanghai to New York and Back

    ... Wall Street by applying the investigative and analytical skills she learned ... and superficiality. Her own experiences explain why, and serve to offer ...

    author: Li, Junheng

    Textbook $37.10
  87. Mobile Forensic Investigations: A Guide to Evidence Collection, Analysis, and Presentation, Second Edition

    ... presenting findings. New sections cover investigative procedures for the IoT (Internet ... , and Presentation, Second Edition fully explains the latest tools and methods ...

    author: Reiber, Lee

    Textbook $82.69
  88. Taking on the Trust

    How a female investigative journalist brought down the, world? ... , pioneered the new practice of, investigative journalism. Her shocking discoveries about ...

    author: Steve Weinberg

    Textbook $0.00
  89. Hedge Fund Analysis

    ... initial screening to analytical, techniques, interviewing skills, and legal and contract ... providing specific examples which, fully explain the opportunities and challenges you ...

    author: Frank J. Travers

    Textbook $116.06
  90. Genograms

    ... -color images throughout, additional material explaining the use of genograms with ... a genogram, doing a genogram interview, and interpreting the results.; Format ...

    author: Monica McGoldrick / Randy Gerson / Sueli Petry

    Textbook $55.29
  91. The Smart Interviewer

    ... 20 years of specializing in interviews,management psychologist Brad Smart has successfully ... will immediatelyhelp you improve your interviewing effectiveness. You'lllearn:, , * ...

    author: Bradford D. Smart

    Textbook $49.05
  92. Boost Your Hiring I.Q.

    ... of Boost Your Interview IQ comes the essential interviewing manual for managersThis ... when asking questions in an interview-and what those answers really mean ...

    author: Martin, Carole

    Textbook $28.66
  93. Giving Notice

    ... won a Pulitzer Prize, for investigative reporting.; Format: Textbook; Type: New

    author: Freada Kapor Klein

    Textbook $37.36
  94. The Devil's Casino

    ... , Games Played Inside Lehman Brothers, investigative writer and, Vanity Fair contributing ...

    author: Vicky Ward

    Textbook $21.00
  95. Echoes of Sherlock Holmes

    ... ; a young woman sharpens her investigative skills; an aging actress and ...

    author: Laurie R. King / Leslie S. Klinger

    Textbook $18.66
  96. Echoes of Sherlock Holmes

    ... ; a young woman sharpens her investigative skills; an aging actress and ...

    author: Laurie R. King / Leslie S. Klinger

    Textbook $30.35
  97. Plaid And Plagiarism

    ... name for herself as an investigative reporter. When Janet and her ...

    author: Molly MacRae

    Textbook $19.44
  98. Champions Way

    ... Champions Way, New York Times investigative reporter Mike McIntire chronicles the ...

    author: Mike McIntire

    Textbook $32.69