1. The Nursing Experience: Trends, Challenges, and Transitions, Fifth Edition

    ... introduction to the nursing experience. As a reference for nurses or as ... a motivator for high school, pre-nursing, or nursing ...

    author: Joel, Lucille A.

    Textbook $92.01
  2. The Nursing Profession

    ... simply lay people, interested in nursing?should use this volume to gain ... influential or significant articles on nursing?some of, them classic pieces dating ...

    author: Diana J. Mason / Stephen L. Isaacs / David C. Colby

    Textbook $102.04
  3. Understanding the Nursing Process in a Changing Care Environment, Sixth Edition

    ... Changing Care Environment breaks the nursing process into logically organized steps ... .Clear introductions to patient assessment, nursing diagnosis, outcome identification, planning, implementation ...

    author: Murray, Mary Ellen / Atkinson, Leslie D.

    Textbook $103.83
  4. The Ultimate Guide to Getting into Nursing School

    ... covers the essentials of entering nursing school....a valuable resource for ... expectations of being a nurse Chapter on post-nursing-school options, including acquiring ...

    author: Chandler, Genevieve

    Textbook $48.12
  5. Essentials of Nursing Informatics, 6th Edition

    ... Nursing Informatics is logically divided into ten sections edited by leading nurse ... informaticists: Nursing Informatics Technologies (Jacqueline Ann ...

    author: Saba, Virginia K. / McCormick, Kathleen A.

    Textbook $97.09
  6. Essentials of Nursing Informatics Study Guide

    ... latest nursing informatics concepts, technologies, policies, and skills. For the nurse educator ... Standards/Foundations of Nursing Informatics Nursing Informatics Leadership Advanced Nursing Informatics in Practice ...

    author: Brixey, Juliana J. / Brixey, Jack E. / Saba, Virginia K. / McCormick, Kathleen A.

    Textbook $48.12
  7. Maternal-Newborn Nursing DeMYSTiFieD: A Self-Teaching Guide

    ... mother, child, and family Maternity Nursing Demystified delivers a detailed, easy ... and painless as possible, Maternity Nursing Demystified is filled with valuable ...

    author: Johnson, Joyce Y.

    Textbook $43.05
  8. Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing Demystified

    ... a student and as a nurse once you start your career ... professional, Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing Demystified is your shortcut to ...

    author: Keogh, Jim

    Textbook $39.68
  9. Cardiovascular Nursing Demystified

    ... a course or a professional nurse transitioning into care of cardiovascular ... in real world situations. Cardiovascular Nursing DeMYSTiFieD is your step-by ...

    author: Keogh, Jim

    Textbook $41.37
  10. Oncology Nursing Certification (OCN): Self-Assessment and Exam Review

    ... cancer centers, Essentials of Oncology Nursing delivers comprehensive, well-written coverage ... , will gives nurses a complete understanding of this challenging nursing specialty: The ...

    author: Hennessy, Kerry / Dest, Vanna M. / Routt, Meghan

    Textbook $116.45
  11. Leininger's Transcultural Nursing: Concepts, Theories, Research & Practice, Fourth Edition

    ... Most Comprehensive Presentation of Transcultural Nursing ConceptsFeaturing the Newly Revised Sunrise ... . Transcultural nursing is a vital, holistic approach that allows nurses and other ...

    author: McFarland, Marilyn R. / Wehbe-Alamah, Hiba B.

    Textbook $111.43
  12. Medical-Surgical Nursing Demystified, Third Edition

    ... a nurse once you start your career.Since Medical-Surgical Nursing can ... throughout the book. Medical-Surgical Nursing Demystified, Third Edition ends with ...

    author: Keogh, Jim

    Textbook $48.12
  13. Nursing Fundamentals DeMYSTiFieD

    ... summarise important concepts. Features include: nursing alerts detailing critical safety information ... help identify key assessment data; nursing diagnoses and interventions; procedure tips ...

    author: Vaughans, Bennita / Keogh, Jim

    Textbook $58.25
  14. Critical Care Nursing DeMYSTiFieD, 2e

    ... to professional nurses who wants to transition into critical care nursing or ... their advanced studies, Critical Care Nursing Demystified, Second Edition is the ...

    author: Terry, Cynthia L. / Weaver, Aurora

    Textbook $48.12
  15. AACN Essentials of Progressive Care Nursing, Fourth Edition

    ... Nurses (AACN), this acclaimed textbook sets the standard for progressive care nursing ... understand to provide safe, competent nursing care to progressive care patients ...

    author: Burns, Suzanne M. / Delgado, Sarah A.

    Textbook $121.56
  16. Nurse to Nurse Evidence-Based Practice

    ... a wonderful contribution to nursing. It provides nurses with clear usable handbook ... incorporating evidence-based nursing into practice. It assists nurses in growing from ...

    author: Larrabee, June H.

    Textbook $49.81
  17. Pediatric Nursing Demystified

    ... your search ends here! Pediatric Nursing Demystified is a complete yet ... of all the important pediatric nursing concepts and the disorders that ...

    author: Johnson, Joyce Y. / Keogh, Jim

    Textbook $43.90
  18. Progressive Care Nursing Certification: Preparation, Review, and Practice Exams

    ... Care nurses who will have to be certified, as hospitals and nursing ... organizations, led by the American Nurses Association, require ...

    author: Johnson, Alexander / Crumlett, Hillary

    Textbook $97.92
  19. Emergency Nursing Certification (CEN): Self-Assessment and Exam Review

    ... available for the Certified Emergency Nurse ExamEmergency Nursing Certification is a complete ... Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN®) exam: Core areas of Emergency Nursing practice ...

    author: McGrath, Jayne / Foley, Andi

    Textbook $122.40
  20. Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification

    ... prepare for the medical-surgical nursing certification exam administered through either ... Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification Board (MSNCB) or the American Nurses Credentialing Center ...

    author: Martin, Donna L. / Braida, Patricia

    Textbook $97.09
  21. Essentials of Nursing Informatics, 7th Edition

    ... the world's top experts, Nursing Informatics, Seventh Edition provides the ... the use of computers to nursing administration, education, and research; electronic ...

    author: Saba, Virginia K. / McCormick, Kathleen A.

    Textbook $118.18
  22. Critical Care Nursing Certification: Preparation, Review, and Practice Exams, Seventh Edition

    ... the Critical Care Nursing Certification Exam!Critical Care Nursing Certification: Preparation, Review ... American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN). Unlike dull, dry outline ...

    author: Johnson, Alexander / Crumlett, Hillary

    Textbook $109.74
  23. Emergency Nursing Review: Pearls of Wisdom, Second Edition

    ... know for the Certified Emergency Nursing (CEN) exam?, , Maximize your ...

    author: Gossman, William G. / Gossman, Sheryl L. / Plantz, Scott H. / Lorenzo, Nicholas

    Textbook $76.82
  24. Nurse to Nurse Dementia Care

    ... of the entire text, vignettes, nursing alerts that feature just-in ... activities Helping families The new Nurse to Nurse series is specifically designed ...

    author: Steele, Cynthia D.

    Textbook $49.81
  25. Nurse to Nurse Wound Care

    ... product., Wound Care by nurses, for nurses!Co-authored by the chair of the ... in the field of nursing!The new Nurse to Nurse series is specifically designed ...

    author: Scemons, Donna / Elston, Denise

    Textbook $49.81
  26. Nurse to Nurse Palliative Care

    ... pearls, and nursing alerts help you to understand:, The nurse's role in ... Withdrawal of life-sustaining devices Nurse's grief , , ; Format ...

    author: Campbell, Margaret L.

    Textbook $49.81
  27. Pediatric Nurse Practitioner: Professional Practice Review

    ... /AudienceThere are approximately 171,000 nurse practitioners (NPs) practicing in the ... Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (13,758 certified) offered by the Pediatric Nursing Certification ...

    author: Esteves, Sandra / Nass, Anna Marie / August, Elizabeth V.

    Textbook $99.61

    ... American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN), Acute & Critical Care ... kind, Acute & Critical Care Nurse Practitioner: Cases in Diagnostic Reasoning ...

    author: Burns, Suzanne M. / Delgado, Sarah A.

    Textbook $68.38
  29. Adult-Gerontology and Family Nurse Practitioner: Self-Assessment and Exam Review

    ... the Adult-Gerontology and Family Nurse Practitioner board exams Adult and ... 30-question supplement for Family Nurse Practitioners covering obstetrics/gynecology and ...

    author: Sorkin, Craig / August, Elizabeth V. / Fischer, Conrad

    Textbook $97.09
  30. Kelly's Dimensions of Professional Nursing, Tenth Edition

    ... have for all nursing students and newly graduated nurses."--Doody's Review ServiceKelly's ... Dimensions of Professional Nursing delivers an ...

    author: Joel, Lucille A.

    Textbook $92.01
  31. Nursing Home Care

    ... underpinning safe, personalized, and dignified nursing home practice using an integrated ... give quality care to nursing home residents.Nursing Home Care reflects the ...

    author: Morley, John / Tolson, Debbie / Ouslander, Joseph G. / Vellas, Bruno

    Textbook $111.43
  32. Educating Nurses

    ... , and for every nurse that yearns for nursing to acknowledge and, reach ... and aspiring nurse educators,, administrators, policy makers, and, yes, nursing students.", , ...

    author: Patricia Benner / Molly Sutphen / Victoria Leonard / Lisa Day / Lee S. Shulman

    Textbook $62.30
  33. Nursing Calculations and IV Therapy For Dummies - UK

    ... other nurses every day?this plain-English, no-nonsense guide to nursing ... revising for the Nursing Calculations test, a newly qualified nurse looking to ...

    author: Claire Boyd

    Textbook $21.00
  34. Get into UK Nursing School For Dummies

    The need for nurses is always great, but so ... considering a career in nursing, Get into UK, Nursing School For Dummies ...

    author: Andrew Evered

    Textbook $21.00
  35. Schaum's Outline of Psychiatric Nursing

    ... of culturally relevant mental health nursing, understanding stress and holistic approaches ... and Psychiatric Nursing, Conceptual Frameworks and Nursing Theorists in Psychiatric Nursing, Legal and ...

    author: Bynum-Grant, Daminga / Travis-Dinkins, Margaret

    Textbook $37.94
  36. Critical Care Nursing DeMYSTiFieD

    ... a professional nurse who wants to transition into critical care nursing or ... your advanced studies, Critical Care Nursing Demystified is the book you ...

    author: Terry, Cynthia L. / Weaver, Aurora

    Textbook $43.05
  37. AACN Essentials of Critical Care Nursing, Fourth Edition

    ... Nurses (AACN), this acclaimed textbook sets the standard for critical care nursing ... CCRN® certification in critical care nursing., , AACN Essentials of Critical ...

    author: Burns, Suzanne M. / Delgado, Sarah A.

    Textbook $111.43
  38. Schaum's Outline of Medical-Surgical Nursing

    ... topics covered in medical-surgery nursing course Relevant examples and extensive ... different areas of medical-surgical nursing Comprehensive review of specialized topics ...

    author: Keogh, Jim

    Textbook $44.70
  39. Pathophysiology of Nursing Demystified

    ... a student and as a nurse once you start your career ... shortcut to mastering this essential nursing topic., , ; Format: Textbook ...

    author: Ballestas, Helen C. / Caico, Carol

    Textbook $39.68
  40. Nursing Laboratory & Diagnostic Tests Demystified, Second Edition

    ... way for nurses to learn laboratory and diagnostic testing!Nursing Laboratory & ... Cardiovascular Tests And many more Nursing Laboratory & Diagnostic Tests Demystified ...

    author: Keogh, Jim

    Textbook $48.12
  41. New Nurse's Survival Guide

    ... ., Your transition from nursing student to practicing nurse begins here!"As a ... nursing faculty member, I found ...

    author: Chandler, Genevieve

    Textbook $41.37
  42. Nurse to Nurse Nursing Management

    ... books on the subject, Nurse to Nurse: Nursing Management goes beyond theory and ... management problems nurse managers face today. Written by a Chief Nursing Officer ...

    author: Knodel, Linda

    Textbook $49.81
  43. Schaum's Outline of Pediatric Nursing

    ... care, and pediatric variations of nursing interventions Support for all the ... major textbooks for pediatric nursing courses Topics include: Health Promotion ...

    author: Cantrell, Mary Ann

    Textbook $34.57
  44. Schaum's Outline of Nursing Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests

    ... . Appropriate for the following course: nursing diagnosis.Features: 500 review questions ... all the major textbooks for nursing diagnosis courses Topics include: Hematology ...

    author: Keogh, Jim

    Textbook $40.48
  45. McGraw-Hill Nurse's Dictionary, Fourth Edition

    ... , well-illustrated dictionary of key nursing terms, definitions, and abbreviationsA Doody ... and easily look up important nursing-related words and phrases. Carefully updated ...

    author: Panda, U N.

    Textbook $21.10
  46. Diet Therapy in Advanced Practice Nursing

    ... by registered dieticians, advanced practice nurses now play a major role ... .Diet Therapy in Advanced Practice Nursing gathers together the evidence-based ...

    author: Ferraro, Katie / Winter, Cheryl

    Textbook $92.01
  47. McGraw-Hill Education's Nursing Spanish Visual Phrasebook PB

    ... by turning the pageAs a nurse, you need to be prepared ... -speaking patients? McGraw-Hill's Nursing Spanish Visual Phrasebook helps you ...

    author: Bobenhouse, Neil

    Textbook $31.19
  48. Schaum's Outline of Maternal-Newborn Nursing

    ... in the field ofmaternal-newborn nursing Fully compatible with your classroom ...

    author: Coyne, Patricia

    Textbook $49.76
  49. Schaum's Outline of Critical Care Nursing

    ... different areas of critical care nursing Support for all the major ...

    author: Keogh, Jim

    Textbook $58.20
  50. Schaum's Outline of Emergency Nursing

    ... the major textbooks covering emergency nursing Fully compatible with your classroom ...

    author: Keogh, Jim

    Textbook $51.45
  51. Nurse to Nurse Trauma Care

    ... trauma nursing experience, the author writes a book for other trauma nurses ... a valuable resource for trauma nurses."--Doody's Review ServiceThis instant-access point ...

    author: Nayduch, Donna A.

    Textbook $54.87
  52. The Emotionally Intelligent Nurse Leader

    ... transform the work environmentand the nursing profession as a whole. This ... examplesand practical insights. Every day, nurse leaders must resolveconflict, form alliances ...

    author: Mae Taylor Moss

    Textbook $76.32
  53. How To Sell When Nobody's Buying

    ... to unprecedented highs. Whether, you sell business-to-business or direct ... Features effective, simple strategies for selling in tough, economic times , ...

    author: Dave Lakhani

    Textbook $28.01
  54. How to Sell to an Idiot

    ... gather vital, information that makes selling easy , Spice up your ... expert, and, author of Stop Selling and Start Listening; Format: Textbook ...

    author: John Hoover / Bill Sparkman

    Textbook $21.78
  55. The New Sell and Sell Short

    ... aspects of, trading-selling , In The New Sell and Sell Short, Second ... successful, trading. The New Sell and Sell Short, Second Edition is the ...

    author: Alexander Elder

    Textbook $49.05
  56. Sell the Brand First: How to Sell Your Brand and Create Lasting Customer Loyalty

    ... service, but not on selling your brand?Sell the Brand First reveals ... illustrates key points through practical selling experience at NCR, DeWALT, and ...

    author: Stiff, Dan

    Textbook $46.39
  57. Selling Your Home For Dummies

    ... worth renovating before you sell, Choose a selling method - get step ... with property, professionals, Strategies for selling first then buying, or buying ...

    author: Karin Derkley

    Textbook $23.34
  58. How To Sell Your Way Through Life

    ... the Great Depression, How to Sell, Your Way Through Life explores ... you can use to effectively sell yourself and your ideas., Featuring ...

    author: Napoleon Hill

    Textbook $24.90
  59. Staging to Sell

    ... market, everyone involved in, the selling process must increase their efforts ... , marketing properties so that they, sell, addressing objections early on, having ...

    author: Barb Schwarz

    Textbook $24.12
  60. Sell Short

    ... -depth insights and straightforward advice, Sell Short walks you through the ... dvanced trading techniques such as selling calls, hedging, bear call spreads ...

    author: Michael Shulman

    Textbook $42.82
  61. Buy, Hold, and Sell!

    ... ., , Understand the buy-hold-SELL strategy , Learn how to ... part of the, equation: a sell strategy designed to protect principal ...

    author: Ken Moraif

    Textbook $34.25
  62. Never Say Sell

    ... from existing relationships., Never Say Sell is a business development guide ... from existing engagements., Never Say Sell will help you turn one ...

    author: Tom McMakin / Jacob Parks

    Textbook $35.81
  63. How to Sell Your Home Without a Broker

    ... advice, tips, and guidelines for selling your home the, affordable way ... of the Internet as a selling tool, many, Americans find it ...

    author: Bill Carey / Chantal Howell Carey / Suzanne Kiffmann

    Textbook $27.23
  64. Sell More Faster

    ... scaling any startup sales organization, Sell More Faster shares the proven ... strategy, and chasing accelerated, sustained selling success.; Format: Textbook; Type: New

    author: Amos Schwartzfarb

    Textbook $30.35
  65. Visual Selling

    ... , Getting Ready to Sell and Selling, Situations), Visual Selling will appeal to a ... ? Getting Ready to Sell, Section III ? Selling Situations; Format: Textbook ...

    author: Paul LeRoux / Peg Corwin

    Textbook $30.35
  66. How to Sell at Margins Higher Than Your Competitors

    ... essentials for, success. How to Sell at Margins Higher Than Your ... , CSP, author of Value-Added Selling and Crush Price, Objections, , ...

    author: Lawrence L. Steinmetz / William T. Brooks

    Textbook $36.58
  67. Nurse Management Demystified

    ... advice, whether you're a nursing student,nurse, or another type of ...

    author: McEachen, Irene / Keogh, Jim

    Textbook $32.04
  68. Phrases That Sell

    ... to write copy that sells, Phrases That Sell covers everything, including those ... to specific audiences Whether you sell products, ideas, or services . ...

    author: Werz, Edward W. / Germain, Sally

    Textbook $26.98
  69. Lead, Sell, or Get Out of the Way

    ... of the older paradigms of selling and emphasizes the importance of ... ), "Karr does it again! Lead, Sell, or Get Out of the ...

    author: Ron Karr

    Textbook $30.35
  70. Exactly How to Sell

    ... -sales professionals, Exactly How to Sell walks you through a tried ... sales game, Exactly How to Sell shows you how.; Format: Textbook ...

    author: Phil M. Jones

    Textbook $30.35
  71. iPhone Millionaire: How to Create and Sell Cutting-Edge Video

    ... , if you want to sell your house, sell your car, or get ... what it takes to sell the house, sell the car, get the ...

    author: Rosenblum, Michael

    Textbook $32.88
  72. How to Sell Anything on Amazon...and Make a Fortune!

    ... products. Find out how to sell items on Amazon Marketplace, become ... Amazon zShop, and more. Start selling on Amazon today and include ...

    author: Bellomo, Michael / Elad, Joel

    Textbook $43.85
  73. The Retailer's Complete Book of Selling Games and Contests

    ... , increase, add-on sales, and sell higher priced merchandise and groups ... heavily attended speaker on retail selling, and operational management in the ...

    author: Harry J. Friedman

    Textbook $30.35
  74. Sell More With Sales Coaching

    ... and strategies to help you sell more, Sales executives and business ... , team morale and employee retention. Sell More with Sales Coaching provides ...

    author: Peri Shawn

    Textbook $28.79
  75. Selling Your House For Dummies

    ... -stressful undertaking go smoothly. In Selling Your House For Dummies, you ... advice, recommendations, and strategies for selling your house given current market ...

    author: Eric Tyson / Ray Brown

    Textbook $28.01
  76. How to Sell a House Fast in a Slow Real Estate Market

    ... a slow real estate market, selling your house can be difficult ... wait; you actually have to sell your home. This practical, important ...

    author: William Bronchick / Ray Cooper

    Textbook $24.12
  77. Sell Your Home and Save Thousands on the Commission

    ... seems like most homes practically sell themselves. Is it, really worth ... , takes is knowledge of the selling process and basic negotiating, skills ...

    author: Robert Irwin

    Textbook $24.12
  78. Just Sell It!

    ... staff, you have todo the selling yourself. Author and sales pro ... English. This invaluable book revealsthe selling secrets that successful professional salespeople ...

    author: Ted Tate

    Textbook $21.00
  79. Selling Professional and Financial Services Handbook

    ... tough for people who sell professional services and, Selling Professional and Financial ... gains little, if any traction). Selling Professional and Financial, Services Handbook ...

    author: Scott Paczosa / Chuck Peruchini

    Textbook $73.21
  80. How to Sell Antiques and Collectibles on eBay... And Make a Fortune!

    ... reap the huge benefits of selling antiques and collectibles on eBayWritten ... the best merchandise.How to Sell Antiques and Collectables on ebay ...

    author: Prince, Dennis L. / Dralle, Lynn

    Textbook $30.35
  81. How to Sell Without Being a JERK!

    ... pushy. If you want to sell more and be a nicer ...

    author: John Klymshyn

    Textbook $34.25
  82. How to Sell a House When It's Worth Less Than the Mortgage

    ... low that they can't sell the property, people whose mortgage ...

    author: Dwan Bent-Twyford

    Textbook $24.12
  83. How to Value, Buy, or Sell a Financial Advisory Practice

    ... How to Value, Buy, or Sell a, Financial-Advisory Practice is ...

    author: Mark C. Tibergien / Owen Dahl

    Textbook $134.77
  84. Words that Sell, Revised and Expanded Edition

    ... to say "authentic?" Words That Sell gives you 57 alternatives. How ... no substitute for Words That Sell.Find the perfect words and phrases ...

    author: Bayan, Richard

    Textbook $27.81
  85. The Solution Selling Fieldbook

    ... sequel, The New Solution Selling®, has sold more than 15,000 ... ) built around the trademarked, Solution Selling®. brand. Increasingly, a salesperson ...

    author: Eades, Keith M. / Touchstone, James N. / Sullivan, Timothy T.

    Textbook $40.48
  86. Sell Yourself in Any Interview: Use Proven Sales Techniques to Land Your Dream Job

    ... , and with the guidance of Sell Yourself in Any Interview, readers ... workbook teaches readers how to sell themselves by translating their personal ...

    author: Adler, Oscar

    Textbook $24.44
  87. PowerPoint® Presentations That Sell

    ... 's attention while selling yourideas.PowerPoint® Presentations That Sell helps business professionals ...

    author: Cooper, Adam B.

    Textbook $29.50
  88. Competitive Selling: Out-Plan, Out-Think, and Out-Sell to Win Every Time

    ... meetingwith the buyer Open competitive selling opportunities Out-flank your competitors ... do the same thing.Competitive Selling provides the techniquesand skills for ...

    author: Chase, Landy

    Textbook $37.10
  89. What to Sell on eBay and Where to Get It

    ... strategic product sourcing. What to Sell on eBay and Where to ... to determine what products will sell well and which suppliers will ...

    author: Malta, Chris / Suttora, Lisa

    Textbook $44.70
  90. Sell Like a Team: The Blueprint for Building Teams that Win Big at High-Stakes Meetings

    ... process of creating and managing selling squads that execute and win ... sales meeting or pitch.Winning selling squads are fueled by trust ...

    author: Dalis, Michael S.

    Textbook $45.55
  91. Value-Added Selling, Fourth Edition: How to Sell More Profitably, Confidently, and Professionally by Competing on Value—Not Price

    ... much harder to value and sell your product. Additionally, millennials often ... increase sales., , Value-Added Selling, 4th Edition offers proven strategies ...

    author: Reilly, Tom / Reilly, Paul

    Textbook $48.07
  92. Sell Your Story in a Single Sentence

    ... Entertainment, explains the key to selling your screenplay, novel, or script ... covers all your bases when selling your story.; Format: Textbook; Type ...

    author: Lane Shefter Bishop

    Textbook $18.66
  93. Selling on Amazon For Dummies

    ... customer service and storage capabilities., Selling on Amazon For Dummies walks ... on Your Investments) , , Selling on Amazon provides the strategies ...

    author: Deniz Olmez / Joseph Kraynak

    Textbook $28.01
  94. Insight Selling

    ... only do sales winners sell differently, they sell, radically differently, than the ... , competition and commoditization., In Insight Selling, Schultz and Doerr share the ...

    author: Mike Schultz / John E. Doerr / Neil Rackham

    Textbook $30.35
  95. Generational Selling Tactics that Work

    ... or service experience. In Generational Selling, Tactics that Work: Quick and ... , each generation so you can sell confidently and deliver superb, service ...

    author: Cam Marston

    Textbook $30.35
  96. Inbound Selling

    ... think about sales to sell more, and sell better., Over the past ... , and other sales professionals, Inbound Selling is the complete resource to ...

    author: Brian Signorelli

    Textbook $30.35
  97. How to Sell Anything on eBay... And Make a Fortune

    ... .That's the power of selling on eBay.More than 100 ... first edition of How to Sell Anything on eBay...and Make ...

    author: Prince, Dennis L.

    Textbook $32.88
  98. Selling in a New Market Space: Getting Customers to Buy Your Innovative and Disruptive Products

    ... next bigquestion: How do I sell this unique offeringto customers who ... focused on how organizationsmake decisions.Selling in a New Market Space ...

    author: Burns, Brian / Snyder, Tom

    Textbook $54.84
  99. Contagious Selling: How to Turn a Connection into a Relationship that Lasts a Lifetime

    ... lifelong relationshipsSalespeople too often approach selling as a transaction instead of ... sales will inevitably follow.Contagious Selling provides the tools for captivating ...

    author: Rich, David

    Textbook $26.98
  100. One Perfect Pitch: How to Sell Your Idea, Your Product, Your Business--or Yourself

    ... . You always need to be selling yourself, pitching your partners or ... perfect whenever you need to sell an idea, a product, a ...

    author: Perruchet, Marie

    Textbook $37.94