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    Social Problems in the UK

    ... science students. This clear, accessible textbook guides students in approaching the methodology, theory and research of social problems, and introduces the key topics in the area: , , migration and 'race' , work and ...

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    The Study of Social Problems

    ... ; changing constructions of rape; immigration; and terrorism as a, social problem. Long a standard in its field, The Study of Social Problems, Seventh Edition, is an affordable, comprehensive, and indispensable volume ...

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    ISE Social Problems and the Quality of Life

    ... review materials. These sources all combine to paint a complete picture of how to understand the unique social problems of today's world., , ; authors: Robert H. Lauer / Jeanette C. Lauer; publicationDate: 23rd May ...

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  4. Applied Social Psychology

    ... . This exciting textbook provides a thorough explanation of how social psychologists can contribute to the understanding and management of different social problems. A highly prestigious team of contributors from across ...

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    The Social Psychology of HIV Infection

    ... 20 years on this is a snapshot of research into HIV and AIDS and attitudes of the time looking at social problems that are very much still with us.; authors: John B. Pryor / Glenn D. Reeder; publisher: Taylor and Francis ...

    Textbook $81.99 $72.34
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    Empowerment Series: Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare : Empowering People

    ... WELFARE: EMPOWERING PEOPLE gives you a glimpse into contemporary society with a realistic view of social problems. By presenting positive strategies in the context of the core values, ethics, skills, and knowledge base ...

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    Systems Theory for Social Work and the Helping Professions

    ... This book provides an easy-to-read introduction to systems thinking for social workers who will encounter social problems in their professional practice or academic research. It offers new insights and fresh perspectives ...

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    The Practice of Macro Social Work

    ... and global levels of practice. THE PRACTICE OF MACRO SOCIAL WORK, Fourth Edition, challenges readers to use their concern ... help people engage in solving social problems, and in influencing social change to bring about a ...

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    Homelessness and Social Work

    ... , without examining the broader political and intersecting social inequalities that shape how social problems such as homelessness are constructed and responded to by social workers. In reflecting on factors such as ...

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    Advocacy for Social Change

    ... can emulate. As such, it will appeal to scholars of sociology with interests in social problems, social action, political sociology, urban studies, community development and organizing while extending the literature on ...

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    A History of the Roles and Responsibilities of Social Workers

    ... towards vulnerable people, this book introduces the reader to the way in which the identification of particular social problems at the end of the nineteenth century led to the emergence of a wide range of separate ...

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    Social Inequality in Japan

    ... among the aged, and asks whether increasing inequality and is uniquely Japanese, or if it is a social problem common across all of the societies included in this study. Crucially, this book shows that Japan is ...

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    Social Stratification

    ... concerns the measurement of social stratification, since the problem of relating concepts, ... discusses selected features of policy and political responses to social stratification. This volume will be of interest to ...

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    Dealing with Emotional Problems in Coaching

    ... updated new edition, Windy Dryden:, , , discusses the eight major emotions that feature in coachees' emotional problems and their healthy alternatives , , , outlines a step-by-step guide to the use of RECBT in ...

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    Unlocking Creativity in Solving Novel Mathematics Problems

    ... of creativity. , In a world constantly seeking new ideas and new approaches to solving complex problems, the application of this book's findings will revolutionize the way students, teachers, businesses and industries ...

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    Psychoanalytic Approaches to Problems in Living

    ... designed to improve training in the light of her practical findings, Psychoanalytic Approaches to Problems in Living is an essential book for all practicing psychoanalysts and psychoanalytic psychotherapists.; authors ...

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    Molecular Biology of the Cell: The Problems Book

    ... and molecular biology. Each chapter reviews key terms, tests for understanding basic concepts, and poses research-based problems. This book is designed to correspond with the first 20 chapters of Molecular Biology of the ...

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    Analysing Policy: What's the problem represented to be?

    ... introduces a set of six questions that probe how 'problems' are represented in policies, followed by an injunction to ... appeal to students and academics in sociology, social work, anthropology, cultural studies and human ...

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    Solving Discipline and Classroom Management Problems

    ... models. Teachers will find a wide range of methods and practical advice for solving discipline problems.; authors: Charles H. Wolfgang; publicationDate: 22nd September 2008; publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc (US ...

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    Contemporary Feminisms in Social Work Practice

    ... attention to the ways gender relations structure most of the problems faced by the women, men and children in the day-to-day worlds in which social work operates. Drawing together key contemporary thinking about feminism ...

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    Mental Health Social Work in Context

    ... for practice and to develop their knowledge around:, , , promoting the social inclusion of people with mental health problems , , , the changing context of multidisciplinary mental health services , , ...

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    Social Beings, Future Belongings

    ... States, each topic is examined as a different kind of problem for the future - as a toil, an intensity or ... terms on which belonging can happen, as well as the social itself. Read on their own, each chapter presents a ...

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    Problem Solving with the Private Sector

    ... pursue the public good., , This book offers current and future public managers possible solutions to complex problems for effective government-business alliances in a range of settings. It is essential reading for all ...

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    An Invitation to Social Research : How It's Done

    ... step by step through the many stages of social research-from selecting a researchable question and designing a ... study-and prepares them for the ethical issues and problems that they may face along the way. Reflecting the ...

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    Power and Society : An Introduction to the Social Sciences

    ... power, the text first introduces each of the social sciences and demonstrates how the various disciplines differ in ... and powerlessness, crime and violence, community problems, and international relations.; authors: Brigid ...

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    Law in Social Work Practice

    ... work practice. LAW IN SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE, 3rd Edition helps readers understand how to work within the legal system to benefit clients and further client interests, recognize certain client problems as legal, and work ...

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    Promoting Mental, Emotional and Social Health

    ... one of the key agents which can help redress society's most fundamental problems, create more cohesive communities and promote citizenship and a sense of social conscience in the young. Promoting Mental, Emotional and ...

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    Feminist Perspectives on Social Work and Human Sexuality

    ... so, it demonstrates that a liberal feminist position is consistent with social work practice. Nearly all the chapters focus on direct practice issues, such as problems faced by women who have been sexually assaulted, the ...

    Textbook $221.00 $195.00
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    Social Action with Children and Families

    ... workers have become more open to public scrutiny and are expected to respond to problems rooted in social and economic aspects of their clients' or services users' lives. Legislation stresses working in partnership ...

    Textbook $90.99 $80.29
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    Psychoanalytic Theory for Social Work Practice

    ... children and families, the text covers salient issues in social work practice including risk assessment, dealing with parents with drug and alcohol problems, supervision and management of emotional stress. , Throughout ...

    Textbook $73.99 $65.29
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    Cognitive Science and the Social

    ... of immediate interpersonal interaction to the whole range of places where social variation interacts with the cognitive. The focus is on the conceptual problems produced by any attempt to take these issues seriously, and ...

    Textbook $73.99 $65.29
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    Social Ecology and Education

    ... with the implications of indigenous understandings, climate change as symptomatic of broad epistemological problems, social disengagement and differentiated barriers to meaningful change. This work is enriched by its ...

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    Social Work Practice

    ... -on introduction highlights the decision points that social workers encounter during assessment, intervention, and ... as the role of common factors and framing problems-in-living as mental illnesses, Ideal for BSW and MSW ...

    Textbook $203.00 $179.12
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    Making Humanities and Social Sciences Come Alive

    ... of active and informed citizens, and encourages learners to think critically, solve problems and adapt to change. Making Humanities and Social Sciences Come Alive: Early Years and Primary Education prepares pre-service ...

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    Crime and Social Policy

    Crime and Social Policy discusses the criminal justice system in England and Wales in an accessible ... 's complexities, reviewing its history, highlighting current problems, and offering recommendations as to where and how ...

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    Assessing Children's Personal And Social Development

    ... development of pupils, be it spiritual, moral, social or cultural. The contributors also examine how we ... raised by assessment and accreditation - and the problems with which teachers will inevitably be faced.; authors ...

    Textbook $336.00 $296.47
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    A Clinician's Guide to Working with Problem Gamblers

    ... guide is the product of a collaboration between two of the country's most eminent experts on problem gambling as a psychiatric disorder. , Bowden-Jones and George bring together contributions from leading clinicians ...

    Textbook $81.99 $72.34
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    Policy Analysis as Problem Solving

    ... officials and nonprofit executives on a wide range of policy issues. Unlike other texts, Policy Analysis as Problem Solving employs a pragmatic, heterodox approach to the field. Whereas most texts on policy analysis are ...

    Textbook $94.99 $83.81
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    Writing in Social Spaces

    Writing in Social Spaces addresses the problem of making time and space for writing in academic life and work of the professionals and practitioners who do academic writing'. Even those who want to write, who know how to ...

    Textbook $73.99 $65.29
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    Community Policing : Partnerships for Problem Solving

    ... , the authors emphasize practical strategies and essential skills to help readers apply effective, real-world problem solving within their communities. In light of recent high-profile deadly force incidents that have ...

    Textbook $179.95 $159.27 In stock Leaves in 1-2 days
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    The Problem of Social Inequality

    ... ? We need to reboot capitalism. Drawing on diverse examples from a range of countries, McNall explains the social, economic, and ecological traps we have set for ourselves and develops a set of rules of resilience that ...

    Textbook $77.99 $68.81
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    Temporality, Shame, and the Problem of Evil in Jungian Psychology

    ... and the latter, which supplies an approach to meaning. The problem of how to merge the two currents in one language ... philosophy, psychoanalytic studies, psychology, and the social sciences.; authors: Murray Stein / Elena ...

    Textbook $56.99 $50.29
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    Human Behavior Theory and Social Work Practice with Marginalized Oppressed Populations

    ... diversity and the protection of human rights into social work curricula and the helping process. The authors ... deals with both the client's or constituencies' presenting problem and equity issues, and, as a result, the ...

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    Social Work Placements

    ... can be one of the most exciting parts of your social work training but also one of the most daunting. ... of your placement, as well as anticipating some of the problem areas and pitfalls to avoid. It covers:, , , , ...

    Textbook $69.99 $61.76
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    Research Methods for Social Psychology

    ... through pedagogical activities and exercises designed to, help students design and execute their own social psychological, research.; authors: Dana S. Dunn; publicationDate: 6th December 2012; publisher: John Wiley & ...

    Textbook $200.00 $178.95 In stock Leaves in 1-2 days
  47. 12% Off

    Empowerment Series: Human Behavior in the Macro Social Environment

    ... promote positive change by building upon the strengths of macro systems. In HUMAN BEHAVIOR IN THE MACRO SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT, 5th Edition, Karen Kirst-Ashman and Grafton Hull provide a comprehensive overview of the subject ...

    Textbook $167.95 $148.65 In stock Leaves in 1-2 days
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    Social Determinants of Health

    Understand the forces and trends that combine to shape the health of individuals, communities and populations.Social Determinants of Health introduces a range of topics related to health and well-being in the context of ...

    Textbook $82.95 $67.16 In stock Leaves in 1-2 days
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  49. 12% Off

    The Basics of Social Research

    ... and education, and the legalization of marijuana, introduce you to the 'how-tos' and 'whys' of social research methods. With new data, new coverage of online research and other timely topics, and Learning Objectives for ...

    Textbook $164.95 $145.99 In stock Leaves in 1-2 days
  50. 20% Off

    Social Work

    ... teaching as they move through the book in an order that suits them. The book begins by examining groups social workers may work with across the various fields and then explains the fields of practice by drawing on the ...

    Textbook $94.95 $76.50 In stock Leaves in 1-2 days
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    Empowerment Series: An Introduction to the Profession of Social Work

    ... outlined in the most recent Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards (EPAS) set by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).; authors: Elizabeth A. Segal / Karen E. Gerdes / Sue Steiner; publicationDate: 27th ...

    Textbook $204.95 $181.39 In stock Leaves in 1-2 days
  52. 12% Off

    Empowerment Series: Understanding Human Behavior and the Social Environment

    ... underlying reasons why people act the way they do. You'll learn about biological, psychological, and social development at different lifespan stages, as well as about the benefits of strengths and empowerment approaches ...

    Textbook $204.95 $181.39 In stock Leaves in 1-2 days
  53. 12% Off

    Empowerment Series: Essential Research Methods for Social Work

    ... to learn the essentials. As part of the Cengage Empowerment Series, ESSENTIAL RESEARCH METHODS FOR SOCIAL WORK, 4th Edition, thoroughly integrates the core competencies and recommended practice behaviors outlined in the ...

    Textbook $184.95 $163.69 In stock Leaves in 1-2 days
  54. 12% Off

    Empowerment Series: Direct Social Work Practice : Theory and Skills

    ... practice behaviors outlined in the 2015 Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards (EPAS) set by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).; authors: Dean H. Hepworth / Ronald Rooney / Glenda Dewberry Rooney / Kim ...

    Textbook $184.95 $163.69 In stock Leaves in 1-2 days
  55. 12% Off

    The Social Work Skills Workbook

    ... needed in a contemporary practice -- helping you become a more confident, ethical, and effective helper. Each social work skill supports one or more of the 43 knowledge and value statements and the 31 practice behaviors ...

    Textbook $149.95 $132.71 In stock Leaves in 1-2 days
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    Social Psychology

    ... Students can more easily connect concepts with applications when they read Social Psychology. They are encouraged to actively participate in their social psychology courses to better understand other people as well as ...

    Textbook $164.95 $147.59 In stock Leaves in 1-2 days
  57. 12% Off

    Statistics: A Tool for Social Research and Data Analysis

    ... 11e, equips you with a solid understanding of statistical fundamentals and their practical application to current social issues -- no advanced math knowledge required. The text breaks down even the most complex material ...

    Textbook $184.95 $163.69 In stock Leaves in 1-2 days
  58. 12% Off

    Empowerment Series: Foundations of Social Policy : Social Justice in Human Perspective

    ... POLICY, 6th Edition introduces you to philosophical perspectives on what constitutes social justice, and identifies values and assumptions reflected in contemporary policy debates. Students have said they like how this ...

    Textbook $179.95 $159.27 In stock Leaves in 1-2 days
  59. 21% Off

    Social Inequality in Australia

    ... and difference in Australian society. It examines how social inequality affects different social groups, explores the role of culture in the social reproduction of hierarchy and difference, and incorporates discussion ...

    Textbook $96.95 $77.31 In stock Leaves in 1-2 days
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  60. 21% Off

    The Practice of Social Research

    ... the gold standard for research methods, Babbie's THE PRACTICE OF SOCIAL RESEARCH gives you a definitive guide to research as practiced by social scientists. Combining a straightforward approach with the author's renowned ...

    Textbook $149.95 $118.47 In stock Leaves in 1-2 days
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    Discourse in Educational and Social Research

    ... history. What holds the book together is the persistent question: how to do educational research and social research within a 'crisis of representation' that has unsettled the relationship between words and worlds?, , ...

    Textbook $79.95 $69.13 In stock Leaves in 1-2 days
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    Reflective Practice for Social Workers: A Handbook for Developing Professional Confidence

    ... with authority and a deep understanding - she has done an excellent job.", Steven Hothersall, Head of Social Work Education, Edgehill University, UK"This is an extremely important area of practice in the current complex ...

    Textbook $67.95 $58.76 In stock Leaves in 1-2 days
  63. 14% Off

    Social Psychology

    ... , political and personal worlds are all profoundly changing. To be relevant to our lives today, Social Psychology needs to be transformed. This popular book has been radically revised to do just that.Extensively updated ...

    Textbook $82.95 $71.73 In stock Leaves in 1-2 days
  64. 14% Off

    ISE Exploring Social Psychology

    ... psychological science and applies it to contemporary issues and everyday life. Based on the bestselling text, Social Psychology by David Myers and Jean Twenge, the book presents 31 short modules—each readable in a single ...

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    Reflective Social Work Practice

    ... It discusses conceptual and theoretical aspects of reflective practice and presents a new, cohesive reflective social work practice model. It explores the themes of thinking (theory), doing (practice) and being (virtues ...

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    Human Rights and Social Work

    ... and investigate the important issues and questions arising from human rights and social work. Now more than ever, Human Rights and Social Work is an indispensable resource for students, scholars and practitioners alike ...

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  67. 18% Off

    Engaging with Social Work

    ... fully revised second edition includes a new chapter on the emerging challenges and opportunities for social work, covering rising global inequality, re-invigorated possibilities for addressing violence against women, and ...

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    Social Work

    ... theoretical perspectives to inform their practice and understand the diverse settings in which they work. Social Work: From Theory to Practice explores practice theories through the discipline's unique interpretive lens ...

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    The Social Dynamics of Family Violence

    ... , from child abuse and neglect to intimate partner violence and elder abuse. Paying special attention to the social character and institutional causes of family violence, Hattery and Smith ask students to consider how ...

    Textbook $116.00 $102.35
  70. 12% Off

    Social Studies Today

    ... most original thinking in the field, and offer pre- and in-service teachers alike a panoramic window on social studies curricula and instruction and new ways to improve them., , Walter C. Parker is Professor and Chair ...

    Textbook $263.00 $232.06
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  71. 12% Off

    Understanding Social Movements

    ... Tea Party, and the Arab Spring., The book presents specific chapters outlining the early origins of social movement studies, and more recent theoretical and conceptual developments. It considers key ideas from resource ...

    Textbook $112.00 $98.82 In stock Leaves in 1-2 days
  72. 12% Off

    Racial Theories in Social Science

    ... in past and present mainstream race theory. As this book demonstrates, mainstream racial analysis, and social analysis more generally, remain stunted and uncritical because of this unhealthy white framing of knowledge ...

    Textbook $69.99 $61.76
  73. 12% Off

    Social Policy

    ... publication. This new edition also reflects extensive social changes in women's participation at work ... political climate of the 1980's and 1990's. Social Policy: A New Feminist Analysis covers traditional policy areas, ...

    Textbook $98.99 $87.34
  74. 12% Off

    Complexity Theory and the Social Sciences

    ... enormous implications for the way we understand and engage with the world. Complexity Theory and the Social Sciences introduces students to the central ideas which surround the chaos/complexity theories. It discusses key ...

    Textbook $90.99 $80.29
  75. 12% Off

    Modern Social Theory

    ... students, as well as postgraduate and academic researchers. Secondary markets include social psychology, social geography, social anthopology, cultural studies.; authors: Dr Derek Layder / Derek Layder; publisher ...

    Textbook $90.99 $80.29
  76. 12% Off

    Social Enterprise

    ... , all members of the EMES European Research Network, this rich follow-up volume to The Emergence of Social Enterprise is essential reading for academics, researchers and students in the fields of the third sector and ...

    Textbook $103.00 $90.88
  77. 12% Off

    Globalized Knowledge Flows and Chinese Social Theory

    ... cultural concepts. It argues that the influence of globalization promotes the spread of West European and American social science concepts and methods at the expense of local concepts and approaches, and at the same time ...

    Textbook $273.00 $240.88
  78. 12% Off

    Music, Social Media and Global Mobility

    ... media, as well as a historical, political and economic exposition of the rise of this global social media environment., , Drawing on interview-based research with electronic music artists, DJs, producers and managers ...

    Textbook $90.99 $80.29
  79. 12% Off

    Women, Punishment and Social Justice

    ... The prison has often been the focus for concerns about human rights violations, and campaigns aimed at achieving social justice, for those with an interest in the criminalisation of women. To reduce the number of women ...

    Textbook $94.99 $83.81
  80. 12% Off

    Bourdieu's Theory of Social Fields

    ... It includes a critical discussion of its methodology and relevance in different subject areas in the social sciences and humanities., Part I "theoretical investigations" offers a theoretical account of the theory, while ...

    Textbook $73.99 $65.29
  81. 12% Off

    Social Work in a Changing Scotland

    ... development, current practice and future directions., Bringing together a range of academic and practice experts, it considers social work as it is currently but also as it might be. Divided into three parts, the first ...

    Textbook $69.99 $61.76
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  82. 12% Off

    Analysis of Multivariate Social Science Data

    ... Science Data, Second Editionenables a basic understanding of how to use key multivariate methods in the social sciences. With updates in every chapter, this edition expands its topics to include regression analysis ...

    Textbook $103.00 $90.88
  83. 12% Off

    Social Theory and Health Education

    ... the first time, this book draws together cutting-edge research that demonstrates the productive and impactful ways social theory can be applied to the diversity of research in this field. Topics covered include digital ...

    Textbook $73.99 $65.29
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  84. 12% Off

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    ... will be of interest to students of international organizations, international business and corporate social responsibility.; authors: Oliver F. Williams; publisher: Taylor and Francis; publicationDate: 12th November 2013 ...

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    Critical Theory and Social Media

    ... are as yet few studies which combine critical theoretical and empirical research in the context of digital and social media. The aim of this book is to study the constraints and emancipatory potentials of new media and ...

    Textbook $252.00 $222.35
  86. 12% Off

    Social Sustainability

    ... of the world's poor and maintain high levels of social health and well-being in the developed world, while ... environmental damage wrought by human activity? The social dimension of sustainability is becoming recognized as ...

    Textbook $83.99 $74.11
  87. 12% Off

    Using Social Marketing for Public Emergency Preparedness

    ... ignores this guidance, leaving people more vulnerable during emergencies. , , This book applies the process of social marketing, which has been used widely in public health and other disciplines, to the lack of public ...

    Textbook $73.99 $65.29
  88. 12% Off

    Social Media Communication

    ... critical thinking professionals and students need to use new networking tools effectively and to navigate social and mobile media spaces. Featuring historical markers and contemporary case studies, essays from some of ...

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  89. 12% Off

    Critical Theory and Social Transformation

    ... transformation are central to the book. , , Critical Theory and Social Transformation will be of interest to the broad readership in social and political theory. It will appeal to those working in sociology, political ...

    Textbook $73.99 $65.29
  90. 12% Off

    Consumer Social Values

    ... , guiding behaviors, and judgments, and defining who we are. This book advances understanding of consumer social values and their roles in the global marketplace by refining and directing existing knowledge of consumer ...

    Textbook $83.99 $74.11
  91. 12% Off

    Social Work and Social Welfare

    ... other text(s). , Students will have an advantage unlike any other they will experience in their social work, training., ■■ A wealth of instructor-only resources provide: full-text readings that link to the concepts ...

    Textbook $168.00 $148.24 In stock Leaves in 1-2 days
  92. 12% Off

    Process Facilitation in Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy and Social Work

    ... /found discovery and introjection of the relevant 'site' or setting in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and in social work. Amongst the most important elements are the practitioner's internalised theoretical principles., , ...

    Textbook $69.99 $61.76
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  93. 12% Off

    Forced Migration and Social Trauma

    ... trauma is necessary on all levels - this book gives convincing examples of this dialogue. Forced Migration and Social Trauma will be of great interest to all who are involved in the modern issues of refuge and migration ...

    Textbook $73.99 $65.29
  94. 12% Off

    Textual Politics: Discourse And Social Dynamics

    ... the meanings we make: in words, pictures and deeds, and politics chronicles our uses of power in shaping social relationships large and small. Textual politics is about meaning - the meaning we make with words and with ...

    Textbook $263.00 $232.06
  95. 12% Off

    Skills for Using Theory in Social Work

    ... material, including self-identification as a theorist-practitioner, the deliberate use of the term theory, and a social work approach to the selection of knowledge. , , , , Section two focuses on the adept use ...

    Textbook $83.99 $74.11
  96. 12% Off

    Social Cognition

    ... . While all of these topics are also key to other fields of psychological research, it's the social world—which is dynamic, complex, and often ambiguous—that creates particular demands. , This accessible book introduces ...

    Textbook $94.99 $83.81
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  97. 12% Off

    Social Development in Social Work

    ... basis for achieving the well-being of individuals, families and communities. Interest in this important aspect of social work is now seeing a resurgence, not only in the 'developing countries' of the global South, but ...

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  98. 12% Off

    Social Development in Social Work

    ... basis for achieving the well-being of individuals, families and communities. Interest in this important aspect of social work is now seeing a resurgence, not only in the 'developing countries' of the global South, but ...

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    Social Work

    ... own terms as well as to be aware of their relations to each other and to the wider social work context. , An accessible introduction contextualises the reader, summarising the main themes and highlighting key issues ...

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    Criminal Defense-Based Forensic Social Work

    ... four case studies using the Colorado Model, this book will be valuable reading for graduate schools of social work, law school programs which have clinics or direct practice components to legal studies, and at defender ...

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    The Social Media Handbook

    ... , disability, and journalism—are entryways through which students and faculty can explore ways of thinking about social media and find new paradigms for analysis. , ,  , Contributors:Axel Bruns, Francesca Coppa, Katie ...

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