1. Introduction to Health Promotion

    ... , and current wellness topics like, nutrition, physical activity, and emotional well ... foundations,, history, and current perspectives of health promotion, as well as, its ...

    author: Anastasia M. Snelling

    Textbook $114.51
  2. Mental Health Professionals in Medical Settings

    ... setting. The authors, trained in health psychology, psychiatry, family medicine, and ... clinical, operational, and financial perspectives of health care. Part II provides information ...

    author: Richard J. Bischoff / Richard L. Heinrich / Jo Ellen Patterson / C.J. Peek / Joseph Scherger

    Textbook $49.05
  3. Nutrition and HIV

    ... addresses the issues of nutrition and HIV fromthe perspective of the patient ... left untreated could leadto serious health decline or even death.; Format ...

    author: Mary Romeyn

    Textbook $50.61
  4. Introducing Global Health: Practice, Policy, and Solutions

    ... with the right blend of health system, education,, antipoverty, infectious disease ... of global public health and cultivates a, policy perspective that is appealing ...

    author: Peter Muennig / Celina Su

    Textbook $114.51
  5. Foundations for Global Health Practice

    ... include chapters on mental health, agriculture and nutrition, water and sanitation, and ... in global health. The book also offers perspectives from global health practitioners from ...

    author: Lori DiPrete Brown

    Textbook $114.51
  6. Clinical Nutrition For Dummies

    ... on clinical nutrition for school, work, or your, own health , From ... with properly communicating health information , , Clinical Nutrition For Dummies is ...

    author: Michael J. Rovito

    Textbook $25.68
  7. Nutrition For Dummies

    ... lifelong good health—no matter how you slice it. Nutrition For Dummies ... , promote health, and prevent chronic disease. This updated edition of Nutrition For ...

    author: Carol Ann Rinzler

    Textbook $28.01
  8. Horse Health and Nutrition For Dummies

    ... the, latest information on equine nutrition and healthcare, explaining, how your ... a, little help from Horse Health and Nutrition For Dummies, and, you ...

    author: Audrey Pavia / Kate Gentry-Running

    Textbook $27.23
  9. Dog Health and Nutrition For Dummies

    ... be difficult, though. Dog Health and, Nutrition for Dummies makes it easy ... , Maintaining your dog?s health with nutrition and, exercise , Common ...

    author: M. Christine Zink

    Textbook $28.01
  10. Nutrition For Dummies

    ... material,, including new chapters on nutrition in institutions and how to ... also includes up-to-date, health guidelines and government policies, information ...

    author: Nigel Denby / Sue Baic / Carol Ann Rinzler

    Textbook $26.45
  11. Diabetes Meal Planning and Nutrition For Dummies

    ... , crucial role to long term health, why healthy eating can be ... , management, Diabetes Meal Planning and Nutrition For Dummies takes, the guesswork ...

    author: Toby Smithson / Alan L. Rubin

    Textbook $28.01
  12. Jane Brody's Nutrition Book

    ... most important and widely discussed health-care and life-style issue of ... and most comprehensive guide to nutrition yet available for the layperson ...

    author: Jane Brody

    Textbook $61.52
  13. Nutrition Essentials for Mental Health

    ... . But few therapists have any nutrition training and many don't ...

    author: Leslie Korn / James Lake

    Textbook $58.40
  14. Heal Pelvic Pain: The Proven Stretching, Strengthening, and Nutrition Program for Relieving Pain, Incontinence,& I.B.S, and Other Symptoms Without Surgery

    ... Winner of a 2009 National Health Information AwardStop your pelvic pain ... , in the form of exercise, nutrition, massage, and self-care therapy ...

    author: Stein, Amy

    Textbook $26.98
  15. Nutrition Almanac

    ... , improve your health, feel younger, and live longerThe Nutrition Almanac offers you ... , so enhancing and maintaining good health is easy! Eat better. Live ...

    author: Kirschmann, John D. / Nutrition Search, Inc.

    Textbook $34.57
  16. The Gluten-Free Nutrition Guide

    ... have to mean taste-free, nutrition-free, and convenience-free. Yes, you ... with nutrients! The Gluten-Free Nutrition Guide is filled with new ...

    author: Thompson, Tricia

    Textbook $26.98
  17. Superfruits: (Top 20 Fruits Packed with Nutrients and Phytochemicals, Best Ways to Eat Fruits for Maximum Nutrition, and 75 Simple and Delicious Recipes for Overall Wellness)

    ... a 'points system' for rating health-beneficial fruits is a welcome answer ... diabetes. All fruits have some health-promoting potential, but Superfruits reveals which ...

    author: Gross, Paul M.

    Textbook $30.35
  18. Opportunities in Nutrition Careers

    ... of professions. In Opportunities in Nutrition Careers, you will find: The ...

    author: Caldwell, Carol Coles

    Textbook $26.13
  19. Understanding Global Health, 2E

    ... complete introductory review of global health--updated to reflect the latest issues ... , Biostatistics, and Surveillance Nutrition Primary Care in Global Health Tuberculosis and HIV ...

    author: Markle, William H. / Fisher, Melanie A. / Smego, Ray A.

    Textbook $96.23
  20. The Health Teacher's Book of Lists

    ... which are:, , Consumer Health , Diet Nutrition , First Aid Safety ... , , In short, The Health Teacher's Book of Lists ...

    author: Patricia Rizzo-Toner / Marian Milliken Ziemba / Jerry Newton

    Textbook $44.38
  21. Mental Health for the Whole Child Fostering Wellness & Balance in Kids 2-20

    ... and prescriptions. "What is mental health?" Shannon explores the fundamental question ... relationships. Stress, trauma, and poor nutrition are some of the most ...

    author: Scott M. Shannon

    Textbook $45.94
  22. Obesity Medicine: Management of Obesity in Women's Health Care

    ... common clinical concerns, ranging from nutrition and weight loss in pregnancy ...

    author: Silverman, Robert K.

    Textbook $215.26
  23. Pediatric Critical Care Nutrition

    ... principles of pediatric critical care nutrition.Combining clinical strategies with a compilation ... of the delivery of nutrition support Optimum nutrition therapy is essential during ...

    author: Goday, Praveen S. / Mehta, Nilesh

    Textbook $189.09
  24. Ethics in Health Services and Policy

    ... ethical issues of health, and health care in global perspective. Ideal for students ... of public, health, medicine, nursing and ...

    author: Dean M. Harris

    Textbook $114.51
  25. Financial Management of Health Care Organizations

    ... and techniques of health care financial management, including health care accounting and ... Activity-Based Costing from the perspective of labor, supplies, and equipment ...

    author: William N. Zelman / Michael J. McCue / Noah D. Glick / Marci S. Thomas

    Textbook $165.94
  26. Introduction to Global Health Promotion

    ... chapters on global health promotion theories, best practices, and perspectives on the ... Editors of Introduction to Global Health Promotion here.; Format: Textbook; Type ...

    author: Rick S. Zimmerman / Ralph J. DiClemente / Jon K. Andrus / Everold N. Hosein

    Textbook $114.51
  27. Cancer Nutrition and Recipes For Dummies

    ... patients and their families, Cancer, Nutrition & Recipes For Dummies focuses ... starting treatment , , Cancer Nutrition & Recipes For Dummies targets ...

    author: Christina T. Loguidice / Maurie Markman / Carolyn Lammersfeld

    Textbook $28.01
  28. World Health Systems

    ... -one companion for health personnel, World Health Systems details different health systems, including ... presents, from multidisciplinary perspectives, outlines of various health systems throughout the world ...

    author: Xiaoming Sun

    Textbook $104.38
  29. Perspectives on Infant Mental Health

    ... WAIMH Handbook of Infant Mental Health offers the first thorough interdisciplinary ... World Association of Infant Mental Health--this ground-breaking four-volume reference ...

    author: Joy D. Osofsky / Hiram E. Fitzgerald

    Textbook $510.08
  30. Food & Nutrition For Dummies

    ... good eating habits, Food & Nutrition For Dummies, Australian & New ... ., Discover how to:, , Interpret nutrition labels , Prepare delicious, healthy ...

    author: Dr. Lily Stojanovska / Carol Ann Rinzler

    Textbook $27.23
  31. Janice VanCleave's Food and Nutrition for Every Kid

    ... Janice VanCleave's Food and Nutrition forEvery Kid. To the delight ... twelve all about food and nutrition., , , , Kids can ...

    author: Janice VanCleave

    Textbook $18.66
  32. Minority Populations and Health

    ... and international perspectives., Minority Populations and Health: An Introduction to Health, Disparities in ... to address race, disparities in health-related outcomes. This book covers U ...

    author: Thomas A. LaVeist

    Textbook $108.27
  33. Environmental Health

    ... students of public health, environmental health, preventive medicine, community health, and environmental studies ... how different fields incorporate environmental health perspectives , , The first law ...

    author: Howard Frumkin

    Textbook $140.22
  34. Transdisciplinary Public Health

    ... solutions for these, problems requires perspectives from multiple disciplines and fields ... , biological, behavioral, social, and public health sciences; shared, disciplinary frameworks in ...

    author: Debra Haire-Joshu / Timothy D. McBride

    Textbook $114.51
  35. Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace

    ... supporting those experiencing mental ill health., This comprehensive book addresses the ... employee perspectives. This important guide:, , Explains why understanding mental health important ...

    author: Gill Hasson / Donna Butler

    Textbook $21.00
  36. Public Health Policy

    ... audiences to further, a public health policy intervention. In addition, Public ... component fields,, give real-world perspectives on how that particular subject ...

    author: Dhrubajyoti Bhattacharya

    Textbook $120.74
  37. Concepts in Male Health

    Concepts in Male Health, Concepts in Male Health: Perspectives Across the Lifespan offers, a ... practical approach to understanding the health ...

    author: James E. Leone

    Textbook $102.04
  38. Understanding Teamwork in Health Care

    ... Aim'--patients' experience of health care, the health of our populations,and ... is to make often-overlooked perspectives about teamwork more widely known ...

    author: Mosser, Gordon / Begun, James W.

    Textbook $84.42
  39. Strategic Marketing For Health Care Organizations

    ... range of perspectives: hospitals, physician practices, social marketing, international health, managed care ... biotechnology. With Strategic Marketing for Health Care Organizations, students and future ...

    author: Philip Kotler / Joel I. Shalowitz / Robert J. Stevens

    Textbook $127.75
  40. Culture and Health

    ... competency. The book addresses the perspectives of clinically applied anthropology, trans ... frameworks for enhanced comprehension of health and the medical encounter. Includes ...

    author: Michael Winkelman

    Textbook $108.27
  41. The Bodybuilder's Nutrition Book

    ... , a well-known expert on nutrition and kinesiology (and two-time ...

    author: Columbo, Franco

    Textbook $33.72
  42. Feminist Perspectives in Therapy

    ... * Promoting physical and psychological health, , * Confronting interpersonal abuse ... resources for further reading, Feminist Perspectives inTherapy: Empowering Diverse Women, Second ...

    author: Judith Worell / Pamela Remer

    Textbook $114.51
  43. Psychological Perspectives on Human Sexuality

    ... sexuality., , , , Psychological Perspectives on Human Sexuality offers a ... social scientist and the mental health professional., This important work also ...

    author: Lenore T. Szuchman / Frank Muscarella

    Textbook $204.12
  44. Emerging Theories in Health Promotion Practice and Research

    ... theories of, health promotion and illustrates how divergent theoretical, perspectives are being ... Social Work and, Medicine; Director, Health Communication Research Laboratory,, Washington University ...

    author: Ralph J. DiClemente / Richard A. Crosby / Michelle C. Kegler

    Textbook $114.51
  45. Reaching Out Across the Border: Canadian Perspectives in Adult Education

    ... Canada?s emphasis on linking health and adult, literacy; the use ...

    author: Patricia Cranton / Leona M. English

    Textbook $35.81
  46. Health Behavior

    ... established and, emerging theories. Offering perspective applicable at the, individual, interpersonal ... to analyze and improve, health behaviors and health.; Format: Textbook; Type: New

    author: Karen Glanz / Barbara K. Rimer / K. Viswanath

    Textbook $114.51
  47. Handbook of Health Social Work

    ... work practice in health care. Written from a wellness perspective, the chapters ... performed by social workers in health-care settings , Ethical issues and ...

    author: Sarah Gehlert / Teri Browne

    Textbook $85.71
  48. To Improve Health and Health Care, Volume XVI

    ... of the public a valuable perspective to inform strategy for, the ... well-being. To, Improve Health and Health Care describes the latest outcomes ...

    author: Stephen L. Isaacs / David C. Colby / Risa Lavizzo-Mourey

    Textbook $40.48
  49. Health Issues in the Black Community

    ... of Health Issues in the Black Community have placed in clear perspective ... of any forward thinking national health policy. Health Issues in the Black ...

    author: Ronald L. Braithwaite / Sandra E. Taylor / Henrie M. Treadwell

    Textbook $114.51
  50. Foundations of Health Care Management

    ... the improvement, of population health., Foundations of Health Care Management also concentrates ... , physician's viewpoint, a valuable perspective for health care, managers., The book ...

    author: Bernard J. Healey / Marc C. Marchese

    Textbook $114.51
  51. Advancing Health Literacy

    ... and practice of health literacy from a public health perspective. This comprehensive resource ... includes the history of health literacy ...

    author: Christina Zarcadoolas / Andrew Pleasant / David S. Greer

    Textbook $88.79
  52. Fisher Investments on Health Care

    ... this, guide is specifically on Health, Care, the basic investment methodology ... can gain a, global perspective of the Health Care sector and discover ...

    author: Fisher Investments / Michael Kelly / Andrew S. Teufel

    Textbook $61.52
  53. Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Health

    ... careers in public health, medicine, biomedical research, health economics, health policy, and more ... in Health walks you through the process from a real-world perspective ...

    author: Peter Muennig / Mark Bounthavong

    Textbook $120.74
  54. Asian American Communities and Health

    ... textbook examines Asian American health from a public health perspective. It provides an ... Asian community with respect to health seeking behavior and knowledge, socioeconomic ...

    author: Chau Trinh-Shevrin / Nadia Shilpi Islam / Mariano Jose Rey

    Textbook $114.51
  55. Handbook of Health Social Work

    ... and the intersections between health and mental health. The authors also examine ... of health social work and:, • Offers a wellness, rather than psychopathological perspective ...

    author: Sarah Gehlert / Teri Browne

    Textbook $122.30
  56. Human Resources Management for Health Care Organizations

    ... the unique health care business arena from a strategic perspective includes SHRM ... as labor-management relations for health care organizations and healthcare human ...

    author: Joan E. Pynes / Donald N. Lombardi

    Textbook $114.51
  57. Planning Health Promotion Programs

    ... process from a highly practical perspective. Using an original framework called ... directly into the classroom., Health education and health promotion is a central ...

    author: L. Kay Bartholomew Eldredge / Christine M. Markham / Robert A. C. Ruiter / Maria E. Fernández / Gerjo Kok / Guy S. Parcel

    Textbook $140.22
  58. The 21st Century Health Care Leader

    ... , competition,, and inefficiency. In addition, health care professionals will learn, how ... a unique and compelling, perspective on health care leadership and a powerful ...

    author: Roderick W. Gilkey / The Center for Healthcare Leadership, Emory University School of Medicine

    Textbook $102.04
  59. Complementary, Alternative, and Integrative Health

    Complementary, Alternative, and Integrative Health: A Multicultural Perspective provides a critical analysis of ... explores complementary, alternative, and integrative health (CAIH) across various cultural and ...

    author: Helda Pinzon-Perez / Miguel A. P¿rez

    Textbook $102.04
  60. Informing American Health Care Policy

    Informing American Health Care Policy provides a critical perspective on the National Medical ... . Sponsored by the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research and ...

    author: Alan C. Monheit / Renate Wilson / Ross A. Arnett III

    Textbook $108.27
  61. Managerial Epidemiology for Health Care Organizations

    ... services and management of health care organizations. As health administration becomes evidence ... also addresses the need of health organizations? to demonstrate emergency preparedness ...

    author: Peter J. Fos / David J. Fine / Brian W. Amy / Miguel A. Zúniga

    Textbook $110.61
  62. To Improve Health and Health Care, Volume V

    ... its mission of improving the health and health care of all, Americans ... , inform the public, To Improve Health and Health Care, the fifth, volume ...

    author: Stephen L. Isaacs / James R. Knickman

    Textbook $40.48
  63. Health and Safety in Organizations

    ... well as the presence of health--and the implications ithas for industrial ... aspectsof organizations can influence individual health andwell-being.; Format: Textbook; Type ...

    author: David A. Hofmann / Lois E. Tetrick

    Textbook $88.01
  64. Gender, Race, Class and Health

    ... these dimensions intersect to influence health and health care in the United ... students and professionals in public health, sociology, anthropology, and women?s ...

    author: Amy J. Schulz / Leith Mullings

    Textbook $88.79
  65. Women and Leadership in Health Care

    ... , surround the gAnder disparity in health care leadership. This book, answers ... questions concerning how gAnder affects health, care leadership. It reveals how ...

    author: Catherine Robinson-Walker

    Textbook $73.21
  66. Latina Health in the United States

    ... the most critical health issues that affect, Latinas' health and health care within ... ; mental health issues; adolescent health; and rural and, migrant occupational health. Latina Health in ...

    author: Marilyn Aguirre-Molina / Carlos W. Molina

    Textbook $108.27
  67. Child Health Services Research

    ... , and applications of children's health services research. This valuable resource ... context of the household, hospital, health system, community, and policy arenas ...

    author: Elisa J. Sobo / Paul S. Kurtin

    Textbook $88.79
  68. Public Health Genomics

    ... such key public health issues as environmental health, ethnic health disparities, health policy and ... , maternal and child health, clinical preventive medicine, health behavior, health economics, and communicable ...

    author: Claudia N. Mikail

    Textbook $108.27
  69. Dictionary of Public Health Promotion and Education

    ... , the, Dictionary of Public Health Education and Health Promotion,, Second Edition, includes ... , such as epidemiology, health administration, biostatistics,, environmental health, and behavioral sciences , ...

    author: Naomi Modeste / Teri Tamayose / Helen Hopp Marshak

    Textbook $63.86
  70. Public Health and Social Justice

    ... Mexico, "This book gives public health professionals, researchers and, advocates the ... , head, Office of Health and Society Studies, Interdisciplinary, Health Policy Institute, Northern ...

    author: Martin Donohoe

    Textbook $114.51
  71. Health Care Operations and Supply Chain Management

    ... design and analysis of health care operations, managing, health care operations quality ... , and planning and controlling health, care operations., Health Care Operations and Supply ...

    author: John F. Kros / Evelyn C. Brown

    Textbook $133.99
  72. Race, Ethnicity, and Health

    ... environmental health; occupational health; health disparities in, integrated communities; Latino health; ... Asian populations; stress, and health ...

    author: Thomas A. LaVeist / Lydia A. Isaac

    Textbook $114.51
  73. Health Communication

    ... -centered and participatory approach to health communication interventions, which takes into ... communication , Strategic partnerships in health communication , Policy communication and ...

    author: Renata Schiavo

    Textbook $114.51
  74. Cultural Competence in Health Education and Health Promotion

    ... diverse groups, social determinants of health, spirituality, theoretical models for multicultural ... the latest standards for Certified Health Education Specialist certification and national ...

    author: Miguel A. P¿rez / Raffy R. Luquis

    Textbook $102.04
  75. Management Accounting in Health Care Organizations

    ... edition of Management Accounting, in Health Care Organizations provides introductory-level ... , while, illustrating their use in health care organizations , Explains responsibility ...

    author: David W. Young

    Textbook $140.22
  76. Analytics and Decision Support in Health Care Operations Management

    ... improvement, lean management, six sigma, health provider productivity and benchmarking, project ... decision support techniques specific to health care administration , Increase efficiency ...

    author: Yasar A. Ozcan

    Textbook $127.75
  77. Community-Based Participatory Research for Health

    ... Community-Based Participatory Research for Health: Advancing Health and Social Equity provides ... and CEnR to help public health professionals, students, and practitioners from ...

    author: Nina Wallerstein / Bonnie Duran / John G. Oetzel / Meredith Minkler

    Textbook $108.27
  78. College Student Mental Health

    ... challenges related to providing mental health services. Counseling center data, changing ... shared responsibility for promoting mental health, knowledge about best practices for ...

    author: Heidi Levine / Susan R. Stock / Susan R. Jones / Sherry K. Watt

    Textbook $35.81
  79. Health Promotion Programs

    ... on the practical aspects of health promotion, Health Promotion Programs combines theory ... to support a robust health promotion program. Health Promotion Programs is the ...

    author: Carl I. Fertman / Diane D. Allensworth / Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE)

    Textbook $114.51
  80. The Built Environment and Public Health

    ... , water quality, food security,, health disparities, mental health, social capital, and, environmental ... , , , Mental health, stressors, and health care environments , , ...

    author: Russell P. Lopez

    Textbook $102.04
  81. Transforming Public Health Practice

    ... students a foundation in public health, practice and management, focusing on ... , understanding and managing population health., Transforming Public Health Practice covers core leadership ...

    author: Bernard J. Healey / Cheryll D. Lesneski

    Textbook $114.51
  82. Value Based Health Care

    ... . Dlugacz, Value-Based Health Care?, Value-Based Health Care?concisely explains the ... that ensure, the health of patients and health care organizations alike., Praise ...

    author: Yosef D. Dlugacz

    Textbook $108.27
  83. The Strategic Application of Information Technology in Health Care Organizations

    ... Application of Information, Technology in Health Care Organizations offers a peerless ... , strategies necessary to support public health., "Health information technology sometimes masquerades as ...

    author: John P. Glaser / Claudia Salzberg

    Textbook $120.74
  84. Introduction to Occupational Health in Public Health Practice

    ... Occupational Health in Public Health, Practice, Introduction to Occupational Health in Public Health Practice ... to Occupational Health in Public Health, Practice, "Successful evidence-based health promotion and ...

    author: Bernard J. Healey / Kenneth T. Walker

    Textbook $114.51
  85. The Measurement & Management of Clinical Outcomes in Mental Health

    ... has radically altered the mental health services, landscape. This loose-leaf ... of Clinical Outcomes in Mental, Health prepares clinicians and administrators for ...

    author: John S. Lyons / Kenneth I. Howard / Michael T. O'Mahoney / Jennifer D. Lish

    Textbook $182.30
  86. Managerial Epidemiology for Health Care Organizations

    ... students and practitioners in health management and health services for over sixteen ... health services, including health administration, nursing, and allied health, then Managerial Epidemiology for Health ...

    author: Peter J. Fos / David J. Fine / Miguel A. Zúniga

    Textbook $120.74
  87. E-Health Care Information Systems

    ... range of disciplines including medicine, health sciences, engineering, business information systems ... support systems, and e-health intelligence. E-Health Care Information Systems also ...

    author: Joseph Tan

    Textbook $120.74
  88. Connected for Health

    ... implemented the largest nongovernmental, electronic health record in the world, serving ... Advance praise for Connected for Health, "Health care transformation requires leadership and ...

    author: Louise L. Liang / Donald M. Berwick

    Textbook $61.52
  89. Introduction to Health Care Quality

    ... deeper understanding of the modern health care industry. Real-world situations ... today's data-driven health care environment., Health care quality is defined ...

    author: Yosef D. Dlugacz

    Textbook $114.51
  90. Health Care in the United States

    ... fundamentals of epidemiology, and, health behavior. Health Care in the United States ... the, special challenges of managing health service personnel and, organizations. The ...

    author: Howard P Greenwald

    Textbook $114.51
  91. Rural Populations and Health

    ... myriad issues in rural health and rural health care services, as well ... States., Rural Populations and Health examines vital health issues such as:, , ...

    author: Richard A. Crosby / Monica L. Wendel / Robin C. Vanderpool / Baretta R. Casey

    Textbook $120.74
  92. Community-Based Health Organizations

    ... , these institutions provide a viable health delivery alternative to traditional, mainstream ... the development of community-based health care organizations and offers guidance ...

    author: Marcia Bayne Smith / Yvonne Graham / Sally Guttmacher

    Textbook $88.79
  93. The Health Care Industry

    ... , nursing, homes, home health agencies, health systems and public health, agencies , Clarifies ... the characteristics and training of health, professionals including physicians, nurses, dentists ...

    author: Dennis D. Pointer / Stephen J. Williams

    Textbook $82.56
  94. Resumes for the Health Care Professional

    ... care, and other developments, the, health care profession today is the ... and descriptions of key health care professions,, including health assessment and treating ...

    author: Kim Marino

    Textbook $35.81
  95. The Portable Lawyer for Mental Health Professionals

    ... handle confidentiality issues surrounding, electronic health records and cloud computing, distance ... quick-reference, resource that mental health professionals, graduate students,, attorneys, and ...

    author: Thomas L. Hartsell Jr. / Barton E. Bernstein

    Textbook $88.79
  96. Health Program Management

    ... plan, implement, and evaluate health, programs , Health Program Management: From Development ... , implementation, and, evaluation of health programs., Health Program Management: From Development Through ...

    author: Beaufort B. Longest Jr.

    Textbook $114.51
  97. Renegotiating Health Care

    ... deliver, receive, administer, and oversee health care. It defines negotiation techniques ... for students and professionals in health services management, clinicians,, leaders, policy ...

    author: Leonard J. Marcus / Barry C. Dorn / Eric J. McNulty

    Textbook $102.04
  98. The Portable Guide to Testifying in Court for Mental Health Professionals

    ... Even the most seasoned mental health professionals can find, themselves unnerved ... Testifying in Court for Mental Health, Professionals provides a concise yet ...

    author: Barton E. Bernstein / Thomas L. Hartsell Jr.

    Textbook $102.04
  99. Workplace Health Promotion Programs

    ... topics: behavioral health, physical health,, healthy environments, health education, nutritional health, and, ... of successful workplace, health programs, including health policies, health insurance, design, ...

    author: Carl I. Fertman

    Textbook $108.27
  100. Introduction to Health Care Services: Foundations and Challenges

    ... and details the interaction of, health, environments, organizations, populations, and the ... ,, quality, and access. Introduction to Health Care Services:, Foundations and Challenges ...

    author: Bernard J. Healey / Tina Marie Evans

    Textbook $114.51