How to access and view your eTextbooks

Thank you for your eTextbooks purchase! You should have received an order confirmation email containing a quick access link to your eTextbooks.
The steps outlined below will show you how to access your eTextbooks from your customer account.

Step 1

Log in to your Zookal account

Please reset your password if you fail to log in

Step 2

Click on the avatar

This will reveal the dropdown menu

Step 3

Click on 'My eTextbooks'

This will take you to a new page

Step 4

Click on 'See my eTextbooks'

This will take you to our eReader where all your eTextbooks are stored
Still can’t access your eTextbooks?
There is a chance that you dont have an existing Zookal account. Click here to create one with the email address that we sent the order confirmation email to. The email looks like:
Still have a question about accessing your eTextbooks? Contact us
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