An Introduction to Marine Ecology

R. S. K. Barnes, R. N. Hughes · ISBN 9780865428348
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Publisher John Wiley & Sons (UK)
Author(s) R. S. K. Barnes / R. N. Hughes
Edition 1
Published 29th March 1999
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This established textbook continues to provide a comprehensive and
stimulating introduction to marine ecological concepts and
processes. Based on a wealth of international teaching expertise,
An Introduction to Marine Ecology is written to be the basis
for an entire undergraduate course in marine biology or ecology. It
covers the trophic, environmental and competitive interactions of
marine organisms, and the effects of these on the productivity,
dynamics and structure of marine systems. The strength of the book
lies in its discussion of core topics which remains at the heart of
the majority of courses in the subject, despite an increasing
emphasis on more applied aspects.

The authors maintain the tradition of clarity and conciseness
set by previous editions, and the text is extensively illustrated
with colour plates, photographs and diagrams. Examples are drawn
from all over the world. In this edition, the scientific content of
the text has been fully revised and updated. An emphasis has been
placed on human impacts, and completely new chapters have been
added on fisheries, marine ecosystems, and human interference and

  • Completely revised and updated with a twofold increase in the
    number of illustrations.

  • Adopts a more applied approach in keeping with current

  • New chapters on fisheries, the marine ecosystem, conservation
    and pollution.

  • Based on a proven and successful course structure.

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