Animal Physiology

Richard W. Hill, Gordon A. Wyse, Margaret Anderson · ISBN 9781605354712
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Publisher Oxford University Press USA
Author(s) Richard W. Hill / Gordon A. Wyse / Margaret Anderson
Edition 4
Published 18th April 2016
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Presents all the branches of modern animal physiology with a strong emphasis on integration of physiological knowledge, ecology, and evolutionary biology.Animal Physiology, Fourth Edition presents all the branches of modern animal physiology, taking an entirely fresh approach to each topic. Each of the 25 main chapters starts with an animal example to engage student interest and demonstrate the value of the material that will be learned. Five briefer “At Work” chapters apply students’ newfound physiological knowledge to curiosity-provoking and important topics, e.g. diving by marine mammals, the mechanisms of navigation, and muscle plasticity in use and disuse.New to This Edition The Fourth Edition features key updates, expanded discussions, improved organisation, and additional pedagogical aidsGreatly enhanced genomics content is incorporated into all relevant chapters.All figures were reviewed for pedagogical effectiveness; more than 100 figures or tables have been revised, and 33 new figures incorporated.All chapters have been updated based on the latest literature and terminology.Embracing opportunities for a “less is more” approach, hundreds of sentences and dozens of paragraphs have been improved for efficiency and effectiveness.References to the scientific literature are in-depth and updated.Online answers for all study questions are provided to instructors.
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