Australian Politics in the Twenty-First Century

Glenn Kefford, Hannah Murphy-Gregory, Ian Ward, Stewart Jackson, Lloyd Cox · ISBN 9781108577564
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Publisher Cambridge University Press
Author(s) Glenn Kefford / Hannah Murphy-Gregory / Ian Ward / Stewart Jackson / Lloyd Cox / Andrea Carson
Subtitle Old Institutions, New Challenges
Published 20th September 2018
Related course codes POIR1010 - Australian Politics in Global Context, BUS122 - Business in Society, POLI1019 - Politics and Citizenship in Australia, POLT1001 - Australian Politics, POLS1101 - Introduction to Australian Politics

Old Institutions, New Challenges

Australian Politics in the Twenty-First Century brings to life traditional institutions, theories and concepts by considering the key question: how are Australia's political institutions holding up in the face of the new challenges, dynamics and turbulence that have emerged and intensified in the new millennium? This approach encourages students to critically examine the complex interplay between a centuries' old system and a diverse, modern Australian society. This text presents the many moving parts of Australia's political system from an institutional perspective: the legislative and judiciary bodies, as well as lobby groups, the media, minor parties and independents, and the citizenry - institutions not often considered but whose influence is rapidly increasing. Student learning is supported through learning objectives, key terms, discussion questions, further readings and breakout boxes that highlight key theories, events and individuals. The extensive resources available in the VitalSource interactive eBook reaffirm comprehension and extend learning.
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