Bartlett's Medical Management of HIV Infection

John G. Bartlett, Robert R. Redfield, Paul A. Pham · ISBN 9780190924775
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Publisher Oxford University Press USA
Author(s) John G. Bartlett / Robert R. Redfield / Paul A. Pham
Published 3rd May 2019
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THE PIONEERING WORK IN HIV MEDICINE, COMPLETELY REVISED FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE 2012The 17th edition of Bartlett's Medical Management of HIV Infection offers the best-available clinical guidance for treatment of patients with HIV. Edited by preeminent and pioneering authorities in HIV research and clinical care, it has earned its status as the definitive work for physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners,
pharmacists, and anyone working in the care of persons with HIV.Updated to reflect the most recent innovations in HIV prevention and therapy, this text balances new and old approaches to produce a guide to
clinical management in any setting. Coverage includes:· New approaches to prevention of HIV and prevention of infection in patients with HIV· Laboratory protocols for screening and treatment· Antiretroviral therapies (including dosage and adverse effects and drug interactions )· HIV treatment in resource-limited settings· Management of infections A portable, navigable guide to an
exquisitely complex field, Bartlett's Medical Management of HIV Infection is the continuing standard for practice and education in the field of HIV.
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