Britain, Germany, and Western Nuclear Strategy

Christoph Bluth · ISBN 9780198280040
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) Christoph Bluth
Published 6th July 1995
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This book is a comprehensive account of post war British and German policies towards nuclear weapons and how these interacted in the context of alliance strategy. The author gives a detailed account of major episodes in the evolution of the alliance and its doctrine - such as the MLF debate, the origins of flexible response, theatre modernisation programmes - and demonstrates how British and German interests impinged upon these episodes. On
occasion, these interests converged; at others, they diverged and Britain and Germany took on the role of protagonists. In all this, one of the less well-known nuclear relationships within the
alliance comes vividly into focus. The book tells this part of the alliance's story in detail for the first time, and, in the accounts of development of German strategy, brings a refreshingly new perspective to the predominant Anglo-American interpretations.
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