British Cultural Studies

David Morley, Kevin Robins · ISBN 9780198742067
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) David Morley / Kevin Robins
Subtitle Geography, Nationality, and Identity
Published 1st July 2001
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Geography, Nationality, and Identity

British Cultural Studies includes over thirty essays written by expert contributors, covering almost every aspect of culture and identity in Britain today and addressing the current transformations of British culture and identity in the context of globalization. The opening section of the book deals with different conceptions of Britishness and identity, including English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Asian and Black British identities. Section Two then analyses the interplay between tradition and heritage in contemporary culture, whilst the final section looks at the world of lifestyle groups, subcultures, and cultural politics and the way in which they have come in many ways to substitute for notions of Britishness.
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