Building a House: Framing Practices

TAFE Holmesglen · ISBN 9781349748518
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Publisher Bloomsbury UK
Author(s) TAFE Holmesglen
Edition 2
Published 04162020
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This is an Australian book that examines in detail the 'dry' processes involved in constructing the framework of a house from positioning on the site to fixing the doors and windows. It has been written to current Australian Standards. With over 700 detailed graphics to complement the easy-to-read text, the book is both highly practical and useful. There are worked examples to explain the use of tables and standards, and all trade terms are defined as they are encountered. This book is a learning resource to support the training of learners in the building industry. The development has included consultation with and input from industry bodies and TAFE authorities in all states and territories. The topics covered are: timber wall and floor framing roof framing roof trusses door and window fixing The book is suitable for training in a variety of situations, including VET programs on and off-the-job. It is ideally suited to all trade courses related to building construction, from Certificate to Advanced Certificate Courses in building construction and building surveying, and associated Diploma courses in architectural drafting. It would also be a valuable resource for the owner/builder.
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