Allan Blackman, Steven E. Bottle, Siegbert Schmid, Mauro Mocerino, Uta Wille · ISBN 9780730355083
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Publisher John Wiley & Sons Australia
Author(s) Allan Blackman / Steven E. Bottle / Siegbert Schmid / Mauro Mocerino / Uta Wille
Edition 4
Published 14th September 2018
Related course codes CHM107 - Chemistry 1B, SLE155 - Chemistry for the Professional Sciences, CHEM1100 - Chemistry 1A, CHEM1101 - Foundations Of Chemistry 1A, CHEM1310 - Chemistry IA(S), CHEM1311 - Chemistry IB(S), CHEM1312 - Foundations of Chemistry IS, CHEM1510 - Chemistry IA (Veterinary Bioscience), CHEM1511 - Foundations of Chemistry IA (Vet Bioscience), CHEM20026 Principles of Chemical Biology, CHEM1020 - Introductory Chemistry II, KRA113 - Chemistry 1a, CHM310 - Physical Chemistry

Chemistry, 4th Edition continues the substantial commitment of Wiley to Chemistry Education in Australia and New Zealand by providing the appropriate mix of organic, inorganic and physical chemistry to the typical local chemistry course.

Available as a full-colour printed textbook with an interactive eBook code, this text enables every student to master concepts and succeed in assessment, and supports lecturers with an extensive and easy-to-use teaching and learning package.

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