Choice, Welfare, and Development

K. Basu, P. K. Pattanaik, K. Suzumura · ISBN 9780198287896
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) K. Basu / P. K. Pattanaik / K. Suzumura
Subtitle A Festschrift for Amartya K. Sen
Published 23rd February 1995
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A Festschrift for Amartya K. Sen

Professor Amartya Sen has been a distinguished and influential scholar in development economics for over twenty years, and this edited volume seeks to reflect his interests, and the inspiration he has provided for others. The editors have succeeded in creating a coherent and stimulating set of papers from well-known contributors. The volume deals with the enduring themes of Amartya Sen's work, ranging through theoretical issues of development economics to the
philosophical foundation of welfare systems, and ethics in society. Contributors: Kenneth Arrow, A. B. Atkinson, Pranab Bardhan, J. L. Coles, Rajat Deb, Jean Drèze, Louis Gevers, Peter
Hammond, Ravi Kanbur, Eric Maskin, Robert Nozick, Siddiq Osmani, Martin Ravallion, Kevin Roberts, Robert Solow, S. Wibaut
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