Clinician's Guide to Evidence-Based Practices

John C. Norcross, Thomas P. Hogan, Gerald P. Koocher, Lauren A. Maggio · ISBN 9780190621933
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Publisher Oxford University Press USA
Author(s) John C. Norcross / Thomas P. Hogan / Gerald P. Koocher / Lauren A. Maggio
Subtitle Behavioral Health and Addictions
Published 22nd January 2017
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Behavioral Health and Addictions

Everyone, it seems, is talking and arguing about Evidence-Based Practice (EBP). Those therapies and assessments designated as EBP increasingly determine what is taught, researched, and reimbursed in health care. But exactly what is it, and how do you do it? The second edition of Clinician's Guide to Evidence-Based Practices is the concise, practitioner-friendly guide to applying EBPs in mental health. Step-by-step it explains how to
conduct the entire EBP process-asking the right questions, accessing the best available research, appraising the research, translating that research into practice, integrating that research with clinician
expertise and patient characteristics, evaluating the entire enterprise, attending to the ethical considerations, and when done, moving the EBP process forward by teaching and disseminating it. This book will help you:· Formulate useful questions that research can address· Search the research literature efficiently for best practices· Make sense out of the research morass, sifting wheat from chaff·
Incorporate patient values and diversity into the selection of EBP· Blend clinician expertise with the research evidence· Translate empirical research into practice· Ensure that your
clients receive effective, research-supported services· Infuse the EBP process into your organizational setting and training methods· Identify and integrate ethics in the context of EBPCoauthored by a distinguished quartet of clinicians, researchers, and a health care librarian, the Clinician's Guide has become the classic for graduate students and busy professionals mastering EBP.
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