Collected Works of Michal Kalecki: Volume 2

Michal Kalecki · ISBN 9780198286646
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) Michal Kalecki
Subtitle Capitalism: Economic Dynamics
Published 20th June 1991
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Capitalism: Economic Dynamics

The seven volumes will comprise the definitive scholarly edition of the works of Micha/l Kalecki, one of the most distinguished of twentieth-century economists and one of the trio who arrived at the conclusions promulgated by Keynes around the same time as - and in Kalecki's case, arguably earlier than - Keynes himself. Nearly half the material to appear in the seven volumes has never been previously published in English and includes
revisions and additions made in the light of recent research, including information about the relationship of Kalecki's ideas to the ideas of contemporary economic theory. This volume
deals with the capitalist economy and contains Kalecki's studies on the theory of income distribution in oligopolistic capitalism and on its economic dynamics. Each part of the book consists of essays devoted to a similar topic and individual papers in each part are arranged in chronological order. The editorial comments and annexes at the end of the volume, besides giving valuable information on the background to the main texts, include illuminating exchanges of
correspondence between Kalecki and Keynes, Joan Robinson, and others.
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