Colour Codes: Oxford Level 8: Pack of 6

Teresa Heapy · ISBN 9780190317188
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Publisher Oxford University Press ANZ
Author(s) Teresa Heapy
Published 4th December 2018
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Title information:Look at me! I'm the best! Watch out! Find out how plants and animals use colour to say all of these things. Oxford Level: 8 Stage of the reader:  Extending Reading Level:  19 Genre:  Non-fiction Theme:  Animals This ISBN includes: 6 copies of Colour Codesand a Comprehension Coaching Card for teachers.Series information: This guided reading text is part of the Oxford Reading for Comprehension series, which offers a systematic approach to the explicit teaching of comprehension strategies for Years F–3.  The meticulously levelled full-colour fiction and non-fiction guided reading texts feature captivating characters and stories designed to appeal to young Australian readers. Each guided reading text includes parent notes on the inside front cover to help parents support the development of their child’s reading and comprehension skills at home. Teacher resources include best-fit levelling correlations, a printed Teacher Handbook, Comprehension Coaching Cards and Comprehension Activity Sheet. An online after-reading quiz for each book is available on Oxford Reading Buddy.Oxford Reading for Comprehension integrates with Oxford’s Primary literacy resources, including the latest Oxford Wordlist, Early Years Dictionaries and Oxford Handwriting workbooks. Visit for more information about this series. To learn more about the latest Oxford Wordlist and create your own for use in your classroom, visit
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