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Community Language Interpreting

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  • Author(s)Jieun Lee / Adrian Buzo
  • Edition
  • Published12th June 2009
  • PublisherThe Federation Press
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Community Language Interpreting provides translation resource materials for teachers and students. Additionally, for those who plan to work as professional interpreters in Australia, it provides guidelines and intensive practice for interpreting in community settings.
The introduction gives an overview of interpreting and outlines how to use the book. Lee and Buzo discuss the different modes of interpreting, note-taking techniques and professional ethics. The ten chapters each deal with a discrete area of community interpreting. Beginning with an introduction, the authors then establish the social and governmental context to the area in question. This is followed by preparation tasks and useful website links which encourage readers to do more research on the topic to broaden their background knowledge, general knowledge and knowledge of terminology relevant to the field in question.
Tasks include questions on the ethical aspects of professional practice. Dialogue interpreting scripts and sight translation texts are provided, followed by consecutive interpreting passages.
National Authority for Accreditation of Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) test specifications are followed and all dialogue interpreting scripts are original. As well, website links are included for source and full text access to other scripts of interest.
Community Language Interpreting also features two units on interpreting in business settings and for visiting delegations. This is because these topics, while not strictly community interpreting topics, are practical and routinely included in accreditation tests.
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