Corporate Governance

Kevin Keasey, Steve Thompson, Mike Wright · ISBN 9780198289906
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) Kevin Keasey / Steve Thompson / Mike Wright
Subtitle Economic and Financial Issues
Published 1st May 1997
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Economic and Financial Issues

There is little doubt that corporate governance has become one of the key issues for students of business and management in the 1990s. The text is the first to draw together the various strands of the debate from economics, finance, and accounting perspectives, and from an international angle that includes discussion of the issues as they relate to governance in the UK, USA, Germany, Japan and Eastern Europe. The editors identify four main approaches to Corporate
Governance. These approaches can be divided into four models: The Principle-Agent or Finance Model; The Myopic-market Model (short-termism); The Abuse of Executive Power; and The Stakeholder
Model.Topics covered include:the role of institutional investorsthe corporate boardthe market for corporate controlmanagement buyouts and venture capitalregulation and auditinggovernance in the public sectorThis will be an essential purchase for anyone studying corporate governance whether on an undergraduate degree or MBA.
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