Current Practice in Forensic Medicine

John A. M. Gall, Jason Payne-James · ISBN 9781118455982
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Publisher John Wiley & Sons (UK)
Author(s) John A. M. Gall / Jason Payne-James
Edition 1
Published 30th September 2016
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Forensic medicine is a broad and evolving field with areas of rapid progress embracing both clinical and pathological aspects of practice, in which there may be considerable overlap. This is the second volume in a series that provides a unique, in-depth and critical update on selected topics of direct relevance to those practising in the field of clinical forensic medicine and related areas including lawyers, police, medical practitioners, forensic scientists, and students.

The chapters endeavour to maintain a relevance to an international, multi-professional audience and include chapters on:

  • DNA decontamination,

  • The toxicity of novel psychoactive substances,

  • The relevance of gastric contents in the timing of death,

  • The effects of controlled energy devices,

  • The main risk factors for driving impairment,

  • The risk factors for harm  to health of detainees in short-term custody,

  • Autoerotic deaths,

  • Child maltreatment and neglect, and

  • The investigation of potential non-accidental head injury in children.

Also included are chapters on excited delirium syndrome, automatism and personality disorders. Two topics not generally covered in standard clinical forensic medical textbooks include a forensic anthropological approach to body recovery in potential crimes against humanity and risk management and security issues for the forensic practitioner investigating potential crimes against humanity in a foreign country.

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