Daniel Defoe: The Novels

Nicholas Marsh · ISBN 9780230345331
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Publisher Springer Nature
Author(s) Nicholas Marsh
Edition 1
Published 06082011
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Daniel Defoe's writings have bred controversy since their first appearance in the eighteenth century: 'Robinson Crusoe' fuels virulent disagreements among critics, while Defoe's two scandalous women, 'Moll Flanders' and 'Roxana', can still shock us and challenge the range of our sympathies. This essential study: • takes a fresh look at these intriguing novels and leads the reader into close analysis of Defoe's texts, encouraging an open-minded approach to interpretation • features chapters on the novels' openings, conscience and repentance, society and economics, women and patriarchy, and the use of 'outsider' narrators • provides useful sections on 'Methods of Analysis' and 'Suggested Work' to aid independent study • offers historical and literary background, a sample of critical views, and suggestions for further reading. Equipping students with the critical and analytical skills with which to approach Defoe's work, this inspiring guide helps readers to appreciate the brilliance of the author's writing and to enjoy the complexity of his fictional creations for themselves.
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