Defending Frenemies

Jeffrey W. Taliaferro · ISBN 9780190939311
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Publisher Oxford University Press USA
Author(s) Jeffrey W. Taliaferro
Subtitle Alliances, Politics, and Nuclear Nonproliferation in US Foreign Policy
Published 27th September 2019
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Alliances, Politics, and Nuclear Nonproliferation in US Foreign Policy

The United States maintains defense ties with as many as 60 countries, which not only enables its armed forces to maintain command globally and to project its force widely, but also enables its government to exert leverage over allies' foreign policies and military strategies. In Defending Frenemies, Jeffrey W. Taliaferro presents a historical and comparative analysis of how successive US presidential administrations have employed inducements and coercive
diplomacy toward Israel, Pakistan, South Korea, and Taiwan over nuclear proliferation. Taliaferro shows that the ultimate goals in each administration, from John F. Kennedy to George H. W. Bush, have been to
contain the Soviet Union's influence in the Middle East and South Asia and to enlist China as an ally of convenience against the Soviets in East Asia. Policymakers' inclinations to pursue either accommodative strategies or coercive nonproliferation strategies toward allies have therefore been directly linked to these primary objectives. Defending Frenemies is sharp examination of how regional power dynamics and US domestic politics have shaped the nonproliferation strategies the US has
pursued toward vulnerable and often obstreperous allies.
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