Dialect in Film and Literature

Jane Hodson · ISBN 9781137393944
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Publisher Bloomsbury UK
Author(s) Jane Hodson
Edition 1
Published 09092017
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What is a dialect? How are dialects represented in film and literature? How can they be analysed? In the first textbook to cover dialect representation in both film and literature, Jane Hodson explores why and how different varieties of English are used. In order to link the concepts to actual usage, illustrative examples of popular films, classic novels and poems are discussed throughout the text. Dialect in Film and Literature: - Examines the key differences between the handling of dialect in literature and film. - Draws on recent work in linguistics to examine a range of topics, including metalanguage, identity and authenticity. - Includes useful teaching resources, such as exercises and suggestions for further reading. Written for students of English language and literature, this is a lively introduction to the fascinating field of dialect representation.
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