Jean Clobert, Etienne Danchin, Andre A. Dhondt, James D. Nichols · ISBN 9780198506591
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) Jean Clobert / Etienne Danchin / Andre A. Dhondt / James D. Nichols
Published 1st March 2001
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'The editors are to be congratulated on an extremely well edited book' IBISThe ability of species to migrate has interested ecologists for many years. Now that so many species and ecosystems face major environmental change, the ability of species to adapt to these changes by dispersing, migrating, or moving between different patches of habitat can be crucial to ensuring their survival. This book provides a timely and wide-ranging overview of the study of dispersal and incorporates much of the latest research. The causes, mechanisms, and consequences of dispersal at the individual, population, species and community levels are considered. The potential of new techniques and models for studying dispersal, drawn from molecular biology and demography, is also explored. Perspectives and insights are offered from the fields of evolution, conservation biology and genetics. Throughout the book, theoretical approaches are combined with empirical data, and care has been taken to include examples from as wide a range of species as possible.
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