Dr KittyCat is Ready to Rescue Logan the Puppy

Jane Clarke · ISBN 9780192765987
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) Jane Clarke
Published 28th December 2017
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Dr KittyCat is always ready with her furry first aid! There's a new pool in Thistletown and the little animals are ready for a swim. But then Dr KittyCat and Peanut the mouse get an emergency call . . . Logan the puppy is injured and feeling very sorry for himself. Happily, with some expert furry first aid, Logan will soon be able to take another dip!'We'll be there in a whisker!' This series follows the first-aid adventures of Dr KittyCat and Peanut the
mouse, who's always at her side. Each book is about a small furry patient who badly needs Dr KittyCat's help. With fun and familiar contexts that children can relate to, lovable characters, and strong
storylines around each medical emergency, the Dr KittyCat series has real appeal for children. A blend of photography and hand-drawn elements combine with compelling first-aid details to create a delightfully surreal furry world.
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