Educating Oneself in Public

Michael S. Moore · ISBN 9780198268796
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) Michael S. Moore
Subtitle Critical Essays in Jurisprudence
Published 1st April 2000
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Critical Essays in Jurisprudence

The book is a sophisticated, detailed, and original examination of the main ideas that have dominated Anglo-American legal philosophy since the Second World War. The author critically probes such major themes as: whether there can be right answers to all disputed law cases; how laws and other rules impact on the practical rationality of actors subject to their authority; whether general principles justifying the law must themselves be thought of as part of the law binding on legal actors; the possibility of an interpretivist jurisprudence that is continuous with law practice in a given culture. Since the author has been a participant in many of the debates that made these issues central to late twentieth-century jurisprudence, he is in an excellent position to deepen our understanding of these matters.
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