English Grammar

Peter Collins; Carmella Hollo · ISBN 9781137507402
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Publisher Bloomsbury UK
Author(s) Peter Collins; Carmella Hollo
Edition 3
Published 2017-09-16
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This core textbook helps readers get to grips with the fundamentals of English grammar so that they can critically engage with a wide variety of texts. Combining contemporary linguistic approaches with the familiar terminology of traditional grammar, this lively book offers a hands-on introduction to English grammar. It begins by situating the study of grammar within its broader context, before moving on to look at the various categories that are used when analysing texts. Later chapters focus on the practical application of the skills acquired in the first part of the book. This is an indispensable text for students and teachers of English language and linguistics. It is also a valuable resource for those studying English as a second or foreign language. New to this Edition: - A wealth of new material, including further detail on morphology, more examples and revised explanations of key terms - Improved glossary and index, in response to detailed user feedback - Fully updated throughout to meet the needs of today's students
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