Essential Communication

Ronald Adler, Athena du Pré, George Rodman · ISBN 9780190650087
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Publisher Oxford University Press USA
Author(s) Ronald Adler / Athena du Pré / George Rodman
Edition 2
Published 28th December 2018
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This is no ordinary textbook. With its revamped design, highly visual features, and concise coverage, the second edition of Essential Communication is a practical, interactive guide, with exercises and self-quizzes to help students reflect on their own communication patterns and improve their skills. Focused on the fundamentals, every element of this text helps students become better communicators online, in person, at home, and at work.NEW TO THIS EDITIONExpanded content on diversity covers a range of topics, including intersectionality, gender, generational differences, and cultural normsChapters 10 and 11 have been refocused on professional communication, from the interview process to communicating within the workplaceUpdated and expanded coverage of social media encourages students to consider how to present themselves online, protect their privacy, and evaluate the information and news they encounterBrief and engaging 'Ask Yourself' self-quizzes offer students opportunities to evaluate their own communication styles and practicesLists of useful 'Tips & Reminders' provide students with practical guidance in relation to the key concepts in each chapterOpen-ended prompts in 'Pause to Reflect' features help students relate chapter material to their own livesEach chapter concludes with 'Communication Take-Aways' that highlight the key points from the chapter and 'Putting It All Together' sections that ask students to use the information they have learned to think critically about the topics and apply the strategies to their own communicationNew, contemporary examples and sample speeches include Emma González's 'We Call BS' speech from the landmark 'March for Our Lives' rally.
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