Evolutionary Ecology of Birds

Peter Bennett, Ian Owens · ISBN 9780198510895
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) Peter Bennett / Ian Owens
Subtitle Life Histories, Mating systems, and Extinction
Published 1st January 2002
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Life Histories, Mating systems, and Extinction

'... it provides a useful overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the comparative method, and it certainly stimulates thinking about how we can learn more about variation in avian life histories and mating systems.' Nature
'... the advances that this book contains feed our curiosity all the more.'
'I think David lack would applaud the contributions that Bennett and Owens have made to understanding this interaction'Birds show bewildering diversity in their life histories, mating systems and risk of extinction. Why, for example, are fairy-wrens so sexually promiscuous while swans show life long monogamy? This fascinating book is a comprehensive re-appraisal of avian diversity, and is the most extensive application of modern comparative methods yet undertaken. 'I think this is a marvellous book - the most exciting I have read for a long time... A terrific text for both final year undergraduates and for graduate courses, as well as required reading for academics working in the field.' Professor Nick Davies, University of Cambridge


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