Exploring LEGO Mindstorms EV3

Eun Jung Park · ISBN 9781118879740
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Publisher John Wiley & Sons Inc (US)
Author(s) Eun Jung Park
Subtitle Tools and Techniques for Building and Programming Robots
Edition 1
Published 1st August 2014
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Tools and Techniques for Building and Programming Robots

The essential guide to building and programming LEGO EV3
interactive robots

Exploring LEGO Mindstorms: Tools and Techniques for Building
and Programming Robots
is the complete guide to getting the
most out of your LEGO Mindstorms EV3. Written for hobbyists, young
builders, and master builders alike, the book walks you through
fundamentals of robot design, construction, and programming using
the Mindstorms apparatus and LEGO TECHNIC parts. Tap into your
creativity with brainstorming techniques, or follow the plans and
blueprints provided on the companion website to complete projects
ranging from beginner to advanced.

The book begins with the basics of the software and EV3 features
then lets you get to work quickly by using projects of increasing
complexity to illustrate the topics at hand. Plenty of examples are
provided throughout every step of the process, and the companion
website features a blog where you can gain the insight and advice
of other users. Exploring LEGO Mindstorms contains building
and programming challenges written by a recognized authority in
LEGO robotics curriculum, and is designed to teach you the
fundamentals rather than have you follow a "recipe."

  • Get started with robot programming with the starter
    vehicle, Auto-Driver

  • Explore the features of the EV3 brick, a programmable

  • Design robot's actions using Action Blocks

  • Incorporate environmental sensors using Infrared, Touch, and
    Color sensors

  • Expand the use of data in your program by using data wires with
    Sensor Blocks

  • Process data from the sensors using Data Operations Blocks

  • Using Bluetooth and WiFi with EV3

  • Build unique EV3 robots that each presents different functions:
    the Spy Rabbit, a robot that can react to its surroundings; a Sea
    Turtle robot, Mr. Turto; the Big Belly Bot, a robot that eats and
    poops; and a Robotic Puppy Guapo

  • Discover ideas and practices that will help you to develop your
    own method of designing and programming EV3 robots

The book also provides extensive programming guidance, from the
very basics of block programming through data wiring. You'll learn
robotics skills to help with your own creations, and can likely
ignite a lasting passion for innovation. Exploring LEGO
is the key to unlocking your EV3 potential.

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