Theodore Sider · ISBN 9780199244430
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) Theodore Sider
Subtitle An Ontology of Persistence and Time
Published 1st November 2001
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An Ontology of Persistence and Time

'This is simply a superb book in metaphysics - handsomely written, cleverly argued, and exceedingly clear.' -Hud Hudson, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews
'Sider does not deny that this four-dimensionalist conception of persisting things is counterintuitive. His claim is that, all things considered, it yields a more coherent ontology than any of its competitors. His defence of this claim is impressive: bold, clear, wide-ranging and fair-minded; it is the best of its kind on offer.' -Barry Dainton, Times Literary SupplementFour Dimensionalism defends the thesis that the material world is composed of temporal as well as spatial parts. Along the way many topics concerning the metaphysics of time and identity over time are addressed. These include the status of past and future objects, the nature of motion and change, the existence of composite objects, and examples involving two things in the same place at the same time (such as statues and lumps of clay). An original and highly readable study of the metaphysics of time and identity.
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