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From Global Poverty to Global Equality

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  • Author(s)Gilabert, Pablo
  • Edition
  • Published10th March 2012
  • PublisherOxford University Press UK
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This book provides a philosophical exploration of some of the central questions in the flourishing debate of global justice: Do we have a duty to help eradicate global poverty? Do we also have a duty to pursue global equality? What makes such demands morally justifiable? Is their achievement feasible? Answering these questions, this book provides a novel approach to global justice. It argues that there are positive duties to eradicate global poverty and pursue
global equality, that the feasibility of the transition from global poverty to global equality can be dynamically enhanced, and that we should adopt a cosmopolitan and humanist views on distributive
justice that tracks claims that human beings have on each other in virtue of their shared humanity. The book also provides a systematic overview of the current relevant literature in the field of socio-economic human rights and global justice.
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