Gender and Material Culture in Britain since 1600

Hannah Greig · ISBN 9781137340665
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Publisher Bloomsbury UK
Author(s) Hannah Greig
Edition 1
Published 10242019
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What does material culture tell us about gendered identities and how does gender reveal the meaning of spaces and things? If we look at the objects that we own, covet and which surround us in our everyday culture, there is a clear connection between ideas about gender and the material world. This book explores the material culture of the past to shed light on historical experiences and identities. Some essays focus on specific objects, such as an eighteenth-century jug or a 20th powder puff, others on broader material environments, such as the sixteenth-century guild or the interior of a 20th century pub, while still others focus on the paraphernalia associated with certain actions, such as letter-writing or maintaining 18th century men's hair. Written by scholars in a range of history-related disciplines, the essays in this book offer exposés of current research methods and interests. These demonstrate to students how a relationship between material culture and gender is being addressed, while also revealing a variety of intellectual approaches and topics.
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