Gender and the City in Euripides' Political Plays

Daniel Mendelsohn · ISBN 9780199249565
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) Daniel Mendelsohn
Published 1st November 2002
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'[A] detailed, profound, and revealing analysis of the two 'political' plays... These few examples are all that can be cited here of the strength of the evidence he cites to support his theses and the precision of his critical language; to appreciate the full effect, the reader must go to the book. Suffice it to say that in his sensitive analysis of these and other aspects of the two plays' structure and content he has rescued them from the critical limbo to which so many scholars had consigned them... The somewhat abstract psychological analysis Mendelsohn proposes here may sound complex but it emerges convincingly from a close reading of the plays... The review of his book, though selective and inadequate, is enough to establish the fact that his attempt is a brilliant success.' -Bernard Knox, The New York Review of BooksThe first full-length study of Children of Herakles and Suppliant Women to appear in fifty years, Gender and the City in Euripides' Political Plays uses fresh insights into the Greek conception of gender and the Athenian ideology of civic identity to demonstrate at last the formal elegance and intellectual complexity of two works that are still dismissed as artistic failures within the poet's oeuvre.
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