Globalization and the Nation State

Robert J. Holton · ISBN 9780230344167
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Publisher Bloomsbury UK
Author(s) Robert J. Holton
Edition 1
Published 05242011
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Does globalization mean the end of the nation state? Or are nation states able to respond to processes of global change? This impressively comprehensive book examines the connections and conflicts that exist between global and national processes, institutions and cultures. Debating and explaining controversial and contested understandings of globalization, the second edition has new content on: - Hot and timely topics, from human rights and migration to new technologies and environmental sustainability - Connections between globalization and global events, including the rise of China, the financial crisis and 9/11 - Interdisciplinary insights from sociology, political science and economics Thought-provoking and easy to follow, this text will give students across the social sciences a thorough understanding of the history, theories and debates of globalization.
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