Handbook of International Financial Terms

Peter Moles, Nicholas Terry · ISBN 9780198288855
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) Peter Moles / Nicholas Terry
Published 1st November 1996
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This Handbook aims to be the most comprehensive and up to date reference book available to those who are involved - or could be involved - in the world of finance. The financial world has a capacity for ingenious innovation and this extends to the often bewildering array and use of terms. Here you can find out the meaning of Circus, Firewall, Amazon Bond, Clean Float, Cocktail Swap, Butterfly,
Streaker, Straddle, Strangle, and a host of other expressions. As well as defining terms the book also shows how they are used differently in different markets and countries. It also has numerous example showing clearly the use of particular
calculations and instruments; and provides details of major markets, acronyms and currencies.Reflecting the development of global financial markets this Handbook will have broad appeal around the world. It will be a reliable guide for practitioners, and those in the related professions of accounting, law and management. At the same time it will be an invaluable companion for advanced students of finance, accounting and business.
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