How to Study Linguistics

Geoffrey Finch · ISBN 9781137166012
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Publisher Springer Nature
Author(s) Geoffrey Finch
Edition 2
Published 02202003
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If you are new to linguistics as a subject and beginning a course at undergraduate or sixth-form level, How to Study Linguistics is the ideal introduction and companion to your studies. · Covers all the core areas of linguistic study, with chapters discussing strategies for studying phonology, syntax and semantics· Explores other branches of linguistics such as sociolinguistics, stylistics, and psycholinguistics· Includes a chapter on writing linguistics essays and a detailed glossary to aid learning and revision· Second edition includes new material designed to help the more advanced readerHow to Study Linguistics is both a guide to current ideas about linguistics and a refreshingly practical text book. It will not only develop your skills as a language student, but will also make an often complex and daunting subject easy to understand, and a pleasure to study.
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