How Vocabulary is Learned

Stuart Webb; Paul Nation · ISBN 9780194403535
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Publisher Oxford University Press ELT
Author(s) Stuart Webb; Paul Nation
Published 2017-06-06
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This guide to vocabulary acquisition is essential readingfor teachers of English as a second or foreign language.It presents the major ideas and principles that relate to theteaching and learning of vocabulary and evaluates a widerange of practical activities designed to help boost students’vocabulary acquisition.Key questions which are answered include:• How many words should students learn at a time,and how often?• How much classroom time should be spent teachingvocabulary?• What is the best way to group vocabulary for learning?• Is it useful to provide students with the L1 translations ofunknown words?• Why do some students make greater progress than others?stuart webb is Professor in Applied Linguistics at theUniversity of Western Ontario, Canada.paul nation is Emeritus Professor in Applied Linguistics atVictoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.Teachers will find answers to many of their perennial questionsabout vocabulary learning—as well as some they had not yetthought to ask! There is research evidence to support establishedpractices, but also new evidence that challenges old ideas.patsy lightbown (co-author of How Languages are Learned,with Nina Spada)
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