Human Rights in Criminal Proceedings

Stefan Trechsel · ISBN 9780198299363
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) Stefan Trechsel
Published 1st March 2005
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Interest in human rights has grown enormously overthe past fifty years. But while the media focus mainlyon dramatic issues such as unlawful killings, torture,disappearances, or free speech violations, institutionscharged with the implementation of human rights(as set out in international treaties) spend a great dealof their time dealing with alleged violations that takeplace during criminal
proceedings.And in the futuresuch issues will become even more important as aresult of the increasing internationalization of theadministration of criminal
justice.In this book, the case-law of the most importantand influential international bodies dealing withsuch issues is presented and critically examined byan author who has spent almost a quarter of acentury contributing to its evolution. The EuropeanCommission and the European Court of HumanRights, in particular, have accumulated aconsiderable quantity of case-law,which is
ofparticular interest because of its applicability in bothAnglo-Saxon and Continental systems of criminalprocedure. The law of the European Convention isemphasized because of its
advanced procedures andthe quality and quantity of its case-law, however the author also gives considerable coverage to the application of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the American Convention on Human Rights.The book will be of interest to all scholars,practitioners, and students of international criminallaw and human rights.
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