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  • Author(s)Tredell, N.
  • Edition1
  • Published1st September 1997
  • PublisherMacmillan Science & Educ. UK
  • ISBN
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F. Scott Fitzgerald has become something of a defining figure of the twenties - the decade he so famously described as 'The Jazz Age'. In The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald's writing is at its finest, exposing a society's tendency towards decadence and moral collapse through a decade of hedonism. Regarded as the most searching and tightly written of his novels, The Great Gatsby was the work that assured Fitzgerald's place amongst the major writers of the twentieth century. In this Icon Critical Guide, Nicolas Tredell introduces and sets in context the key critical debates surrounding a novel about which more critical material exists than any other work of American fiction. The extracts and essay's included here reflect on The Great Gatsby's place as one of the first American novels to make significant use of modernist techniques, and explore the influence of the work on later American writings. Considering secondary sources from the Twenties to the present, the Guide offers readers an invaluable resource for the study of this complex rendering of a moment in American history.
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