Immigration & Asylum Law

Gina Clayton, Georgina Firth · ISBN 9780198815211
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) Gina Clayton / Georgina Firth
Edition 8
Published 2nd August 2018
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The eighth edition of Immigration and Asylum Law continues to provide students with expert coverage of case law and legislation, along with dynamic analysis of the political context and social impact of the law, and a strong focus on human rights. Including key case summaries, end-of-chapter questions, and further reading, the book deftly guides the reader through this fascinating and constantly developing area of law, using clear and
accessible language throughout. An ideal guide for all students of the subject.Online resourcesThis book is accompanied by online resources designed to support the book:
- Updates and developments in the law since the book published- Problem questions to test knowledge and develop analytical skills - Guidance on how to answer the end-of-chapter questions - A selection of web links to support additional research
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