Intellectual Virtue

Michael DePaul, Linda Zagzebski · ISBN 9780199219124
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) Michael DePaul / Linda Zagzebski
Subtitle Perspectives from Ethics and Epistemology
Published 1st May 2007
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Perspectives from Ethics and Epistemology

Virtue ethics has attracted a lot of attention over the past few decades, and more recently there has been considerable interest in virtue epistemology as an alternative to traditional approaches in that field. Ironically, although virtue epistemology got its inspiration from virtue ethics, this is the first book that brings virtue epistemologists and virtue ethicists together to contribute their particular expertise, and the first that is devoted to the topic of
intellectual virtue. All new and right up to date, the papers collected here by Zagzebski and DePaul demonstrate the benefit of each branch of philosophy to the other. Intellectual Virtue will
be required reading for anyone working in either field.
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