Karl Rahner and Ignatian Spirituality

Philip Endean · ISBN 9780198270287
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) Philip Endean
Published 1st June 2001
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'The book is an impressive work of scholarship. Endean's treatment of both Ignatius and Rahner is not slavish, but sympathetic, well documented and sensitive. The book is balanced in its judgements, and offers an impressive and persuasive account of a most complex set of writings. It will be welcomed by specialists in Ignatius' writings as well as by systematic theologians.' -Theology
'His [Endean's] grasp of the Ignatian material is most impressive, and his efforts to translate Rahner's philosophical and theological obscurities into a more sober British philosophical style are remarkably successful.' -Theology
'Superbly written... As a sophisticated and densely written account of the fundamental influences on one of the twentieth century's seminal theologians, this book will rapidly become indispensable reading... much to be recommended.' -The WayKarl Rahner SJ, (1904-1984) was a seminal figure in twentieth-century Roman Catholic theology, and believed that the most significant influence on his work was Ignatius Loyola's Spiritual Exercises. This book casts significant new light on Rahner's achievement by exploring that influence. It brings out the links between Rahner's theological creativity and the twentieth-century rediscovery of Ignatian spirituality led by his brother Hugo, and throws new light on the relationships in Rahner's thought between grace, christology, and ecclesiology. The study also offers a fresh and contemporary theological interpretation of Ignatian retreat-giving, illuminating the new departures this ministry has taken in the last thirty years, as well as contributing to the lively current debate regarding the relationships between spirituality and speculative theology.
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