Language and Conflict

Karol Janicki · ISBN 9781137381415
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Publisher Bloomsbury UK
Author(s) Karol Janicki
Edition 1
Published 09162017
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What role does language and communication play in conflict? Why do people engage in or get drawn into quarrels? How can our awareness of the social rules of language use prevent disputes? In this illuminating and accessible guide, Karol Janicki takes the reader on a tour through the field of conflict in language. Using real-life examples, the book examines how language usage influences conflict, and what people can do to avoid or resolve it. Language and Conflict - Ends each chapter with a story that neatly summarizes the key discussion points in a clear, digestible format - Provides useful 'hands-on' tips and further reading recommendations for those who want to explore the subject further. This book is ideal reading for undergraduates studying discourse analysis, language and communication, sociolinguistics, or applied linguistics, and for general readers new to the subject of language and conflict.
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