Language and Nationalism In Europe

Stephen Barbour, Cathie Carmichael · ISBN 9780199250851
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Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Author(s) Stephen Barbour / Cathie Carmichael
Published 1st February 2002
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'Providing a useful introduction to how the linguistic map of Europe has altered over two millennia.' -Nations and Nationalism
'A highly readable and insightful collection.' -Political Studies
'This book gives an insight into why, historically, it has been so difficult to maintain a particular language and how some have even come to constitute a barrier to communication.' -Times Higher Education SupplementThis book examines the role of language in the present and past creation of social, cultural, and national identities in Europe. To what extent do ethnic and national identities depend on the occurrence of distinct languages? What linguistic, geographical, political, and social forces led to the rise of these distinct languages? How are these different languages social and political constructs? A select team of international contributors consider these and other questions, drawing on evidence from the majority of European countries.
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